• Rainbow Six Series Thread - R.I.P TOM CLANCY <3
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[QUOTE=Code3Response;50784923]bb pls no cheat[/QUOTE] I don't have time to spend hacking, there's no point to winning without being good. Hell I don't even play ranked. I've played the game a decent bit, just the only way it works with steam is launching it via 'Rainbowsixgame' and that for some reason doesn't launch battleye. Otherwise I can play fine.
Does anyone remember how early they released patch notes and the operation page for the last two operations? Was it just on the day of or a day or two earlier? [editline]27th July 2016[/editline] Also, need a thread title.
[QUOTE=RichyZ;50785152]Come to brazil[/QUOTE] "Official security of the Rio Olympics"?
"Bringing machine guns and grenades to a hostage rescue"
venha ao Brasil
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