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then we could play fallout themed ARK instead of fallout themed rust
So only one single store in Sweden got the power armor and they failed to label the platforms on them and now that they labeled them they're completely sold out..
Spam Pete Hines on twitter about, he sometimes responds
According to this video, Mothman is capable of damaging your structures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ3GDU3JL1c
West Virginians are my favorite people now
Goddamn thats some lyrical genius
Mothman's balls confirmed as legendary throwables
I'm not buying fallout 76 unless I can fuck another player's wife.
The Trailer Park Boys get fucking everywhere these days.
It honestly did remind me of Randy too lmao
They can already make laser and ballistic weapons more distinct by removing recoil from the laser weapons.
I like the recoil on laser weapons actually mostly because without it laser guns are kinda... wip-looking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhhGJfg8cJA
jesus without recoil it looks like it's just pissing at people nonthreateningly
You : Ohh Shit, how did he- [ CRASH ! ] [ You see the silhouette of a man standing by next to you ] [ Todd Howard stares at you in a stern mannor ] Todd : You seem to have made a.. -Simple mistake.. - Here let me fix that for you! [ You have rescinded your refund request ] Todd : Glad to have been of help. ;-) [ You bundle yourself up on the computer chair, and let out a tear ] You : ..Thank you.. :'-l
MF cells should go into plasma weapons where the plasma cartridges go instead of that flimsy metal wire basket.
MF Cells fuelling plasma weapons never made sense. Plasma is a physical thing, you're not just converting energy from a cell into high intensity light like with a laser weapon. Yeah, it's technically an energy weapon but it's still firing out matter. You wouldn't try to fuel a flamethrower with an energy cell.
does anyone know what happened to that open google doc that was like, a facepunch "alternative" fallout lore that was adjusted to take in the best stuff from all the games but remove stupid things and expand things that weren't expanded on enough? i think it was either a part of my original fallout minecraft mod thing, or something, i dont really recall maybe like 3 or 4 years ago?
I always preferred Laser Weapons over plasma anyway as an Energy lover. The noise alone in 3/NV was just better.
Always loved the boxy shape of the laser weapons over the round designs of the plasma weapons, even down to the BFG-looking Gatling Laser in 3/NV though the Plasma Caster has a special place in my heart.
the fact that the lasers hit instantly is a good bonus as well, I can't hit shit with plasma at range personally
mostly what I want from 76 is for unarmed to become a legitimate skill again PLEASE BETHESDA
Hm why does Fallout 4's ENB crash with EVGA Precision but the NV/3 one doesn't.
Make the power fist a giant knightly gauntlet again. FO1 Power Fist is the purest weapon.
it just irks me that bethesda would get rid of the cool military power fists right when they add advanced weapon modding which would have worked so well with them, considering you could've had multiple different plates such as spikes or rebar, chromed tubing, and a modification that would allow it to be used with power armor maybe, and instead they give us this sinful piece of contruction equipment frankenstien
New Vegas was surely king when it came to variations of the power fist. They could be have an extra hydraulic shock, covered in salt, made with saturnite, made with super-heated saturnite, or even have a fucking buzzsaw installed on them. And that's not even including the endless awesomeness that is ballistic fists. And you could even include the displacer glove and zap glove if you wanted a more energy-weapon effect.
It's pretty satisfying to hit someone with plasma if you can actually do it, the way this big ball of "fuck you" just sorta sails into enemies and makes their head explode, it's like punching someone's head off from long range. but it is a lot more hassle than just using a laser weapon. I actually really like the Plasma gun sounds in Fallout 4, but not enough to convert me , I will always be a laserboi.
You are all stupid. Boolets is best.
what I want is improvements to melee that doesn't make it kind of crap to play with if you aren't just abusing the shit out of VATS. Which makes me wonder if VATS will still let you "teleports behind you, nothing personel kid" people still.
I hated melee in fallout 4. I have entire playthroughs of 3 and nv where I just used melee (technically unarmed in Fallout nv)- but in fallout 4 I only use melee to sneak up on people and slit their throats, or abuse VATS as you have described. Everything was far too slow and clunky, even with the fastest weapons your attacks were far too easy to interrupt, you could only make use of special attacks in third person but third person also made flinching and staggering three times more effective against your character. I love tripping or choke-slamming enemies in fallout 4, especially if i can use those attacks to throw enemies off of ledges or into environmental hazards, but actually executing those attacks feels like a complete pain in the ass to the point where you feel like the goddamn stars have aligned when your character actually pulls off the manoeuvre successfully. This is coming from someone who enjoyed skyrim's combat after modding out the last enemy restriction on the animated takedowns.
I'll just wear underwear, cowboy hat and sunglasses, upgrade strength and unarmed to the max and run around attacking enemies while screaming "OH YEEEAH".
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