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I've spent like 5 fucking hours playing the damned event mode searching so many little shacks and still yet to find a flare gun. Meanwhile every other player and his fucking family and friends are firing off flares like a Guy Fawkes' wet dream. I hate this game at times.
I don't think they're exclusively in shacks. I found 2(!) in the same place on some hay balls. In the end I never got to use it because my teammates got greedy and we ended up getting shot from everywhere
That makes sense actually as I often see several flare being popped in the middle of the field in the north west corner of the map. I JUST WANT A BIG CRATE.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2giv737w3EQ I did this today. I panicked so hard as I was trying to pick up the pistol. Also, first time I have jumped off such a tall building in this game. Thought it would hurt me more than it did.
FYI you have to download another test client to access it
I'm good enough at Fortnite, but not so good at PUBG. I've gotten better at spotting players, but recently the circle devours me a lot.
The closed beta servers have fucking exploded so hard they don't even know what error to show other than Unknown Error.
New map isn't that bad. Laggy as all hell, some placeholder textures, but it's expected.
How is it that the mobile version of PUBG is more optimized than the console and PC versions?
Like the new map but they seriously need to fuck off with Solo only. And the map also shows how bad the netcode is, the FPS rapeage is terrible on it due to it naturally compacting players together.
Very big fan of the new map with how much it plays differently to the other maps, I also love that they added weather back too. Also the new circle changes are great, it makes the mid-game a lot more fun to me.
Do you guys know if we are able to keep the keys and crates that we get via the beta? I've got myself a gold-plated SKS and dammit if I have to part ways with it.
People actually like the new map? I had a couple tries on it and I really didn't like, felt like a second miramar except quieter
Any videos/guides people can recommend for improving my game?
just get lucky
fuck this game I'm absolutely done https://youtu.be/zbXF0jOB1DU?t=24
That was 100% landable if the driver leaned back.
My main criticism with the new map is that the wait time to play time ratio is now totally off. The rounds are more heated and action packed, they may not last very long which is fine. But I feel like I'm spending twice as much time waiting for a game to start than actually playing. Can't they reduce to like 30 seconds instead of 60?
landable or not that is not my issue, the issue was I died from that fall
When you're given a really, really specific set of target hardware it's actually a lot easier to make something run well compared to having to deal with the clusterfuck of PC components and software configurations out there. We sent men to the moon with less power than a modern graphic calculator, because we had no choice but to work within those hardware limits.
They could but It's a measure to prevent barebone lobbies, altho the timer already has a function where it wont start with less than 60 players, so making it cut that to 30sec when there's 85+ is a good compromise.
I wanted to see if I could crawl around underneath the buildings (you can't) and got myself stuck. I heard someone shooting from relatively close by, so I started just firing my guns to maybe attract his attention so he could end my suffering. He either didn't hear or chose not to investigate, as the blue wall closed in on me, and I was alone. I used all of my healing items to see how long I could last. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110377/81df7d2a-5f52-477f-8fd2-85b8c2718467/20180404023103_1.jpg
lmao early on something similar was used by some players to cheat themselves up on the leaderboards for surviving, they'd like scavenge tons of healing items and just heal outside the zone till the last guy died
esports ready
before the blue changes, this was a strategy used by some teams in big tournament game. tsm was one of the teams that would drop georgy and just stay there looting until they ran out of meds.
I know, that's what I was talking about. This game is super not esports, it's way too rng heavy.
I really like the new map and that its way faster paced, if they don't let you pick it separately i'm gonna be really angry
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