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[B][I]SKIRMISH [/I][/B]Intended to fill the void where Firefight, Invasion, and SPARTAN OPS would be, SKIRMISH is a custom game that I have been trying to perfect since Halo 3, back when ODST was being announced for the first time. I am looking to build a "development team" to try to make Skirmish a thing. I need creative thinkers, forgers, and play-testers. If the Waypoint forums weren't garbage, I'd focus more time there for this. Halo 2: Anniversary has been the most successful iteration of the gametype, and if the custom options carry over into Halo 5, I have a feeling. A good one. [I]"But why play Skirmish when I could play WARZONE?" [/I]Well, WARZONE is awesome, but it is not available in custom games or forge. SKIRMISH is intended for team-building and training, mostly within my planned clan. But it is also a lot of fun to see if you can make it to the end. I plan to have "seasons" with at least 5 maps per season, all with varying themes and objectives. This is where I need some more creative minds to come up with new ideas and keep it fresh. Typically the game plays as such: Before the game is launched, players read the map description to understand the objective. A fireteam of 4 randomly selected players (that's just how Infection rolls) will have only one life and the generic game settings. The enemies will be under-equipped in a sense that they typically have no shields or motion trackers. A mission, in example might be this: The Fireteam is split up in half. 2 players must work their way over to regroup with them while they defend themselves at a crash-site. At the start, 2 players will spawn next to a scout-hog (one of the new variants of the warthog). The other 2 will start in an are they can't leave from until their team activates a switch (most likely, scripted objects will still be a thing in forge), then they will proceed to an extraction point and complete the mission. Enemy players will have initial spawns and act as insurrectionists. They will have a respawn box that they can choose where to deploy from using teleporters inaccessible and out of sight of the fireteam. This is all hypothetical until we get a better grasp on how customs/forge works in 5. If you want to contribute, please let me know how you would like to do so. You must have Halo 5 within the first week of its release. [U]Days left until Halo 5: Guardians launch:[/U][B]28[/B] [QUOTE][B][I] CONTRIBUTORS: [/I][/B][IMG]http://orig07.deviantart.net/8fc8/f/2015/271/7/4/playtest_by_olafbrunson-d9b7biq.png[/IMG]-SPARTAN BRUNS0N, Fakeday [IMG]http://orig01.deviantart.net/0886/f/2015/271/1/9/forge_by_olafbrunson-d9b7bid.png[/IMG]-SPARTAN BRUNS0N [IMG]http://orig09.deviantart.net/b225/f/2015/271/0/e/creative_by_olafbrunson-d9b7biw.png[/IMG]-SPARTAN BRUNS0N [/QUOTE] [B][I]GAME SETTINGS: [/I][/B]Ideal player count: 16 (24, if allowed) Fireteam size: 4 Use Infection to ensure one life for fireteam
MCC Gamemode set up and ready for testing
Shouldn't this go in the halo thread or the games in progress sub forum?
Ok yeah, this is definitely a games in progress thing.
[QUOTE=Tuskin;48779688]Shouldn't this go in the halo thread or the games in progress sub forum?[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=xalener;48779938]Ok yeah, this is definitely a games in progress thing.[/QUOTE] The halo thread is for general discussion about halo. If I was asking a question about it, I'd go there. (Except I actually would go to more reliable sources or look up my answer myself) Also, it could be in either, I chose this subforum because it is aimed towards Halo 5, a game that can't be in progress.
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