• Game Development General - What engine are you using to make your No Man's Sky clone?
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Awesome news for UE4 Devs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY7YONl9AwY
that's really awesome would be interesting to see an open source paragon project remaking the game
Several teams have already started trying to remake it, not sure if it's going to be open source though.
I've been working on this little prototype thing of an imaginary game that most certainly doesn't exist. It's mostly just me practicing doing actual ~video game~ things instead of just making something that only ever amounts to super focused proof of concept type things. I never make anything with actual game mechanics or with a meta game or anything like that. This is about weekend's work plus a couple days. It shows the start screen, then planning screen. Planning screen you can select planes and a target. You can only start the mission if your plane has enough range. Once you start the mission, it loads a different battle depending on the target. One is some buildings. The other is a dumbbell shaped bunker. You can fly around in there, and then when you win (winning/losing are just buttons right now) it smoothly goes back to the planning screen.  Some information actually gets passed between the planning and battle phases as well. I calculate a time limit for the mission based on how much in range it is. The mission time can be as short as 60 seconds or as long as 10 minutes depending on how much excess “fuel” (it’s really only measured in range) you have. Not sure if that’s how I’d actually do it for a real game, and the numbers are pretty made up, but it’s something to think about for a game I most definitely will never make. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/135961/745aedc1-342e-4765-bcde-81ba598465b7/2018-03-19_23-19-56.webm
I did some more stuff to what I had in the last video. You can walk around, and the rooms are colored now. https://youtu.be/MNiSW7AKjN8 You can't see it in the video, because I couldn't find any, but around 0.1% (about 1700) of the rooms are shifting every 10 seconds or so.
Worked on demo level layout junk https://twitter.com/hippowombat/status/976529633419014144?s=19
what the fuck is that, and how the fuck is that?
I have an idea for a game I'm thinking about. What engine would people recommend for an amateur who wants to make a 2d top down dungeon crawling kind of thing?
this makes me profoundly uncomfortable. fantastic job
Some opression police force concepts for VALTA:
your rendering on the guy in the middle really stands out, could use some more love
Well, those renderings has been made by my sister.
Its just a little guy we call Jazzlegs https://i.gyazo.com/74ffbba110c66e981a2a1315f4e6f521.png He's like, an experiment in making some screwy AI-behavior, thats less about charging straight at you, and more about sharing a creepy location with an independent acting monster, who is not exactly happy that you're there, but also curious as to what you're doing.
a much better attempt at a PS1-style aesthetic than i have going on
We've got our proof-of-concept up as a demo, here; Thor Brigsted Maybe it can inspire you a little.
Incidentally i was just messing with the new tileset. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/236944/d63e5eee-f5fd-43f4-9123-d858e3826516/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/236944/7c2ae922-45e1-4ecf-a2fe-e11078fbc7b1/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/236944/fc7bf906-5f8a-4bc3-a7a2-a38cf5283212/image.png
how do you make your textures? do you draw them yourself?
Cant really vouch for the floors and some of the other textures, they're from other things, and are considered half-placeholders in a 'oops turns out its copyrighted' kinda way. I've been starting to replace them though. For the ones i've made they're pretty much photoshop hackjobs of open-source photographs, pixeled way down.
mine are just placeholders for now too, really scaled down textures, i guess i'm just having a hard time getting the look right
Well if you're not using a ps1 style shader you probably will have more trouble- So assuming you're using unity you can use this https://github.com/keijiro/Retro3D Really goes a long way to help recreate the feel.
i do have one, though it's not as clear evidently i'll give this one a shot too and compare them a bit one thing i also noticed you do is export your materials with really low quality/bitrate/whatever-it's-called which is something i hadn't even considered before, so i'm gonna give that a shot as well thanks, i appreciate it
No issue sweetcheeks, good luck with it
Anyone got a decent recommendation for me to get moving platforms working correctly in game maker? Currently I get them moving using paths but I'm unable to get the player to go on top of them and move with them, currently all I've managed to do is cause either both to get stuck or the player goes straight through the platform. Also, anyone have any experience with moving surfaces? I'm using surfaces to draw the blood in the clip I shared the other day but if I apply that code to any moving platforms the blood draws but does not stick to the platforms, only where it originally hit them. I've been learning a lot this last week but these two things have me stuck right now.
been working on a small prototype of an FPS that seems like it could be fun if anybody wants to help me test it out shoot me a PM(or post here, im not sure if PM's are implemented yet)
It's been ages since I've used game maker, but does it have a way to parent objects to eachother? If so you can try making the player a child of the platform while they're in contact with it. If not, you could try working out the platforms motion each frame, and directly adding it to the player's position when they're on the platform.
Dog woof pup etc https://twitter.com/hippowombat/status/977394668911575040
cute! CUTE!
The lamp item turned into a fucking mischievous jew sprite while I was using it and I got fucking spooked
The jew was not my idea i want to stress.
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