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Ignore the quote. I can't seem to ger rid of them on mobile. But yeah, i managed to snag myself a copy of Yakuza 2 again in pretty much mint condition. It did cost a pretty little coin though. Now if only the PS3 games werent so hard to find. But i have a cunning plan to get past that hurdle.
Does Yakuza 6 have that summary thing of the last games? Only one I haven't played was 5, and don't feel like digging out my PS3 for it.
it probably have one, i feel like all the games after 2 have had them regardless i'd still recommend playing 5, it has some of the most fun side activities that are unique to the game (like the taxi stuff and the hunting "mini"game)
Why the hell is Yakuza 3 so expensive? You can buy 4 and 5 off the PSN store for a decent price, but 3 isn't available and all the physical copies on Amazon and Ebay are stupid expensive.
It does, I watched them for 3 and 5, since after I finally finish my playthrough of 0, move onto Kiwami, then Yakuza 2, depending on how long it all takes me, I'd like to play 6. Really enjoyed the demo, and at the rate I'm going, I might end up with Kiwami 2 in my hands before I finish the others, but I'd still rather do 6 first, due to the gameplay improvements from 6 to Kiwami 2.
The game is almost 10 years old now, and since there's no digital version it's harder to come by. Thankfully I just came across this. I've ordered from them before multiple times, and they're legit. https://twitter.com/VideoGamesPlus_/status/986353814524444673 You're still looking at around $40 with free shipping, but that's still way better than the $90 or more you'd be paying on Amazon. Plus they're factory-sealed.
I don't own the game, but what you did is probably pretty important info folks should have. Enjoy your diamond my friend!
Yeah they're pretty good even bought from there from the UK for a few games. Never got hit with customs with them either
Oh shit that's perfect timing then. I'm playing through Yakuza 2 right now and was worried I'd have to skip playing Y3 thanks.
Side story wants me to buy something for 50k, but I can't stop spending all my money on Live chat.
I can't believe I was lucky enough to find Yakuza 6 Essence of Art Edition here in Belgium yesterday. The guy said they had some trouble with collector's edition shipments having not arrived at all in Europe or something.
I've spent like 10 minutes walking around Hiroshima taking selfies with my grandson This game is amazing
onomichi is such a nice looking place, really wish there was more to do there so i'd have more reason to explore
Hooray, got my Premium Edition today! One of these days I should get a PS4 game that isn't Yakuza, but so far so good.
I can see Kiryu's back from my bed
seeing (substory spoilers) munan chohept onast pop up again was a real treat
beat this some months ago so I'm excited to see what you guys think. how have you guys been enjoying the side content? I really love the snack bar new gaudi but so many people seem to miss it. there's some enjoyable stories there. onomichi is also comfy as fuck, I love it. reminds me of ryukyu/okinawa to an extent.
I've just started the game but wow. Finally, the Yakuza game that I've been dreaming of. Finally, a Yakuza game that belongs in this game generation. No loading screen when you go inside a building, cars driving in the streets... It may seem superficial but it does a lot for immersion. I wish all games were remade like this one.
I recently got Yakuza 0 as my first entry to the series and while I'm not too far in I'm really goddamn enjoying it. I'm guessing Kiwami is going to be the next obvious step to go to, but what should I do from there?
try out yakuza 2 and if you can't handle the old janky gameplay, play kiwami 2 then just keep going in numerical order
Anyone else played Yakuza 6? Here's my take on it after finishing: Story is weak as piss. There's no huge revelations in the story and all the ones that are there have played out the same way before. I like the characters, the hiroshima cast are probably some of my favorites in the series. Enjoyed the banter, I was sad when Hirose died. Fighting system is a massive downgrade from zero or even the earlier Yakuza games (at a stretch, yes, even 1 and 2) considering how float-y it is, it reverts back to one style, it's mind boggling repetitive, feels like punches or kicks lack weight, the actual attack animations look flimsy af. Actually I'm just gonna say it, it probably has the worst fighting system imo. This links with the above point, fights are over before they even begin. And I'm saying (because I played on hard) that because fights are super easy, and probably the easiest in the series. Wanna know what your most powerful attack is? Not the Komaki Tiger Drop, it's the jump kick that knocks your opponent back on their arse. This links with story. The ending is decent but I was expecting something better considering it's the last chapter of Kiryu's tale. This point links with the characters. Um, where the fuck are the characters from 5, more importantly why did they hype Majima so much in zero and kiwami yet only show him once in 6? What the fuck??? Empty as fuuuuuuuuuuck, they showed a new area (oh goody), but there's hardly anything in Onomichi. The food system makes it easy to gain new skills which in turn makes the game much more easier than it already is (especially at the beginning). The graphics look nice, but capped at 30 and regularly drops below that with screen tearing. They should've polished the engine they used for Zero and Kiwami. I forgot the villains name. Despite everything mentioned, it still is a decent game. But I even prefer 3 with all it's orphanage fluff, because at least that has better moments, better story, better gameplay and a better antagonist.
Full disclosure, I'm like, a couple chapters in and like, thus far I've yet to meet a single character who qualifies as anything more than "Background Character".
So, let's just talk Yakuza 1 and Kiwami for a moment, because this is something i've never quite understood. It's just a lite chapter 3 spoiler but i'll blur it out anyway. Why the fuck is Haruka holding on to the gun gun when we first find her like she just went into a cyborg rampage?
Because she found the people in bar already dead. Therefore she picked up the gun that killed them out of shock.
I don't get it why delay the western version when all these games are already localized? I can see maybe delaying Yakuza 3 in case they want to translate the cut content, but why 4 and 5?
my first was 0. Kiwami felt janky to play, 6 even more so (and i really didn't like 6 it just seemed to do too many stupid things in how characters acted). why was 0 so good as now playing all the rest will feel like crap
A big thing was the music. I still really enjoyed Kiwami but me and the Mrs agreed 0 felt superior to it, but personally for me there's not many songs I remember from Kiwami but I still listen to 0s soundtrack very often.
I wonder if they're going to straighten up the localization so it coincides with the later games. (Kage to the Florist, Sunshine Orphanage to Morning Glory Orphanage, etc.)
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