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This thread is cursed. I shall dispell the curse.
I keep getting side tracked by mini-games, should I keep playing real estate stuff to keep the money flowing or should I move on and check the empty lot?
whichever you want to, i'm assuming you're still pretty early in the game so there's no need to rush through the real estate sidequest yet there's a very nice reward for completing the whole thing though
All up to you. You get something really neat for completing the Real Estate quest chain, plus it’s free “exp”!
There is any guide for the Real Estate minigame? I want to redo it properly, without wasting time and money
Get all business CP upgrades. Get really really good at Outrun and Disco. Look up a list of where all properties are. In between collections use mr shakedown to make cash. And banish the ghost page in this thread for good luck on the catfight.
The Ghost Page has been slain! Face stomping and bicycle beatings can resume! All praise cliff2!
Now that I became the Pocket Circuit champion and with that finishing the main story, now I can go back to that side mission of the Empty Lot and something about a murder.
Man, I just finished Kiwami 2. Wow, what a story. I nearly teared up at the end.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH0IVQqt1Zo check out my bones
Not exactly Yakuza but https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1039110873401491457 https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1039111705610145798 https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1039092476710150145
Finished Yakuza 0 main story with most things done, I was going to complete the missing substories with Kiryu only I realized all the substories that I didn't found are from the telephone club, sadly I'm a huge nerd to be able to play that. Back to the arena.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8D8xjYPcZ4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZu0aXvuA6A okay, maybe i'll play this. if it gets localized.
What's this? I didn't understand at all
I'll definitely give it a shot. Looks interesting
i picked up 0 from the humble bundle, what a great game. i was thinking or preordering kiwami i was concerned that being a remake the gameplay might feel dated
kiwami is basically yakuza 1's story shoved into 0's gameplay and graphics, so the gameplay won't be a problem if you liked 0
But the point of a remake is to rejuvenate gameplay? You may be confusing it with a remaster, which only aims to enhance visuals.
Are there any news at all on Western release of Y3 remaster?
Why are they delaying the remasters release for the west if the games are already translated? Only reason I can think of is they're going over all the games again and fixing translation issues to make it more consist with later games.
there isn't much reason to wait, all the remasters do is increase the resolution and framerate so there isn't really any reason to not play the PS3 versions (except 3 since the western version of that cut out a lot of side content)
I heard the framerate in Y5 is atrocious which is why I've been hesitant on playing it now. I might as well just play it now instead of waiting like three years for it come out for PS4 and the west.
i don't really remember having any problems with Y5's framerate it aint 60 but it's functional
I'm so hyped for Kiwami 1 pc release on tuesday. I heard it's not as good as Zero so I try to keep my expectations low but I just really want to get back into the Yakuza world and do silly sidequests and beat up people.
It's not as good but it's still really great.
I wouldn't mind it as much if the balance changes in Kiryu's moveset was turned back to Zero levels (Beast style getting heavily nerfed for example) and they got rid of that Essence of Kiwami regen nonsense that bosses had, or at least gave you those essential skills right off the bat instead of having to relearn them. With the right tweaks, you won't be as sick of Majima.
Having not long finished Kiwami 1, it feels appropriate to revive this thread with this (slightly old now) news: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/yakuza-kiwami-2-rated-for-pc/
I really just want 6 on Steam so I can play the entire series on PC (with 3, 4 and 5 on the PS3 emulator).
I can see 3,4, and 5 coming to PC once all the PS4 remasters are done.
Yeah, I agree, it's looking quite probable that they'll port the remasters of 3 - 5 to PC. I do sort of hope that we'll get 6 on PC before then, though, to tide us over. Especially since it shares the same engine as Kiwami 2 so means they should have a lot of the necessary back end work done for porting it.
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