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I did that with the Electronics King too, because fuck getting 5 million score in Outrun.
The disco battle was incredibly hard for me at first but I trained hard, I eventually got all the best scores on each song and that's how I got into Dark Souls.
The make the baby stop crying every 20 seconds minigame in Yakuza 6 has completely killed my motivation to play the game.
Anyone has the majima theme when hes literally fighting someone for the cabaret's sake.
Damn Yakuza 4 ended up being a lot better than I expected. After being kinda disappointed with Yakuza 3 I was worried about going into 4, but holy shit those last few hours was a crazy ride. Akiyama and Saejima are great and I'm looking forward to seeing them again in 5. Only thing was I don't know how everyone else feels about him, but I couldn't click with Tanimura that much. He's not terrible, but compared to Akiyama and Saejima I felt he could have been fleshed out a bit more. either way great game
The only problem I find with 3 is that it's way too slow to get the ball rolling. Reminds me of a filler episode to be honest.
He has tells that show you which action you're supposed to do, and you only have to do it once. Not that that makes it that much better though, that part was reeeeeeeeally awful.
https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/964220282108253606/B255DC7DEEF21F6964641BFDB1E2FBE1FC8532C5/ Beat that David Bowie looking motherfucker at his own damn game. Then I made him go Ziggy Star-bust out of the Real Estate business.
Damn ive been wearing this Charismatic Autobiography for a long time now, untill i knew what it did, no wonder why kiryu gameplay was much harder, and being knocked down all the time.
as a character he's okay, but as a playstyle he's my favorite of the group 4's story is pretty messy in general though, everything being rubber bullets or bullet vests started getting pretty farcical towards the end
It's a mess for sure, but a fun mess for the most part. I do agree with the rubber bullets however that was getting a bit ridiculous near the end. I nearly rolled my eyes when Akiyama got shot at the end only to find out a brick of money saved him.
I had to do it every few steps. It took me 15 minutes to just walk from store to store.
Whaaat? It's by far the most fun mini-game in the game [img]https://i.imgur.com/YjneZZW.jpg[/img]
Idk why but the gameplay on Space Harrier and OutRun feels more difficult for me, i think is because i'm using keyboard, need to test with a controller
Just beat Yakuza 0: I think I spent the whole game as if watching The Phantom Menace thinking Anakin was going to die. But give me a break, this was my first Yakuza game. Great game though.
I know I have to prove I didn't commit that crime but I'm too busy understanding how to make my toy car stop getting out of lane.
Club moon battle is such horseshit. It started fair then the AI just randomly gets 2 blocks of their special ability and kicks all the starting clients out before the girls could even sit, Then as soon as another guy shows up, he does it again and causes the dude to just disappear into the void at the door. then finally when i get 2 guys seated, he uses it again. I'm only 30 seconds into the fight and the dude has used his special 3 fucking times and have killed my girl's stats so fucking bad that they cant even please their request clients all the way.
Just finished the game, what an absolute trip. Highly enjoyable. Using the secret fighting styles unlocked via real estate and the cabaret club for the string of ending fights was highly satisfying and thematically appropriate. Roll on Kiwami (even if I hear it isn't nearly as good as Y0) and Kiwami 2
Kiwami is a great game in its own right, but 0 is the end product of a long series that tried to push its limits further with every entry. It's kinda like comparing GTA III with V. They're both great games but when you go from V to III, you might end up more than a bit disappointed.
So i was an idiot and didn't take the "no turning back" warning for the epilogue. Now its 1:30 am and i have to get up at 6 for work. But god damn was that whole ending sequence had my ass cheering.
This. 0 made going into Kiwami a very emotional experience—seeing how the world around you has changed so much without you. Too bad it’s not nearly as engaging after the fact...
https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/965346623487042861/CFF021A017AD5D084DC90712DD0E4FEB594D8A16/ I just wanted to tell a riddle, why you have to be like that game?
Make a discussion on the Steam, maybe somebody can help you out or even somebody from SEGA to address this issue. This is pretty weird
I think I might get Kiwami 2, guys
Why does Baka Mitai get me sad and make me mourn a friend I never had? I need some japanese aged whiskey, a nigga goin thru a lot right now
When you say you haven't killed anyone but remember all the people you shot, stabbed, thrown off buildings, or snapped their neck. https://twitter.com/Spectrum1234561/status/1033551269930065922
Could go the new batman route where "me throwing him down the stairs, curb stomping, slamming their head in a door killed them, it was them happening to be right where i hit them that killed them"
Just beat Kiwami 1 in time for Kiwami 2 tomorrow, and I gotta say... Ugggggh I’m glad that’s over. Being a nearly 1:1 remake of 1 isn’t a good thing, as a lot of the story fights show their age; the age of bullshit difficulty. Who thought it was a good idea to put you in a back alley full of katana and knife wielding thugs, or a teeny tiny gambling parlor with even more guys and two mini-bosses? Or how about motherfucking Jingu. That was horrendously painful to fight. Even the final Nishikiyama battle was lukewarm. The flashbacks were a nice touch, and help make it an emotional affair, but I honestly didn’t feel it was dynamic or dramatic enough. You just kind of beat on the same guy with the same fighting style throughout with *some* transitions. I was honestly expecting MGS4 levels of final desperate slugout, not “ah, you beat the QTE, we’ll just delete that last health bar ;^)” So yeah, 0 still best game so far, and so long Kiwami, hellooooooo Kiwami 2!
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