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I'm not sure how many of you play TGM3. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically a super speedy Japanese Tetris game. It runs on the Taito Type X hardware, which is basically a dressed up Windows XP embedded. If you want the game, you're going to have to hunt down a torrent on Google. [b]Better Input Hack[/b] The default input hack that comes on with it torrents is made to be game-universal, and emulates a JVS connection. As such, input is not always polled exactly when the game needs it. I created a TGM3 specific input hack so the game can be played properly at high speed. [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17736620/AltInput.zip[/url] Extract that to your TGM3 folder, run the game and you'll be prompted to set up your key config. If you screw up, just delete the TGM3.Settings file. Make sure to run the game through TGM3.bat, as that also runs the loader.[/code] [b]Level system[/b] Every tetromino placed increments the level counter by one. Getting a Tetris increments it by 6, a triple 4, a double 2, a single 1. At level *99 (at the end of a "section"), the only way to advance into the next section is to clear a line. 0-99, 100-199, 200-299 etc constitutes a section. [b]Master Mode[/b] This starts off slow and gets fast. This is recommended for most players, as it won't kill you immediately and you can continue progressing as you get better. This mode ends at level 999. The game will give you a grade based on your performance, from 9 to 1, s1 to s9, m1 to m9, then Master, MasterK, MasterV, MasterO, MasterM, and finally Grand Master. The Grand Master rank can only be achieved in a promotional exam- promotional exams are randomly given out and you have to achieve a certain grade to pass them. The grade you're tested for is based on the average of your last 5 games. Note that clones don't have this feature. At the end of the game, you will go into a credit roll. The game continues during the credit roll, and your performance during the roll DOES count. A lot. If you've gotten through every section quicker than a certain time and 2 seconds faster than the last section and have an internal grade of S7 (this internal grade isn't displayed to you, except for in clones) you will get the invisible roll. Whenever a piece locks into place, it turns totally invisible. Don't panic, and remember the shape of your stack. If you fail the invisible requirements, you go into a fading roll where blocks fade away 5 seconds after they lock into place. The fading roll won't boost your grade nearly as much, though. [b]Shirase Mode[/b] This mode goes very fast, and gets even faster. Survival is your only goal. Survive until level 1300, and you win. If your game time is longer than 2:28 at level 500, the game will end and you'll get the grade S5. Grades are based on your section - if you top out at level 1152, you'll get grade S11. Getting a "regret", finishing a section too slowly, will bring your grade down by 1. Don't worry too much about that, you have to really abuse the mechanics to go that slow. [b]Lockdown behavior[/b] Every time a piece drops down a row, it's lock delay is reset. A piece can stay on the ground for a certain amount of time before locking into place. This makes play in 20g (Tetrominoes fall 20 rows per frame = 20g - This means instant drop.) possible. [b]Clones[/b] [url]http://nihon.se/Texmaster2009-2beta3.zip[/url] - Texmaster, Special TI and Sudden TI modest emulate Tetris the Grand Master 3 [url]http://nihon.se/data.zip[/url] - Background music for Texmaster [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJJ-nOjO7qU[/media]
What the hell no one on earth can react that fast!
[QUOTE=laenger;32563095]What the hell no one on earth can react that fast![/QUOTE] Noone outside of Japan has completed that mode, so yea
I bet some Koreans could do it. I also bet that the people that can do this must be AMAZING at Starcraft.
[QUOTE=AltInput;32563135]Noone outside of Japan has completed that mode, so yea[/QUOTE] nobody outside japan completed it yet because it's not released outside of japan.
A number of people have imported it, and clones have existed for a long time (with varying degrees of accuracy). The western record is 1200 something. The western record for Master mode is MM, KevinDDR got GM but it was on baby rotation (world).
So is a cocktail of ecstasy, red-bull, 5 hour energy, and caffeine pills a requirement for that mode?
The player in that video has got to be seeing tetris blocks in real life by now.
Jesus fucking christ
I read about this in a hospital so when I start sucking at tetris my mind replaces all sound with gentel beeps
[QUOTE=Edthefirst;32565781]So is a cocktail of ecstasy, red-bull, 5 hour energy, and caffeine pills a requirement for that mode?[/QUOTE] Personally I only use Iced Coffee but my best is only level 1050 so you may need more for level 1300.
Altimor's the champ, believe it: [h2]Level 1300[/h2] [thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17736620/championofthewest.png[/thumb]
[QUOTE=NeoDement;34165276]Altimor's the champ, believe it: [h2]Level 1300[/h2] [thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17736620/championofthewest.png[/thumb][/QUOTE] We can all stop trying, he's won. All hail Altimor.
Seems fun.
[QUOTE=Dwarfy77;34166071]We can all stop trying, he's won. All hail Altimor.[/QUOTE] Since he's banned, I shall be his messenger: [quote]1:33 PM - Altimor: You must never stop trying- it is a battle won, but it will never be over until it's been done with the fastest possible time and with every line clear being a tetris. Now go my young apprentice, go and become GM.[/quote]
He also called me a faggot when I tried to play Lvl 1. :(
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