• PAYDAY 2/RAID v12: Locke Your Doors
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is anyone infected with the virus?
I almost beat Breaking Feds just now. Let me explain my thought process. "Well, All I need to do is get to the escape zone at the elevator after I got the box in Garret's office, so I should get there." "Hmm, there's two guards approaching and I'm only 10 meters away from the escape zone. I'll just kill one, leave the body, and book it to escape. I have about 20 seconds between pager and alert timeout so I'll be totally fine." "Oh, I'm in the elevator now. That wasn't the escape. the elevator is a forced timer. I just beat the heist but I just lost 30 minutes of my time anyway because they made me believe the elevator was the escape. Thanks, lads." I'm seriously getting annoyed at this heist now.
Only it has to be done like we stopped Zephiel's assassination in Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade.
Is there any mod which disables the melee shaking thingy?
https://www.thesecretisreallyreal.com/wp-content/uploads/IMG_0302.jpg AKIMBO JUDGES.
Shoulder mounted minigun. I, uhh, what?
shoulder mounted minigun, 30 akimbos, new patterns and materials for mask, of which peoples randomly get like 10 + a specific pattern for everyone, which is probably for a reason
what is this we new vegas now
It's the shoulder mounted machine gun from Fallout New Vegas
dumb thing https://puu.sh/AbvNs/36b9fd4049.jpg try to shoot this book with an auto gun
Hah, Akimbo CR805Bs with quick mags is fucking goofy and I love it.
Some things The akimbo weapons don't need dlc, but if the single version is a dlc item any shared specific weapon mods are dlc locked The akimbo Judges and maybe some smgs don't have firing animations when not adsing When inspecting the new akimbo smgs your characters lift up four fingers and hold the weapons with only their thumbs The shoulder mounted machine gun has identical stats to the Minigun except it fires 2,000 rpm instead of 3,000 and does 35 damage by default instead of 25
They didn't adjust some of the skills correctly for the new Akimbo weapons; you can get up to 22 bullets with the Akimbo Matevers/Broncos.
Kinda bugs me how Castigo is just a better Bronco.
So Overkill realized that the Minigun was quite a viable option after its rework, so they tried to create a second weapon of similar nature. As someone pointed out, the Microgun, as it's called, is identical to the Minigun. Except not at all. First of all, it's DPS is lower. Not too much, but a small disadvantage is still a disadvantage. Then comes the biggest fuck you I've ever seen so far. The holster time of 1.5 seconds. Getting caught out while reloading an empty mag with this thing leaves you as good as dead, as this is the longest holster delay I have ever seen in this game. Oh well, at least the increased damage with the same ammo sustainability is nice. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad weapon at all. But compared to the Minigun... Eeeehh.
so does the microgun have like max stability or something because when I tried it I could basically snipe with it
Surprised nobody mentioned how the akimbo Judges hold 40 shells if Close By is Aced.
Potentially stupid idea for an inspire rework inbound: What if they made it so that, when a player is inspired, they enter a sort of pseudo swan song where they have a certain amount of time to drag themselves to cover before falling back down, where they could be revived properly? This would make inspire much less of a necessity for higher difficulty builds, but would also indirectly buff inspire basic, since reviving interaction time would be made more important. It would also solve the "yell at friend to heal them" concept, instead being more "inspire friend to move just a little more so we can administer drugs without getting riddled with bullets". Of course, Payday doesn't have anything resembling a serious tone anymore, so that point's less important. I'm obviously not sure how this would affect the meta, but I think it might serve to diversify builds on higher difficulties by reducing inspire's status as The Best Skill In The Game, but still leaves it useful for if a teammate gets downed at a terrible location. Of course, a lot of the game's currently balanced around the concept of players with the strength of current inspire, mainly difficulties, so maybe a rework like this wouldn't be viable. Thoughts?
So, why we can't modify the stocks on the akimbos?
I have 0 interest in risking myself to revive someone just to have them crawl a bit, and then go back and risk myself again to get them actually up there's also the super captivating and fun prospect of spending a ton of points for this and then having no one use the crawl properly. at least with inspire, the worst thing that can happen is a braindead revive into the same swarm of enemies that took that person out
I hope they dont fix how broken some of the Akimbos are, I absolutely fucking love them
"Crawl" wasn't my best word choice and seemed to derail my whole idea. I meant it more like a version of swan song swan song where they didn't get infinite ammo, had a different timer, or some other balancing modifier. So, they could sprint back to cover with the same speed as swan song, or maybe even the same movement speed as usual, just with the timer.
Don't worry about Inspire. It's time shall come, as did the silencer skills and Swan Song's.
this new animator concerns me greatly
Looks like i'm playing Goldeneye 64 or something, instead of a reloading animation just have a pull out and pull back animation
How would Lara Croft do it?
I'm guessing Niphen new how guns work at least somewhat, and the new animator does not. Maybe PD2 is now not as high priority so the best animator at Overkill is working on TWD.
I can kind of understand why all the akimbo pretty much get off-screen reloads, it'd be quite something to make unique reloads AND fit them in a reasonable reload time But it does look quite off
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