• WW1: Source - A letdown and a dimwit
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[img]http://ricks.foreignpolicy.com/files/images/090925_helmet_and_rifle_2.jpg[/img] [quote]Hello all WW1: Source fans, I have some pretty sad news for you today. The last couple of weeks we've had alot of problems regarding the team. People have left, taking their work with them, and in the end, we almost have no work, and no people to continue working on the mod.Thats why, as you may have understood, the mod is today announced dead. It has been a really good time as long as it lasted, seeing both old and new players enjoying our mod. We would like to thank all the players, and the realism units for supporting us all the time. Now, I've not been in the mod since day one, but I know this is the most skilled team I've ever been in. I would like to thank Wickit, for being the mod leader in the process of making this mod, and also providing moral support to the team while we've been having both good and bad times. I say lets applaud this man. Afterall, he was basically the father of the mod. Shortly after I joined last autumn we got loads of applications from people around the world, having all kinds of professions. We released 1.13b to the public with great response. Now after this we set ourselves a goal. Making WW1:Source 2.0! We got an application from a very skilled man which we welcomed to the team. (Which unfortunately we would regret alot later on) His name was Potteh. At first he was our UI designer, but we quickly hired him as a coder also, as he had the skills. Around christmas times, the mod was at its peak, with loads of stuff getting done. (Plus it was done fast!) We set ourselves new goals all the time, which we for some reason always managed to get done. A really proffesional team I must say. But, as we progressed on, some teammembers left, both with and without warning. But still, work was getting done. It wasnt until some weeks ago we realised that we were getting tired, and some members worked alot, and some didnt work at all. The biggest blow was the one you can read in the next paragraph, and that was the one that killed us. Now, you may want to know what exactly slowed us down and basically killed the modification. Many watchers already know, but for some ofyou who dont, we had a teammember going by the name Potteh. He had caused havoc on previous mods before joining ours. His proffesion was UI design and coding. It all went fine, until hell basically broke loose. Some weeks ago, he left the modteam, giving us the impression that he would leave us with the work he had done for us. What he really did was lying to us the entire time. In a chatlog between him and myself, he said he would take away all of his work, leaving us with no code; and therefore we were back at the 1.13b stage again. The entire team fell together in hopelessness and tired of having to do all the work again. We didnt bother trying to get a coder, as it was not really worth it. All the promises we had made to our fans in regards of features and such would not be possible without a very skilled,and willing coder (Which is very hard to find). Potteh, don't say this is immature, what you did was immature as well, but the community has the right to know the full story and more. And folks, if you see Potteh wanting to join your team, or if you see an application from him, give him the middle finger from all the mods he have ruined. Its not worth it having your mod destroyed by a backstabbing dimwit. Again, I really appreciate the awesome community we've had for this mod, both supporting us and coming up with suggestions for future releases. It was certainly one the best communities I've ever met. And thanks to all of our realism units also, setting up servers, so that all of our players could enjoy the game! Applaud yourselves guys, you deserve it. (Alot) Goodbye guys and gals, it has been a really good time.[/quote] [b]*Moddb news post removed by admin, Potteh permabanned from website.*[/b] It's a real shame.
yeah Potteh left + ruined the team, and is now making his own one called Pavot. Don't work with this guy, literally everyone in the modding community hates him because he has really bad mental problems.
ugh, potteh sounds like a real dick
[quote][b]Tabtoxin: does that mean i am the only respectable person capable of designing decent UIs in the HL2 modding community PINOY_911fan: yep[/b][/quote] weee
wasn't the team making some huge reworks on the mod before like a dynamic weather system and shit or something?
It's hilarious that potteh would do that AGAIN, but it's sad that the mod died. It looked like it was shaping up What a shame [url]http://pastebin.com/EBL7Dpgz[/url] [url]http://pastebin.com/fe8RzSs1[/url] He's a dick
[quote] [LIST=1] [*]Potteh -: Because you're forgetting a vital fact. The code base hasn't been put on the svn for months for 2.0. So when your coder gets it, it will be blank. [*]Ashton [WW1:S Dev]: well, didnt you agree do leave us with the current code? [*]Ashton [WW1:S Dev]: to* leave [*]Potteh -: Do you have me quoted on that with a screenshot? [*]Ashton [WW1:S Dev]: no i dont, but i believe you said you would leave us with the code that is now [*]Potteh -: Without proof. There is nothing. You're forgetting I'm Potteh. A massive asshole. [*]Ashton [WW1:S Dev]: so [*]Ashton [WW1:S Dev]: you fooled us didnt you [*]Potteh -: :) [/LIST] [/quote]what a cunt
IMO the picture should be this: [IMG]http://ricks.foreignpolicy.com/files/images/090925_helmet_and_rifle_2.jpg[/IMG]
[Quote]Potteh -: If I said he called you a twat and such, you would think and say different things. Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: Yea Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: I would Potteh -: Exactly. Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: That doesent have to do with mapping Potteh -: You only like what you want to hear. You don't like to hear the truth. Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: Yea Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: And you cant deny thats human nature, and normal Potteh -: It's human fail nature. Potteh -: Those who don't deserve to live, imho. Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: YOURE BLAMING ME FOR MY HUMAN NATURE Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: LOL Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: People should get killed for they're human nature? Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: Thats insane Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: Thats wrong and.... well, pretty darn weird Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: to think so Potteh -: People who are worthless, don't deserve to live. You can change human nature. Ashton [WW1 Source Dev]: No you cant, it stays there and never goes away Potteh -: In fact, if you look it like this, Communism is actually a good thing and Hitler probably killed a majority worthless people.[/Quote] This guy is off his damn rocker
Damn. I was really hoping this would pull through, but like The Trenches, it's just been left unloved.
