• Everquest 2 any good?
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I've seen this up on steam as free to play and I was thinking of giving it a try. Is it a decent game? I'm not much into MMO's but I'm hoping to find one that I can enjoy.
I played it for a while. It isn't bad, but you have to keep in mind that it is from 2004 and definitely feels like an MMO.
Well, it is fairly fun. Crafting and player housing stuff is a blast. The game can feel a bit overwhelming with all the content and various other features. If you get in to it and find a decent guild it can be fun.
it's incredibly fun if you can find a reliable person/group to duo or group with, especially if you know them in real life. [editline]12th December 2011[/editline] or, as mr-x said, an active guild. i was in one for a while that was pretty much a small happy family, then like everyone quit and i ended up taking ownership of it. it's more for my friends and family who decide to try it out, so you can't join, unfortunately.
I started playing a few days ago and it's been a blast so far :)
[QUOTE=Chris220;34067053]I started playing a few days ago and it's been a blast so far :)[/QUOTE] Glad you enjoy it. It is a great game with tons of content. I would go as far as to say it has more then WoW. However it isn't anywhere near EQ's level. EQ has dozens of fucking expansions and updates. Still one of the most played mmo's ever. So i wouldn't expect anything less for EQ2. EQ/EQ2 is the only MMO SOE has not really managed to fuck up.
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