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So, is there a particular reason I suddenly Got Gud after I started maining ELA on Defense, or is it just the Op Chimera noob-wave?
Call me stupid but threes something about the shadow and outline in that picture that looks remarkably Photoshopped, makes me wonder what the original is and why anyone bothered to shop it in the first places.
Original: https://78.media.tumblr.com/5921e50362f79301703a023e75442899/tumblr_nvh1e6BI4A1rp2yn5o1_500.jpg
why does mute jam blitz' shield
Its_Epi confirmed on reddit that the plans to make Alpha Packs purchasable will no longer move forward. They will only be purchasable with renown.
https://youtu.be/e4Ocro7EVY0?t=170 I hope this links to the right time.
why does mute jam a motion sensor that is a good 100+ meters away
why does mute speak at all
Don't Mute's Comcast routers disable literally every gadget within their radii?
Doesn't do shit against IQ.
...well, it should.
Wouldn't it be a problem if you're part of a hand-picked special team of peacekeepers and you didn't speak at all?
Just master these simple signals: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/258351154176589824/423188565879685130/02aadf_982022.png
maybe he should pick another gimmick then, its not workin for him
I don't like all the new global abilities.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/850vrf/r6tm_launches_on_faceit_this_sunday/ This is pretty cool
make her even more useless outside of pro league
Baiting attackers when they use Lion's ability is too fun. Just fumble around and get spotted on purpose and they come right to you like a whack-a-mole. Easiest kills of my life.
Sometimes I get amazed by people's inability to learn and recognize patterns. We dug our way out of a 3-3 to a straight 5-3 in Coastline when they picked kitchen and fell for the crude push of smoking the site's hallway near bathroom and planting it to the hard left of the front door 3 rounds in a row. Sure they did switched to smoke after seeing me gas 2 of them when they tried it themselves, but holy goddamn how no one ever registered to spray that particular plant spot or just C4 for a free kill was baffling.
Bought Mira yesterday. Her gun is amazing and has a lot more range than i expected for a gun with that sounds like an A-10 Thunderbolt. Mirrors are really fun too.
Mira is really fun but I seem to have a curse that makes every single one that I play with just a fucking idiot, placing the windows in the worst areas possible and destroying it without telling anyone
You can play Mira for a hundred hours and still get people who insist you place all your mirrors precisely where they want it.
"I want that softwalled to shoot through" REINFORCES THE WALL I LEFT UNREINFORCED ANYWAYS
Can I just say how intimidating and strange this game is to get into for new players now? I don't just mean in the raw gameplay sense, either. I finally got a few of my buddies to get the game with this newest update and I gotta say, the decision to unlock all the standard ops off the bat kinda fucked with the progression. Don't get me wrong, I think it's good all the vanilla ops are unlocked from the start, but all the DLC ops are still a premium price, and they now take up half the roster. A new player loading into the game is met with an overwhelming amount of choice of operators to play as, and at the same time, a seemingly insurmountable grindwall to access the rest of the cast. There's absolutely no clear way of determining which operators are older and well ingrained in the meta and which are new and mixing things up, either. The premium operator system worked well during the first two years, but pushing year three and all it's effectively doing now is moving the initial grind for the vanilla operators to the DLC operators, and expanding that grind tenfold. Year 1, perhaps year 2 as well need a renown drop to be consistent with the pricing model the vanilla operators used to use. As it stands now, there's nearly no use to grinding renown for new players as it will be a long, long time before purchasing DLC operators are viable. They'd never do that, though, because now every new player is forever tempted to drop money on rainbow six bucks to skip the grind.
This didn't really affect me as I was playing fairly early on. But I imagine it was like when I tried out DOTA 2, I shit myself when I saw the amount of people you could play as. I just gave up playing after a few rounds as I couldn't be bothered to learn all of the abilities. There's so many more aspects of the game you need to learn which could take hours too. It took me a VERY long time to get my bearings in maps in Siege. I still get lost in Tower. The game can be hella rewarding when you get used to it but man does that take some patience if you're starting now.
That's what makes me concerned for the longevity for the game. I never properly got a handle on most of the DLC maps myself, I can't imagine trying to learn the game as a whole with some of the newer, super-complex maps thrown in. My main issue is that Siege still retains much of the early game introductory stuff it had on launch, with a game that works fundamentally differently to how it did on launch. From the barebones situations that no longer resemble anything close to what you'll expect in multiplayer, to the borked operator progression that immediately puts new players infront of a very tempting paywall. There needs to be a mixup in how the game introduces new players to it's mechanics and meta, because the core learning curve of the game is hard enough to learn as it is. You don't need poorly designed progression systems getting in the way of that.
The season passes have always been Pay to Skip since Year 1, because let's be honest, you drop 30$ just to have the operators unlocked. The perks that come with it are just sweeteners.
concerned the longevity of the game that's had its pc population increase tenfold since launch and doesn't show any signs of slowing down? okay
You gonna take into account the fact that every player will gradually learn the game. At first you may be oblivious to some tactis or concepts such as holding angles and roamers, but if you stick by the game you will learn them. Seeing as there is a huge influx of players over time, especially with the boom siege has, i am not worried for its longevity at least for the years to come. I do agree that a new players has to put in the hours to start to understand the game in a well oiled manner, but then again, most competitive games do that(just take a look at CS or DOTA)
Which I think is kinda poopy design when you have a game that is this monetized. When it was only a handful of ops I didn't mind the Pay to Skip nature, but now new players are met with half the cast being locked behind a grind/paywall. Well don't get me wrong, I don't think Siege is in any danger of losing it's playerbase for the time being. It's core gameplay has got it through some trying times. But while the game has never been the easiest to get into, it looks downright scary opening up a new copy of the standard edition and seeing all that $$$ you'll probably have to spend. That seems concerning, is all I'm saying.
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