• I played Oblivion blacked-out drunk and here's what happened (via picture story)
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[QUOTE=Jakehammer;12179015]This makes me want to play Oblivion.[/QUOTE] HAHAHA! me to.
Haha i remember this thread
I laughed my ass off through this entire post. Please get Fallout and repeat this incident.
Wow, I totally just fucking stumbled this page :D
Omg I laughed so hard at the pic with the dead guy with no clothes and a bunch of bottles next to him!
[QUOTE=Acolyt3;12904435]Wow, underage drinking, what a shock.[/QUOTE] It's a problem mate, drunk 13 year olds trying to beat you up and runs away if you walk towards them. Makes me laugh, it has happened so many times here where i live. I Norge altså, så mange små unger :( But, it's kinda fucked up how kids drink at such a young age.
Bethesda should hear this. And, no, don't do it in Fallout 3. That game is super boring.
Commendable job, sire.
This is truly a feat to be proud of. Hat's off to you sir, you deserve it. I can only pray my childrens e-peens are as big as yours.
I read this about 5 times, it's that epic.
This man should win an Oscar. He's that good.
This thread still lives. It's that awesome[img]http://sa.tweek.us/emots/images/emot-v.gif[/img]
Wow, that's a pretty impressive story.
I laughed the whole time I was reading this shit. This is pure gold. Oh god what the fuck I didn't know this was so old.
Who linked this to 4chan?
EPIC. That was hilarious. Makes me want to buy Oblivion... I never did.
[QUOTE=WOO v5;13378509]Who linked this to 4chan?[/QUOTE] Why the fuck do you go to 4chan?
[quote=nakedsnake;13379754]why the fuck do you go to 4chan?[/quote] don't judge me.
Already did. My faggot meter blew up, sorry ;( <3 I read this again.. gets more epic everytime.
[QUOTE=WOO v5;13437062]don't judge me.[/QUOTE] Don't go to 4chan.
[QUOTE=NakedSnake;13438668]Don't go to 4chan.[/QUOTE] Don't post.
Sad I can't give this man a funny every day again :p.
+1 to you good sir [img]http://d2k5.com/sa_emots/emot-sax.gif[/img]
Thats some Olbivion Sword Massacre I gotta tell you :P
Hey, but my main weapon is called "fcuk ur asss upp!!" The joy of Sigil Stones.
Holy SHIT!!
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I fucking lol'd, hard. :D
[QUOTE=Dying potato;14893872](1 registered, 179 guests) what?[/QUOTE] 2 registered 222 guests I hope they will not register.
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