• Post your steam scammer chatlogs in here
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You guys should paste all of the scam sites in a document and link the scammers to the scam sites.
Before I could capture on screen what I did not think I would encounter, VAC actually eliminated the culprit. Rather then use Steam's chat log, this scammer has the nerve to come into Garrys Mod, in a fail attempt to sucker punch multiple people. While the scam was not so much to get people to cough real money, it was like this, hllsn's 30,000 GMR giveaway, only 250 a ticket, the more tickets you buy, the better chances you have at winning! The funniest part of this was, it turned out he was an illegal! (not because of that scam attempt, but illegal because he somehow got online in GM without a valid Steam account) So while this may originally be about chat logs, when these guys go in game, they figure its easier to target more people at once.
Happened just 3 minutes ago: [QUOTE=npx190;28557786]Never tell your password to anyone. Admin Hello you are welcomed by administration steam. You immediately should inspect the account online-anticheats [url]http://storemsteampowered.com/online-anticheats[/url] . If you do not execute it, the account will be disconnected in a current of 5 hours. For disconnected and ban accounts steam responsibility does not bear! SundayRoast: how do I know that I'm not being fooled? SundayRoast: it's a fake SundayRoast: fuck you buddy [/QUOTE]
I haven't had any phishers recently, but I did get some guys that wanted me to join their clan, but to join their clan I had to download their software and run it. Just kept telling them that I ran the software and nothing happened and after a while told them to fuck off.
I tried to do a fake scam with some of my friends as a joke. I used bad grammar and the link was [url]http://www.freesteamwgames.deepseaphishing.com/[/url] I almost got reported. People are no fun.
43th :dumb:
Guys, here is a quick guide how to get yourself scammed: Join steam community groups that can be easy prey for scammers, such as "13 YEAR OLD COMMUNITY". That will obviously lure scammers since they will think you're dumb. Here are a few groups, join them and let us wait to be scammed [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/YEARS[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/6-13yearolds[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/donotspamthemicrophone[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/young-gamers[/url]
Hang around in a busy chat room like L4D2, MW2 or Portal 2. A scammer pops up now and then.
I ve got some time ago : Robin : Hello Can you give me your steam account password. Me : Why ? Robin : Because few people said you use hacks for free steam games Me : Go Fuck your self With pigs From minecraft at night in creepers bar. Robin : Wanna Get Vac Ban ? Me : Robin listen buddy : You re Cat, Cats cant talk, Cats cant type, Only Keyboard cat can type. Robin : You really wanna Get Vac Ban ? Me : Yeah Sure.Hope i've get some bonus with vac ban.Like pizza,hot dog or some free game Robin : ... Robin is offline :D ...............................................................................................
you talk like you just got to ellis island by the way
[QUOTE=Gvazdas;28621090]Guys, here is a quick guide how to get yourself scammed: Join steam community groups that can be easy prey for scammers, such as "13 YEAR OLD COMMUNITY". That will obviously lure scammers since they will think you're dumb. Here are a few groups, join them and let us wait to be scammed [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/YEARS[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/6-13yearolds[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/donotspamthemicrophone[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/young-gamers[/url][/QUOTE] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012640168[/url] Omg,steam admin is in "young gamers" group :aaa:
3:11 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): new legal weapons pack for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and free games in [url]http://sitedecontasteam.t35.com[/url] Killing From entered chat. Killing From left chat. HanCOCk is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join. HanCOCk entered chat. 3:15 AM &#8211; HanCOCk: hii 3:15 AM &#8211; Kuja &#8216;,,&#8217;: Hiya 3:15 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): hi 3:15 AM &#8211; Kuja &#8216;,,&#8217;: I am of to bed to tired tonigght night all 3:15 AM &#8211; Kuja &#8216;,,&#8217;: ZZzZZZzz 3:16 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): lol Oo>B.B<oO [H.K] left chat. Kuja ',,' left chat. 3:16 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): look for all of you 3:16 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): also 5 minutes 3:16 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): no more time 3:16 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): new legal weapons pack for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and free games in [url]http://sitedecontasteam.t35.com[/url] 3:16 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): take all free cost here 3:16 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Hey VAC&#8230; How come your steam link doesn't trace back to steam? It doesn't even go the same route perdator-rus entered chat. perdator-rus left chat. 3:17 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): because its a promotion private 3:17 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Even valve promotions spoint to the same address 3:18 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Plus the link you provide has no https on it 3:18 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): t35 team treefive for us 4uuu entered chat. 3:19 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): also 3 minutes remaning 4uuu left chat. 3:19 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Let me guess, you want my name and password? Because I can give it to you 3:19 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): ??? 