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SOMA, Frictional Games' upcoming horror game, recently ran an ARG. The ARG had consisted of running commands in a console for the virtual 'PathOS', which can be found at: [url]http://somagame.com/YuXIm5/pathos2_cnsl/[/url] You can view all of the discovered commands and their results, accounts and passwords, as well as some summaries of what happened, at this [url=http://pastebin.com/X0GivsGP]pastebin[/url]. The ARG was progressed by accessing accounts, playing minigames and solving puzzles. Most of the ARG was completed by 4chan's /v/ along with a small group on the Frictional Games forum. [b]What happened?[/b] The command console website was found by clicking the red glowing light found in one of the pictures in the [url=http://somagame.com/gallery.html]gallery[/url] on SOMA's website. The command console is for PathOS, the operating system used at the research facility Pathos II, the setting of the game. Pathos II is split into multiple sites, named after letters in the Greek alphabet. A large number of sites have been compromised and more are facing problems by the hour. It is speculated that the main AI at Pathos II, WAU, has gone rogue. Right now Pathos II is a complete mess. Floods, escaped subjects and malicious AIs thinking they are human such as the one seen in this [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eytOzwyfiCA]teaser[/url]. It is also speculated that this ARG ties in with the film 'Depth' that is going to be about SOMA. The first course of action was to access the admin account. The password to the account (whatisalpha) was discovered by rearranging the glitched letters found in the [url=http://somagame.com/files.html]files[/url] on the SOMA website. Logging on to this account allowed access to a number of new files and commands. One of these files was the first minigame, qcode.exe, found in the wau directory. This game involved guessing animals from scrambled pictures of them. Some examples can be seen [url=https://imgur.com/a/UxPKt]here[/url]. After enough people had completed this minigame, a countdown executable was started and two videos were released, [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OOR3vuVF_Y]reed.vid[/url] and [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aN52psDOXU]song.vid[/url]. Once the countdown had ended, the admin account was removed and a new account was created for Imogen Reed, an important character in the game's universe and the woman seen in both the SOMA 'Item' videos. The password to this account (yuLRzzz) was hidden in reed.vid, and allowed access to the new pipe dream minigame. This minigame required players to link together pipes by placing certain types from an inventory. An exmaple guide can be seen [url=http://i.imgur.com/n0g9USN.png]here[/url]. Much more people were required to complete this minigame. Once 100% was hit, countdown.exe was reset to a new time, a_g.txt appeared in the wau directory and [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCXqRdurmkM]structuregel.vid[/url] appeared in pk2. The countdown finished and revealed pk3, pk4 and pk5. Imogen's account had been made inaccessible. The password to the account 'gask' (the nickname given to Adam in structuregel.vid) was found by using a cypher with the letters found in the same video. The new game was a text adventure. You had to traverse a small amount of rooms, surviving off of oxygen and avoiding a killer robot. Finding 3 terminals and using the codes they presented at a keypad would open the final door. Dying would lock you out of the game and you would not be able to retry. Only one person had to complete this and got a game key. A new [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxB7n4rQvuc]video[/url] was released along with a new account, WAU, being accessible. The password to this account was found using a spectrogram. This account allowed proper access to pk5 which revealed [url=http://somagame.com/game/gfx/feed/2ignS_Gign2e_wS3_ignJ_1_IGNc.php]this[/url] page. The picture was different for everybody. The picture was [url=http://i.imgur.com/oJ5pSsC.jpg]pieced together and fixed[/url] to reveal an assortment of arranged pictures. A long time (less than a day) was spent trying to figure out the meaning of the pictures, especially when each picture included 'Io'. After some eventual hints from the Pathos II twitter, it was figured out that the goal was a youtube URL. The final URL consisted of the starting letter of the object displayed in each picture, along with some 0's inbetween. The final video? [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syhcF0Mx0j0[/media] [b]Speculation[/b] The world has been destroyed or heavily damage some way by an asteroid, more specifically [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99942_Apophis]99942 Apophis[/url], as Project Apophis was the codename for the film 'Depth'. Pathos II is an undersea/underground facility. WAU (WArden Unit), the main AI for Pathis II has gone rogue. Possible parasites infiltrating the facility There are enemies in the game Called Jingashi, AKA Chinese ghosts. This is mentioned in a couple of press covers of the game. The protagonist/player is called Simon. You could have been kidnapped and you could be a robot. The structure gel in the walls of the facility is being pushed out of the walls, to the surface or is being controlled.
