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You gonna take into account the fact that every player will gradually learn the game. At first you may be oblivious to some tactis or concepts such as holding angles and roamers, but if you stick by the game you will learn them. Seeing as there is a huge influx of players over time, especially with the boom siege has, i am not worried for its longevity at least for the years to come. I do agree that a new players has to put in the hours to start to understand the game in a well oiled manner, but then again, most competitive games do that(just take a look at CS or DOTA)
Which I think is kinda poopy design when you have a game that is this monetized. When it was only a handful of ops I didn't mind the Pay to Skip nature, but now new players are met with half the cast being locked behind a grind/paywall. Well don't get me wrong, I don't think Siege is in any danger of losing it's playerbase for the time being. It's core gameplay has got it through some trying times. But while the game has never been the easiest to get into, it looks downright scary opening up a new copy of the standard edition and seeing all that $$$ you'll probably have to spend. That seems concerning, is all I'm saying.
Honestly, I bought the game last sale and I just got the complete edition even if it's expensive af for me, just because griding for a character and finding ou that I don't like his gameplay seemed like a really possible situtation, and that scared me a lot.
You don't know how "concerned for a game's longevity" feels until you're someone who's still playing Titanfall 2 in 2018
Such a good game being crippled by shitty publisher tactics, god it'd thrive if it was on steam instead of origin.
The thing about rainbow six seige is you just need to know maps and be good at shooting to be effective. The maps part is pretty quick to pick up
The numbers on steam don't even consider the amount of Uplay players either.
Even when the game only had 30,000 people playing it there was a lot of "This game is dying!" talk and I was genuinely smacked every time I heard it. You can go look at Steam charts and see that the game has had a rising population since ever and it's been the 4th most played game on Steam for several weeks now, if not going into a few months of that status.
as a side note that has nothing to do with Siege, please buy Titanfall 2, it is worth the $20, incredibly fun and you can easily find matches at most times of day
how silent the titanfall 2 discord we have is nowadays, but nobody seems to have actually left tough times on us all
I stopped playing, came back, realized I'd need to put in like 100 hours or practice again, stopped playing again. Titanfall 2 is a fucking hard FPS.
I've yet to get a kill because of Lion's ability that wasn't a penetration kill.
Toxic plays are canon https://i.imgur.com/I48Si2R.png
standard is like 30-40$ I think? All the base ops are already unlocked right when you get it, so it really isnt a big deal a bunch of the dlc ops arent really super new player friendly anyways, so I don't think people are pressured into getting them at all
I have yet to witness the magic of a Toxic Behavior ban in game, only BattleEye.
A few days ago a dude on the opposite team in a Ranked match got a toxicity ban right in the middle of the game. It was amazing, especially since he was part of a 4-stack and the other three dudes got extremely mad and threw out all kinds of horrific insults. I reported all of them.
I just can't leave my buddy scorch behind, we've been though too much together...
I'm gonna ride my Legion into the depths of hell.
mech operators when
I just want an operator whose weapon is just ten Saiga/SASG-12s taped together with the triggers connected to your finger with string http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/3/3b/M1911_Simp..jpg/350px-M1911_Simp..jpg
just give an op a gyrojet and call it a day
Even though I got into Siege during Operation Red Crow, I think the game is in a pretty good spot. Player counts will always rise and fall depending on what else happens during the year.
It's not about player count rising and falling for things like patches, it's that Siege has a full history since released of gaining players.
Guy was calling me and my friend useless while he had 0 kills, 1 assist and we won the following round 2v3 and won the game after. GG
the first release day of outbreak i couldn't even see the names because people were being banned for toxic behavior nonstop. great seeing it, same with anticheat bans.
made a thing https://i.imgur.com/3fZsGS1.jpg
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289901618650939392/424785085254991892/1521318188068.png rip
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/203859685235884032/420616549641093121/unknown.png Can't forgot the classic
I probably shouldn't play on Saturday nights. All of my games tonight were full of shitty people.
I played with the SpencerMcWhiff guy in the list lol He had a buddy with him and they were just one of the weirder hyper-tryhardiest trolls that have come around lately
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