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[Video] WarThunder gotta love it when gaijin admits that their BR system is arbitrary
The ropes work perfectly fine, but there's no tutorial and everyone uses them WRONG. All you have to do is have the flipped tank activate the "tow my ass, daddy" button, and the other person has to AIM THEIR CROSSHAIR, HIGH on the flipped tank. That's literally it. Just like if you were to attach a rope on a cube you wanted to flip - if you put it low or in the middle, you're just gonna drag the thing.
That's what i was doing and i still couldn't flip him back over
I find that tugging from the side of the flipped vehicle on a downward slope flips them the best. Though there is a weird bug where the top of the tank gets swallowed by the terrain and there's nothing you can do to help.
They REALLY need to up the rewards for doing well and doing team play. Having a great game with ~7 kills, 3 caps, and a few assists should net more than like 2.5k RP.
Anyone got stuff they regret not grinding for? Me-262 A2A is one of them for me
I can definitely think of things I can regret grinding for. Sherman VC comes to mind.
now you can get them with a loot box anyway https://i.imgur.com/kTCnvl5.jpg
Т-64А — The following shells have been added to the researchable ammunition loadout: 3OF26 HE shell; 3BM15 APFSDS . yes, the best 9.0 tank definitely needed to be made even better https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/155/9e52e69b-ef1a-4e87-aac5-a5826e3bc278/image.png
KV-220 is probably the only legitimate thing I feel like I'm missing in my life. Some of the other meme shoveltech is less interesting to me because I know that despite the quirkiness (Matilda w/ 76mm) that I'll rarely play them.
what is this?
Apparently its not fully implemented yet but someone on reddit mentioned it was somehow a tie in for user made skins that could be only attained through said crates.
>5cm Pzgr.39 (5cm Kw.K.38 /Kw.K.39) — The explosive mass has been changed from 27 to 17 grams. This makes me salty.
Is it me or are Hispanos just spark cannons as of late? I'm so sick and tired of not getting kills and getting just 'hits' after 3s+ of sustained bursts.
Yeah, but go look what they did to the Dickermax and stubby 88mm special rounds. JUST LOOK.
sooooo some is working on this thing WT Live // Model by Gallonmate https://youtu.be/nB9QMQI-ZRM
Stolen from reddit https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134138/a8f25c74-6c39-491b-bc31-8de9f96a0f23/wew.jpg
Picked up the G.55S a couple of days ago. Very enjoyable to fly, but it does have its weaknesses. You will rarely catch aircraft in a straight line, but whatever you manage to pull lead on will fall apart with a well placed burst. Does best when flying with teammates so you can clear their six when they pick up a tail. Overall, it works well with my playstyle. My only gripe is constantly having to fend off some of the beefier props in almost every game, as engagements become theirs to lose rather than yours to win. Maxing out G-Tolerance is certainly showing to be a worthwhile investment. A few dollars to train all aircrews in a lineup goes a long way.
https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/927053133453072556/DC0987B0B370AEBB584B98D0F33F28CCAFB90A27/ My first 9.0 jet, yay. I'm godawful with jets though :s
they should have a mode where there's like 1 or 2 9.0 jets vs like 50 tier 1 biplanes
Biplanes would win. Nothing beats the incredible turn radius they have and there's gameplay to prove it.
A lot of modes like this sound fun on paper, but work terrible in practice. Callback to yonder days of FP doing shit like 15 biplanes vs. 2 B-17s
anyone else keep getting redirected to this on warthunder forum and website and WT live Sign Up
Is it just me or are manual ATGM's impossible to use online? I load into test drive and it's smooth as butter but online the missiles lag out and nose dive randomly... I even have times where the moment the ATGM leaves the launcher it spirals out and smacks into the ground in front of me even if I don't use wasd to move it.
They synced ATGM tracking to the server rather than allowing client/server discrepancies, but I haven't used the manual ones since. The automatic ones are a bit jankier now too. Honestly, I liked the old version better.
iirc the bug relating to missiles not working correctly is still set as open on the war thunder forums
Am I just riding on dumb luck, or does HESH work really well on the Magach? I've been consistently doing really well in this thing, and it's been firing almost entirely HESH lol
Something compelled me to make this: https://files.catbox.moe/98n8ih.mp4
Was this a recent change or was it introduced in an earlier update? I started playing again after french tanks came out but I haven't played for a while before that.
314 accounts have been banned in War Thunder because of prohibited client modification use Are we supposed to believe that's a large number....?
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