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Sonic Mania Adventures! Animated shorts!
Tyson Hesse and his team are doing 5 animated shorts for Sonic Mania titled Sonic Mania Adventures with Tee Lopes doing the soundtrack
Sega is making surprisingly smart choices in continuing to use Sonic Mania. Kudos to Sega!
I hope that Mighty and Ray have some alternate versions of acts and bosses, like Knuckles does.
Taking place after Sonic returns from Forces.
I've got to admit, the SM Plus announcement is kind of.. eh? With no idea of how Mighty or Ray play, since originally they were Sonic variants and only Mighty ever got one other game with wall moves since, the most I really get from it is Encore Mode. And that just sounds like an arrange mode with different colors, tweaked layouts and such.
I'm only looking for 2 things: Anything about the movie Anything about a new game.
That looks cool and all but not really worth a re-purchase.
I've been wanting a physical release of Sonic Mania since the game originally came out. Sega finally came through, and now I get to rub it in the face of my friends who said it wouldn't happen.
I'm hoping there's some new surprise stages on Encore Mode.
oh god some of these questions are cringe
Kids asking about Hyper Sonic and the S&K PC music was pretty unexpected. As expected the music one was completely avoided.
Oh Shit! They're announcing a new Sonic R game.
I FUCKING LOVED ALL STARS TRANSFORMED I'LL TAKE IT (even if they said it's not a sequel to anything)
So this Sonic R isn't a sequel to any previous sonic game, so it's not an all-stars game. HMMMM
Also the fact that "R" is the exact same one from Sonic R as well.
Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Bundle is now live on the SEGA Store. I just need to know one thing: Is the comic being drawn by Tyson Hesse?
Can you feel the sunshine?
It's a reboot. There's nothing else it can be. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113327/9a028ec4-64c7-46d5-9b51-12fc549e48f0/image.png
Hey, they did a great job on Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing so I'm excited.
My guess is that they're retconning that ridiculously long name and are rebooting the series as just "Super Sonic Racing." I love Sonic but I also really love the other Sega elements of those games. I need my Joe Musashi.
I can't believe they're making a new Sonic R game
Sega has some serious balls I'll give them that, Transformed was pretty cool tho can't complain about it.
Late since facepunch hates my phone but holy crap, i honestly didn't think i wanted this but i'm buying mania for the 10th time now, i'm insane and i want a psychical copy.
you can see the word "RACING" at the bottom when it glows.
You guys, It's obviously Sonic Drift 3
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DYcOKvgVAAAXO4h.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DYcOUiAVAAATUTC.jpg I guess that makes sense
can you imagine if its a sonic-specific racing game and they make race tracks for Pumpkin Hill and City Escape? god i want this game so bad
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