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You could go full on Goat simulator on Bluehole's HQ.
https://gyazo.com/46141873e811610de7884ed408b0c6c2.mp4 Landing Hacienda in a nut shell
Played for the first time in weeks/months and the performance really went downhill. I remember getting barley 60FPS on low everything and now Im stuck at like 40. Also those skins look like they are from Unturned or so.
not accurate enough u dont have the guy screaming I DONT HAVE A GUN YET I DONT HAVE A GUN YET and his friend saying ill protec u while holding a tommy gun and 0 armor in the middle of AR crossfire
Worth the risk https://streamable.com/lq9d8
I don't know if we talk about streamers a lot but I've been watching Shroud so much. He's so good it blows my mind.
http://anya.moe/images/v0RCu.webm Probably my first (and last) kill with any melee weapon
You should be able to throw your melee weapons
I've spent like 5 fucking hours playing the damned event mode searching so many little shacks and still yet to find a flare gun. Meanwhile every other player and his fucking family and friends are firing off flares like a Guy Fawkes' wet dream. I hate this game at times.
I don't think they're exclusively in shacks. I found 2(!) in the same place on some hay balls. In the end I never got to use it because my teammates got greedy and we ended up getting shot from everywhere
That makes sense actually as I often see several flare being popped in the middle of the field in the north west corner of the map. I JUST WANT A BIG CRATE.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2giv737w3EQ I did this today. I panicked so hard as I was trying to pick up the pistol. Also, first time I have jumped off such a tall building in this game. Thought it would hurt me more than it did.
FYI you have to download another test client to access it
I'm good enough at Fortnite, but not so good at PUBG. I've gotten better at spotting players, but recently the circle devours me a lot.
The closed beta servers have fucking exploded so hard they don't even know what error to show other than Unknown Error.
New map isn't that bad. Laggy as all hell, some placeholder textures, but it's expected.
How is it that the mobile version of PUBG is more optimized than the console and PC versions?
Like the new map but they seriously need to fuck off with Solo only. And the map also shows how bad the netcode is, the FPS rapeage is terrible on it due to it naturally compacting players together.
Very big fan of the new map with how much it plays differently to the other maps, I also love that they added weather back too. Also the new circle changes are great, it makes the mid-game a lot more fun to me.
Do you guys know if we are able to keep the keys and crates that we get via the beta? I've got myself a gold-plated SKS and dammit if I have to part ways with it.
People actually like the new map? I had a couple tries on it and I really didn't like, felt like a second miramar except quieter
I don't watch a lot of vids but Aculite is v.good
Any videos/guides people can recommend for improving my game?
just get lucky
fuck this game I'm absolutely done https://youtu.be/zbXF0jOB1DU?t=24
That was 100% landable if the driver leaned back.
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