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My dying laptop can run pubg great but crashes on games like faster than light
To be fair, the main core of the team does know how to do triple A games, its just they've only ever done 3rd person MMOs. Lot of the design choices they've pushed in make sense from an MMO standpoint, not so much from an FPS. But then again their main MMO that this "talent" comes from has devolved into ~little girl dress up simulator~ with a huge chunk of its focus shifted onto cosmetics and features that go in tow with said cosmetics. Tera really went downhill.
if i see one more pubg mobile ad on youtube im gonna nut
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGCjdrMPE9E New map footage as well.
Will there be nanosuits in the crates now?
Wouldn't subtitles just have sufficed?
There are subtitles? CC button.
8 Player Squad Event mode is live. It's fun when it works but no 8 person party and third person only kind of ruins it.
I really regret spending 3000 BP to change my character. Ever since release I've had the same black dude who had a weird shaped head... but now everything is different. Now I stick to FPP just to avoid the ugliness of my new character. Rest in peace Egghead Jones, you will be missed
Sounds like a mess at the beginning, there's not enough loot in many places for 8 people.
its x2 assault rifle spawns as well
Vehicles seem to be more common as well, though we could have just got lucky. Our 8 man squad had a 5 car convoy going for a while.
Subtitles without spoken non-English I meant
I saw the fabled Adam from the Adam and Eve story. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405769409106411530/427342859730026517/unknown.png
I keep choking in firefights. Watching the death cams back over, it always seems like I had twice the time that I felt I had in order to react, yet in the moment it just feels like bullets are coming from nowhere and there's nothing I can do to evade death. How do I spot people before they spot me?
That's tough, I mean they are in your field of field just as much as you're in theirs. For starters always move with cover, so you can take 10-20 sec to stop and scan around for any movement, do one direction at a time otherwise you're shaking the camera and masking it. Physically a good monitor (and if your computer can handle it an upscaled resolution too) and using glasses if you do have to wear any, are the best and only things you can do. Otherwise, just pure and raw concentration. Being into the game not just shoving your head up to the monitor to see close but actually being into the world space as a whole. It's definitely not a game I can be good at every day, sometimes I'm just bored of it or out of it and I can't care enough to keep tabs on everything. Choking on firefights is easier to help with, you're probably holding back because either: *You'd rather evade first, locate and take a good shot *Getting shot throws your aim off. *Taking damage makes you afraid and switch to defense/avoidance. The first one is ideal but you can't always do it so you have try not to rely on it, in the end finding safe cover is specially hard. The last two are the hardest ones, when you get shot the normal reaction of someone who doesn't play a lot of shooters is freezing, your mouse moves but your keyboard movement suddenly gets dull, limited, even twitchy and irrational, though nothing is actually impairing you. The only thing I have for that is... strategy games taught me even at 1hp you can still do full damage so don't let that stop you from doing what you were set to do if you are able to, you're not your character so don't be afraid of taking damage to get a job done, getting shot visibly shakes you but the center of the screen is still the center of your aim. EG: https://my.mixtape.moe/iqejbv.mp4
I've come first a couple of times on mobile it's so fucking easy, this is y first time on PUBG at all. I have a feeling people with small or slow phones have a major disadvantage because it's sometimes too easy, it's like people don't see you at all or are just struggling with the controls or lag or something. Bare in mind my fucking touch screen is cracked and falling off! As too the issue with playing on a PC using emulator, there's also the fact you could plug in a controller or mouse/keyboard on an actual android anyway.
Currently it seems that a lot of pubg mobile players are actually playing on mobile, for example yesterday I was streaming the game using my S8 and for once the game is fun and I had a bunch of viewers out of nowhere and when I asked how they play the game most of them just said "yeah we use an emulator lol". And to top that off, apparently there is already a patched APK of the game with cheats included.
The one thing I prefer about the mobile version is the visibility. Very barebones, helps me focus on the important stuff.
bitcoins ruined gpu prices, I personally wouldn't bother right now even if getting better fps is badly needed, it's just not worth it. I still blame the game for being so badly optimized too and that won't change either. gtx660 here with 40-70fps on 1080p-100%. btw, don't get greedy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAUHcxliaQo
https://twitter.com/yusougle/status/978272111767810048 Real problem with the game.
So.. guns skins will be a thing now, kinda odd it took them quite a while to add those.
It's that time of year again to load up pubg and make some money
I don't know why but this update has me lagging super hard (network). Rage quit the game because I lagged off of military crates for the fifth time.
i just... have no idea how it happened https://youtu.be/vBXrWxOvUdg
3rd in a row! https://i.imgur.com/eaybUvZ.jpg Lookin' good. https://i.imgur.com/u47LSo1.png I'm using a GTX 980 (MSI) for now, I've got a 1080ti that I'll switch over to whenever I'm not feeling lazy. The 980 is doing pretty good right now, it's almost like the game's meant to run better yet
Played my first match on PUBG mobile https://i.imgur.com/WkPFwCH.jpg How the fuck
Anyone play NA? Asking here cause discord is lowkey dead.
https://i.imgur.com/7NlfkyT.jpg having high ground zone really makes or breaks you at the end tbh 3 man squad, both died before 3rd zone, me vs 3 teams (one was fully kitted) but I had zone constantly and just watched them fight it out while picking a few off, and ended up winning it
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