3:19 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): name and password? 3:20 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): do you think i'm a ******* 3:20 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): see my profile 3:20 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: No, more like an idiot idiot idiot idiot 3:20 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): here you find who i am 3:20 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: You don't even type like a valve employee 3:21 AM &#8211; HanCOCk: bhai 3:21 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: You type like a 12 year old that wants accounts. 3:21 AM &#8211; HanCOCk: ne 1 knws hw much kinzu costs? 3:21 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: And if you're VAC how come you only have 8 games? 3:21 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): lol i'm not VALVE Employer, i' m VALVE V.A.C. Manager 3:21 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: You need to go back and mastser your bait&#8230; 3:22 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): i have all accounts i like 3:22 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: So you say&#8230; HanCOCk left chat. oodey1 entered chat. 3:22 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): this have all the games i' play i don't need more 3:22 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: You probably change it to mama's boy when you're not phishing for accounts 3:22 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): lol? oodey1 left chat. 3:22 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): time's out 3:23 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): promotion over 3:23 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Ohhh darn. I'm sooooo sad nao. 3:23 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): yes 3:23 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): one more thik 3:23 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): you desrrespect a valve manager so your steam will be desactivated 3:23 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): bye 3:23 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Really. You can tell by the emphasis I'm using that I'm truly, truly sad that I missed out on such a realistic promotion. 3:23 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before&#8230; 3:24 AM &#8211; Razer V.A.C. (Manager): see the rulles 3:24 AM &#8211; YamiTomala: Go back to your basement and jerkoff like the fuckwit that you are. Razer V.A.C. (Manager) left chat. Moments later... ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje entered chat. 3:31 AM &#8211; ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: that vac guy 3:31 AM &#8211; ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: desactivated my account 3:31 AM &#8211; ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: you insulted him and my was desactivated 3:32 AM &#8211; ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: you i have your id and i will report the error 3:32 AM &#8211; ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: by 3:32 AM &#8211; ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: * bye Oh teh noez! I iz gunna get mah account desactivated!!! Oh teh h0rr0rz!!!!
Administrator: [url]http://steampowered-badcompany2.agilityhoster.com[/url] Get Battlefield:Badcompany2 For FREE &#1041;&#1045;&#1048;: But... &#1041;&#1045;&#1048;: I already have Bad Company 2... Administrator: oh...
[QUOTE=KingKombat;28684087]you talk like you just got to ellis island by the way[/QUOTE] But there's nothing wrong with that. I laughed at the cat part. Also, how are phishers going to phish now with steam guard?
[QUOTE=Penultimate;28720830]But there's nothing wrong with that. I laughed at the cat part. Also, how are phishers going to phish now with steam guard?[/QUOTE] To find out, we must enter the mind of a phisher... 'Hah! I have stolen an account id and password!' (Tries to log in) 'DAMN YOUR STEAM GUARD D:' In other words, they still will without realizing they can't log in.
Got one of them fake community login things where the scammer goes: JOIN MY COMMUNITY PLZZZZ!!!!!!!!! So I just emailed no-ip and got him shut down, I feel great that i could have saved a few accounts [media]http://gyazo.com/00fcdf348f3eec0279aab0f9c09e19ef.png[/media]
I loved the MW2 one. INTEL has nothing to do with ACTIVISION, NOBODY celebrates a 43th, and Activision is headed by Bobby Kotick. Meaning no free shit.
I'd like to pretend to try to scam someone, just for the lulz, but I'm worried I'll be banned from Steam. :(
is this link safe:[url]http://www.youlearn.in/storsteampowerdgamesonlygift1567879-steamgiftgetingamescomgift.steampowred.deidecar.com.brstep1phpredirgameredirect884124information0993/[/url] ??????????????????
[QUOTE=lion lord13;34782810]is this link say:[url]http://www.youlearn.in/storsteampowerdgamesonlygift1567879-steamgiftgetingamescomgift.steampowred.deidecar.com.brstep1phpredirgameredirect884124information0993/[/url] ??????????????????[/QUOTE] It's obviously a scam site, you'll definetely regret it if you put your account details in there.
lol, [code]<input type="hidden" name"___________hacked_by_arslene__________" value="" /> [/code]
[QUOTE=Cyanlime;34781941]I'd like to pretend to try to scam someone, just for the lulz, but I'm worried I'll be banned from Steam. :([/QUOTE] Don't do it. It only requires a screenshot and the user id for steam support to disable your account.
