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just get lucky
fuck this game I'm absolutely done https://youtu.be/zbXF0jOB1DU?t=24
That was 100% landable if the driver leaned back.
My main criticism with the new map is that the wait time to play time ratio is now totally off. The rounds are more heated and action packed, they may not last very long which is fine. But I feel like I'm spending twice as much time waiting for a game to start than actually playing. Can't they reduce to like 30 seconds instead of 60?
landable or not that is not my issue, the issue was I died from that fall
When you're given a really, really specific set of target hardware it's actually a lot easier to make something run well compared to having to deal with the clusterfuck of PC components and software configurations out there. We sent men to the moon with less power than a modern graphic calculator, because we had no choice but to work within those hardware limits.
They could but It's a measure to prevent barebone lobbies, altho the timer already has a function where it wont start with less than 60 players, so making it cut that to 30sec when there's 85+ is a good compromise.
I wanted to see if I could crawl around underneath the buildings (you can't) and got myself stuck. I heard someone shooting from relatively close by, so I started just firing my guns to maybe attract his attention so he could end my suffering. He either didn't hear or chose not to investigate, as the blue wall closed in on me, and I was alone. I used all of my healing items to see how long I could last. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110377/81df7d2a-5f52-477f-8fd2-85b8c2718467/20180404023103_1.jpg
lmao early on something similar was used by some players to cheat themselves up on the leaderboards for surviving, they'd like scavenge tons of healing items and just heal outside the zone till the last guy died
esports ready
before the blue changes, this was a strategy used by some teams in big tournament game. tsm was one of the teams that would drop georgy and just stay there looting until they ran out of meds.
I know, that's what I was talking about. This game is super not esports, it's way too rng heavy.
I really like the new map and that its way faster paced, if they don't let you pick it separately i'm gonna be really angry
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUUFwj8oh-k They sneaked in the war mode for custom games on the last update, can confirm its open for everyone who has access to create custom games. Like me, hint hint.
My experience with the new map is something like: 1- Loot only exists in the resort. 2- Lag. 3- More lag. 4- There's a 50x loot modifier (but it's only on the resort) 5- Hey let's drop resort. Launch hype had the servers clogged, but it's better now! The layout is pretty good, I'm hoping we can see some new textures soon.
Fair warning, I am going to be closing this thread when I wake up tomorrow. Feel free to create threads on the topics you're discussing in here. We're trying to encourage people to spread out more, be liberal with the thread creation button. Don't group everything into one thread!
But how much do you usually sleep? A little? Somewhat normal? Sleeping Beauty? Also, spam. Reported.
Well this new event gamemode is just fantastic at highlighting how bad melee weapons are. Shotguns are more scarce than guns in regular matches and if you don't get one you're screwed. Honestly melee+bolt action snipers would have been far more interesting.
I have gotten to top 10 multiple times, but I don't think I have ever killed someone with anything except fists.
Just got this game, it says servers too busy, why's this?
Try restarting the lobby if you haven't, it's an option in the main menu I miss tequila sunrise, that event was fun as shit. I hope they bring it back
They're using the cheapest possible servers that they can get away with. Restart lobby until it works.
Any way to get into an english speaking squad?
Simple. Play with friends. if you're joining in a random squad you never know with who you will end up playing, mostly Chinese people but you get the idea.
Play solo or find some people to queue with, going in blind will always get you chinese players unless you play on oceania, in that case you get bogans. Can blame the lack of ping limiting for the chinese invasion on all regions, they're not nice to play with (99% of the time, seriously only ever encountered one nice chinese guy who said more than just "fuck you") or against (100% of the time).
Right? On paper it sounded like shit but holy fuck it was crazy good fun. Some of the ridiculous fights you could have; medding literally in the enemy's sight but they can't do anything about it because you're more than a foot away. Shotgun-car jousting was hilarious.
Or just screamed "CHINA NUMBER 1". https://discord.gg/QCGmAP This is a LFG pubg discord. Always able to find English speaking people on there and they usually are decent people. It's a shame there aren't more of us on the facepunch PUBG discord regularly.
Tequila Sunrise genuinely worked really well after you change your mindset about how you play the game. Running around and vaulting through things was totally viable because ANYTHING between you and the guy chasing you down with a shotgun is vital, leading to some great ambushes. Also double barrel with a choke might as well be a standard AR. Knocked someone down a good 150+m away from me and their entire squad spent the next few seconds running around the open space frantically looking for someone who wasn't there. I got very lucky that a pellet or two must have clipped that one guy. Nuking squads as a solo player in it was quite fun, I don't know why people struggle to deal with solo players so much as a squad.
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