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[QUOTE=Viper123_SWE;50297933]The best part about Blackbeard is that he fills a niche role, namely that he can be paired up with Montagne/Blitz and decimate the enemy team without worrying about getting headshotted. I usually play with a group of friends (full premade team) and one of our most successfull tactics to have have three free-moving operators and a Monty/Glaz pair taking all the heat. Problem with the Monty/Glaz tactic is that for one his sniper isn't as maneuverable in close quarters and two more than once when we've employed this tactic the Glaz gets headshotted resulting in me standing there all alone with my shield up. Blackbeard (alongside the Monty update) will change this drastically making this tactic even more viable.[/QUOTE] At least that tactic has a counter play. Blackbeard seems to be kind of a boring operator who bring nothing to the team except making himself harder to kill.
I feel like a shield-hybrid class was the wrong way to go. Shields had some surprisingly well thought out balance to them. They're impenetrable from the front but extremely vulnerable from behind and to nitro cells. They also lack heavy firepower. Blackbeard basically gets all the defense from a shield while having all the offense from a non-shield. So long as you don't get flanked from behind (you know, like in [I]normal[/I] gameplay, like always) and you don't keep your lower body exposed (another very common gameplay tactic), you're practically invincible. And even[I] if [/I]your lower body is exposed, you're likely to win the shootouts since you can go for headshots but they're forced to go for bodyshots. It'll take me some good convincing to say Blackbeard is a balanced operator when his only downside is his speed
blackbeard is going to be dumb because he can just crouch behind desks or sit outside of a window and be unkillable
Do we know if his shield can be broken or not?
It can't be broken, hopefully this will teach pubbies how to fucking flank.
Is Dust Line released then? I'm still at work and can't check … Overall impressions so far?
[QUOTE=Selek;50298933]Is Dust Line released then? I'm still at work and can't check … Overall impressions so far?[/QUOTE] In an hour and a half I think.
Unless it was a 26 MB patch then no, it has not.
Blackbeard's design might be boring, but I really think both he and Valkyrie are going to shift how people play the game. The "standard" rule of play right now is two roamers, three defenders and I imagine that is going to change to three roamers, two defenders. Valkyrie is going to get a roaming position every single game otherwise she is just not going to do her job effectively, and with Blackbeard needing similar tactics as a shield to take down along with his going-to-be high pick rate roaming is going to be more important than good anchors in the defender room. I'm basically just parroting Serenity's thought on the matter, but I think he is right. The next couple weeks are going to be fucking rough as people figure this out. I know everyone and their mother likes to roam but it's going to put more pressure on anchors to defend objective rooms well and communicate when they need people to get back to the objective rooms, and roamers to coordinate a little better and know how to flank more patiently than previous. [editline]11th May 2016[/editline] [t]http://i.imgur.com/tRpO5Gq.jpg[/t]
good news [vid]https://fat.gfycat.com/MessyCelebratedJoey.webm[/vid]
Update is 'ere boys.
[QUOTE=cowsaysoink;50299480]good news [vid]https://fat.gfycat.com/MessyCelebratedJoey.webm[/vid][/QUOTE] Thank God. [editline]11th May 2016[/editline] Ok, I guess Blackbeard isn't going to rape the game then.
[QUOTE=cowsaysoink;50299480]good news [vid]https://fat.gfycat.com/MessyCelebratedJoey.webm[/vid][/QUOTE] So what it breaks after 2 shots?
[QUOTE=ashxu;50299533]So what it breaks after 2 shots?[/QUOTE] Two point blank shotgun shots. Prob lasts way longer at range.
I could have sworn there were way more headgear than what I currently have available ingame.
they didn't reduce the price of the canadian ops fuck off
[QUOTE=ashxu;50299811]they didn't reduce the price of the canadian ops fuck off[/QUOTE] Why would they?
Atleast the Buck snowboarding headgear is ingame and available.
Holy shit IQ's screen is fucking gorgeous now.
Guns clipping through walls seems to be a pretty big issue right now. In the past hour I've had three killcams where I was killed because my gun clipped through a wall.
IQ is seriously going to be a must pick now with Valkyrie. I've only played 2 matches so far but each time we would get scanned and we simply could not find the camera. Same goes for the other team. Also, outside cameras are fucking CRUCIAL in some spots. For example, my game in Yacht on casino I tossed a camera outside that side room window and one in the little room as well so we got some really useful callouts. Blackbeard is actually quite amazing to use in a 1 on 1 fight. If you get that peakers advantage on someone then they literally can't do much to stop you. His scar takes people out so quickly too. Haven't had much luck with Tachanka yet but he really feels a lot nicer to play. [editline]11th May 2016[/editline] Also, kind of disappointing but IQ's gun doesn't highlight pulses heartbeat. Shame
Why are like 25% of the headgear stuff locked?
[QUOTE=Viper123_SWE;50300285]Why are like 25% of the headgear stuff locked?[/QUOTE] I wanted to give Rook a fancy new helmet but all I got was reskins :( Atleast I can go buy myself a Frost Chibi charm.
I think I want either the Ash or IQ Charm.
i got the top tier IQ helmet. Next up is Boba Montagne
Buck Snowboarding gear for life. [t]http://i.imgur.com/7wzy1hg.jpg[/t]
sledge how is that physically possible
[QUOTE=redBadger;50300653]sledge how is that physically possible[/QUOTE] Well, I'd imagine he had a really strong grip on the butt of the gun. Comes from swinging that hammer all day. Also, I think me and four other people are the only ones running Hard Terrorist Hunt. They're the only ones showing up at all. And one of them is a complete man-child. He kept flashing us at the start and as we were breaching. So one guy got fed up and killed him. Man-child tried to vote kick the guy, we wouldn't, and then at the start of the next match he immediately tried to kill the guy. We kicked him, but he kept getting back in every match and tried teamkilling everyone. After the last time we kicked him, nobody else connected to the session.
I need to play more hard terrorist hunt, so used to playing normal since people love to die extremely quickly and at least normal is soloable for a baddie like me.
My daily challenges got reset finally! Based update. Got 100k in renown to spend now when the operators get unlocked. I skipped buck and frost.
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