SteamDeveloper: You have been discovered recently cheating please give us all your Team Fortress 2 Items for made a scan Hobbax: lol do you think im a noob? Hobbax: go gtfo a bit i dont gave you nothing SteamDeveloper: Please drop all your items to the inventory Hobbax: screw you i dont gave SteamDeveloper has gone offline.
I managed to prank someone, and man was his reaction great. I was never going to steal or ask for any credentials though. I took up the name "Blackberry" and contacted a gullible friend of mine as a valve employee, and informed him he was about to be VAC banned for hacking. This is from a chatlog I saved, but I replaced the names and saved it previously Me: Hello sir Him: hi Me: I have been informed by a friend of yours, "Cjmax" that you were using cheats on Counter Strike: Source? Him: what Him: who are you Him: no i didnt Me: I am Bryan Rena, an employee at Valve Software, and my job is to administrate and issue VAC bans. Him: this is a joke Me: This is no joke. We have several people telling me that you did in fact use cheats. Unfortunately, I am going to have to issue a permanent VAC ban regarding the issue. Him: wait Him: please dont ban me Him: I didnt do it I promise (he really didnt do anything wrong) Me: One second, let me confirm it was you. Him: okay Him: I know its not me tho Him: hello? Him: Do you do voice chat? Me: It is Valve protocol that we don't engage a customer regarding business with voice chat, sorry.\ Him: ok Me: So I have gathered a total of 4 reports and many images with you as the perpetrator. Him: what I didnt do anything please dont do this Me: The definition of a VAC banishment: This is used to keep unworthy players who utilize cheats to gain points away from the non cheating community. One banned from VAC servers will never be able to join a VAC server again, considering the ban is permanent and cannot be undone. Him: please please please omg im fucking begging you do not do this I promise I never ever did anything wrong i dont want to lose all my games i payed for pleaseee Me has issued a VAC ban at 12:01:24 on Dec.12.10. to user STEAM:18118:18982783 (Him) for 99999999 days. Ban will be undone [NULL] Him: whyyyy come on son of a bitch im going to sue you Me: just kidding its Cjmax Him: no Me: yep Him: you fucking fuckface god dammit shit Me: rofl Him is now offline.
I remember when I used to get scam crap. Those were good days. Now no one messages me... Forever alone :'(
I get a lot of random people from groups I'm in sending me chat requests with terrible phish links in them. I tell them they're morons and report them. This probably doesn't fall under "scammer chatlogs" but it's sort of funny and this is probably the best place to put it. A guy added me yesterday who was [I]completely convinced[/I] that I was musicmanmitchel (the dumb kid from [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b1q5MP0A0Y"]this video[/URL]) because I jokingly changed my name to "S TEAM OWNER SON" (one of his stupider aliases). He tried to start a voice chat, but since I don't have a mic (and i'm not 10) I couldn't indulge his creepy desire to hear a little boy talk to him over Steam. [QUOTE] Never tell your password to anyone. Call from Nickster2230 started. Call with Nickster2230 ended. Merried Seinor Comic: uh no Merried Seinor Comic: what'd you add me for? Nickster2230: I've seen what you've done... Nickster2230: I likez up :3 Merried Seinor Comic: i've done plenty of things, be more specific Nickster2230: I know who you are Merried Seinor Comic: Oh? And who am I? Nickster2230: S TEAM OWNER Merried Seinor Comic: yes i'm secretly gabe Merried Seinor Comic: don't tell anyone Merried Seinor Comic: (no, i'm not the "i'm gonna tell garry" kid, i changed my name to that to mock him) Nickster2230: I don't beleive you. Voice. Now. Merried Seinor Comic: I don't have a mic. And anyway, there's plenty of evidence that I'm not musicmanmitchel. Nickster2230: Lies Merried Seinor Comic: Uh huh. Nickster2230: Yesh Nickster2230: YES Nickster2230: LIES Nickster2230: :3 Merried Seinor Comic: i can get witnesses Merried Seinor Comic: to say "no, this isn't musicmanmitchel" Nickster2230: So you have mic? Merried Seinor Comic: no Nickster2230: yes[/QUOTE] He figured out I wasn't really him pretty soon after that. I almost wish he hadn't since fucking with him would be a good way to kill some time.
Every now and then I get people trying to impersonate steam support and ask me for my password. I always give them a fake password and block them.
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