Damn, 2.0 looked stunning..
Too bad, I really wanted to use the models and maps for gmod.
Goddammit, it was looking so awesome compared to the old version!
This why I hate the modding community of every game. Talent always seems to fall into the hands of sweaty 17 year old megalomaniacs who deserve to be castrated. It happens with RP servers on Gmod, It happens in Source Mods, It happens in every game.
Actually, he's in his 20's + engaged + still acts like a 13 year old. Which makes it all the more embarassing
[QUOTE=Hazrd24;30403347]It's hilarious that potteh would do that AGAIN, but it's sad that the mod died. It looked like it was shaping up What a shame [url]http://pastebin.com/EBL7Dpgz[/url] [url]http://pastebin.com/fe8RzSs1[/url] He's a dick[/QUOTE] Also this: [url]http://pastebin.com/VYe7WmHg[/url] It's a damn shame this happened.
Such an awesome and wonderful Mod. It sucks it had to end, could of been something better if time allowed it. [editline]12th June 2011[/editline] Wow... after reading this: [url]http://pastebin.com/fe8RzSs1[/url] Potteh needs a kick up the ass.
Too bad, I was looking forward to this... That Potteh guy seems to screw up anything he gets his hands on, I remember from Ivan's where he took away loads of work for some stupid ass reason as well.
[QUOTE=A B.A. Survivor;30403648]IMO the picture should be this: [IMG]http://ricks.foreignpolicy.com/files/images/090925_helmet_and_rifle_2.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] Thanks.
I'm currently modelling and level designing for the remake, I've been speaking to Potteh for roughly a month now and he seems like an average guy, the Potteh in the quotes doesn't seem like the same guy I know, he's been nothing but kind to me. But it is pretty dissapointing to read this thread.
Give it some time. People who know him long enough either hate his guts or become his fanboy, which the latter is very rare and only happened to one poor soul. [editline]12th June 2011[/editline] Who's actually just as bipolar as he is; no surprise here.
woot, he's replying to the stuff on moddb now
Apparently he's gonna be in a ModInformer interview or podcast or something like that this week. This should be good.
I wouldn't work with this guy even if he was my last hope. He's the cunt of cunts.
[QUOTE=Potteh;30407914]I would like to make a formal apology to the WWI Source developers and the community. My attitude and actions were very unprofessional and dis-tasteful. I never wanted WWI Source to die, my intentions for that to happen never came in to play regardless of what you might here about me. I've enjoyed working on WWI Source through-out development. I only wish this ended a lot differently, however choices have been made and I wish the best for all the developers that have worked and may continue to work on WWI Source. Again, I apologise. - Potteh[/QUOTE] Don't shoot the messenger, guys.
He makes an apology hoping for forgiveness and sympathy yet he let down the team and made an ass of himself. Way2go :v:
[QUOTE=- Livewire -;30407977]Don't shoot the messenger, guys.[/QUOTE] So even though all those chat logs show him being a massive cock we should take an apology like this which is purely damage control and ignore everything he's done?
[QUOTE=spekter;30408041]So even though all those chat logs show him being a massive cock we should take an apology like this which is purely damage control and ignore everything he's done?[/QUOTE] I dunno man I'm just quoting it, but atleast it's an apology, you're lucky to get those these days.
[QUOTE=JLea;30404987]Actually, he's in his 20's +[b]engaged[/b] + still acts like a 13 year old. Which makes it all the more embarassing[/QUOTE] :cawg:
Potteh is full of shit. He's fucked and he knows it, that apology is a load of shit. He's only pretending to be sorry because he knows that everyone hates him now and nobody will work with him anymore. [QUOTE=- Livewire -;30408070]I dunno man I'm just quoting it, but atleast it's an apology, you're lucky to get those these days.[/QUOTE] A false apology is worse than no apology at all.
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