Finally. It feels like forever since I've seen the first trailers for this.
I was thinking about making a thread for this, too. Last I checked, we were at around 17-18% completion for the pipe dream game.
I'll try to keep the OP updated with what has happened and what is currently happening.
[QUOTE]>ping lambda Pinging Lambda from with 32 bytes of data: Reply from Lambda: bytes=32 time - timed out Reply from Lambda: bytes=32 time - timed out Reply from Lambda: bytes=32 time - timed out Reply from Lambda: bytes=32 time - timed out Ping statistics for Lambda: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)[/QUOTE] is that a half-life 3 joke
I was starting to believe this project was canned
I can confirm that there's a chance to win a free copy of SOMA when you complete the pipe dream minigame. It's not a Steam key, but it says to redeem it on their website when the game comes out.
[QUOTE=DEMONSKUL;47800583]I was starting to believe this project was canned[/QUOTE] Frictional announced on their blog last month that [URL="http://frictionalgames.blogspot.se/2015/04/soma-is-now-in-beta.html"]they're currently running a closed beta[/URL].
I just completed it - 24.81%
How do I backtrack from a directory?
I finished the pipe dream and got 28.32%
[QUOTE=booster;47801123]How do I backtrack from a directory?[/QUOTE] cd.. with the two dots
This is a really shit distro. Sure it can run windows .exe files but there aren't any man pages for anything and it's lacking in basic features. Don't get me started on this DATABASE program either.
Just finished it myself, completion at 33.81%
Can someone give me a hint. I still haven't found a username or a password. I wanna try and solve as much on my own. I imagine it's the qWxx txt file I gotta do something with, but I'm clueless.
[QUOTE=booster;47801540]Can someone give me a hint. I still haven't found a username or a password. I wanna try and solve as much on my own. I imagine it's the qWxx txt file I gotta do something with, but I'm clueless.[/QUOTE] You can't go through on your from the start since the first account and such has been deleted in place of the new one.
[QUOTE=booster;47801540]Can someone give me a hint. I still haven't found a username or a password. I wanna try and solve as much on my own. I imagine it's the qWxx txt file I gotta do something with, but I'm clueless.[/QUOTE] username is ireed, short for Imogen Reed. Password is found in a single frame of the video titled reed.vid trust me you'd get nowhere without having this stuff spoiled
Alright finished it. 39.03%
finished, 41.91
Huh, glad to see ARGs still going. Checking in to report I just did the game and hit 42.72%. Are we able to replay this and add more?
It's once per IP so if you change your IP then you can redo it.
Has anything been found out from the 1-22.snd files?
People are desperately trying to figure them out. I think it was 13 that's different and has an actual conversation at the end. Nothing has come from mixing the different one and other ones together except slight bits of interference and stuff.
[QUOTE=booster;47802359]Has anything been found out from the 1-22.snd files?[/QUOTE] [URL="https://youtu.be/AcBnUeuRKuM"]013.snd[/URL] has a conversation at the end of it. Otherwise, no.
Also what does the assembly file do? This one [url]http://pastebin.com/QA4WLDrS[/url]
[QUOTE=booster;47802468]Also what does the assembly file do? This one [url]http://pastebin.com/QA4WLDrS[/url][/QUOTE] From what people have tried so far it just doesn't work. To quote directly. "You mean the assembly? The very first line add to a pointer and thus creates segfault and second line shows a bad opcode, it just won't work." It resembles assembly but it might not be.
I put in my effort, 52.12%.
Completed the pd.exe minigame, and the counter hit 57.84%.
We're around 75%.
New to consoles, how do I open the programs? When I try to run a video it says "could not run (video).vid.exe", and when I run an .exe it says "" could not be found". Are they locked or am I doing something wrong? I just want to read this stuff out of curiosity instead of cheat and go right to the puzzle.
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