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[QUOTE=Mmrnmhrm;53055333]It's probably better idea to just off them/sell them, you're better of using the upkeep money to buy more snipers.[/QUOTE] Yeah but rangers run faster, which is important for response time to a crisis on a front. Their upkeep is pretty negligible usually as well, though on the frozen wasteland map I did sell them off because holy shit that map is hard on the resources. Once I prepare the final defenses I usually sell the rangers for snipers to place in my fall-back towers, since usually some men die in the retreat due to me waiting until the very last second or not responding fast enough to a wall break occasionally.
Loving the weekly challenges on this. Keeps me coming back every week.
Probably the weirdest map I've had this far https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214641/4cd41dfa-97dd-498d-a189-3d24c895204f/20180512215316_1.jpg
Haha, haven't played this for a few weeks, gonna jump on tonight
No-one but me is interested in this game, but I thought I'd let you know that I bought it on another Steam account so I can have two tries at the weekly challenge.
Is the game still ridiculously hard? All the talk about how tough (maybe even unfair) the game was warded me from buying it.
It's hard, but without that there's no point in playing. It's the challenge and the reward.
I just bought it on sale, I love base building games
It's a tough game, but assuming rng doesn't screw you too hard you can get by pretty easily. I've yet to beat the Wastelands without increasing the day limit to 120.
I got to day 90 or something, was totally unprepared for it, didn't know it was going to happen. I've read guides since, and I think they're way out of date because they recommended not having soldiers, just rangers. I think the balance must have changed since then because rangers do pretty much no damage.
Pretty sure the rangers have been nerfed since I've noticed their base attack speed seems slower. Soldiers are a bit better now with the buffs, but not worth their price in gold. Snipers are still ridiculously good, especially at veteran...
Finally finished the frozen map on 100%, after I realized that all my turrets would stop shooting if my energy dipped bellow zero, after parts of my base fell during the final wave. Also seems like relying on units too much doesn't work all that well, managed my last game by using mostly towers - 3-4 layers of tower and walls - without using any special units.
https://i.imgur.com/lViCTRG.jpg tuck me in and let me die.every other wall had enough defences going for it except this one and i was just about to start building stuff there when the horde was coming.
That horde could have easily been stopped if you just re-routed those units sitting idle at your other walls to the fight.
you mean my incredibly slow snipers that wouldve arrived too late anyways.
It's never too late to reroute your units imo, even the slowest of the slow ones. Even if a horde gets through your walls, it can easily be rectified if you have a massive army on it's way. Whenever I deal with hordes I move all of my units regardless.
The guide I read said towers are a waste of money, so I never use them. I see you don't seem to bother with shock towers either, maybe that's where I'm going wrong.. never got past day 92.
I always expand my bases with advancing my tesla towers. Building another layer of walls just beyond the tower's range so I can start expanding the settlement. The biggest challenge I have still is prioritizing economy/military build up. I'm always slow to get around building a sizeable army to meet the horde with an appropriate force.
executor turrets are pretty good imo. combine those with 4-man sniper towers and you're fairly good to go.
If you've got the resources to spare, get loads of lucifers. They're great at soaking up damage and melting hordes if you keep them outside of a wall and covered by snipers and thanatos/executors. High HP regen means that you can move them behind your walls and they'll be ready to go again if it gets breached.
Best rank so far on the community challenge. https://files.facepunch.com/garry/4bbdacaa-44e6-4dc2-8d9b-5202bbd2bbd2.png
Just started playing this today and fuck is it hard. Been at it maybe 8 hours and still haven't won a game, even after going down to a 30% difficulty. I just haven't yet figured out the best method for setting up defences. The game certainly rewards defence-in-depth and compartmentalising your colony, but each of my attempts so far has ended with one horde being able to just roll through everything as it replenishes its losses with the buildings they take down. It's difficult to manage, because the inner-most defences you set up in the early game might be adequate for the odd handful of zombies that attack and the first horde or two, but their strength pales against the later hordes even after they've punched through several other layers. It's also very difficult to retreat your troops without taking significant casualties, without conceding territory too readily. This game would really benefit from some more technologies and unit variety. One thing I want to try is building outposts to keep the attention of the infected off the main colony, but the way expansion works really hamstrings the idea. Some kind of portable or independent power-source would be cool for that. An overhead tram system would also be really nice for the late-game. It's also missing some quality-of-life features, like snapping between different units when you have multiple selected in different locations, or them being easily distinguishable amongst the civilians and buildings. Still, I'm really looking forward to further updates, the campaign sounds really cool.
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