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Nioh has A LOAD of things that makes it different from Dark Souls. The combat is a major one since you don´t really rely all that much on the weight ratio system when going for preferred weapons. Spirit Sumons make the game significantly easier than Dark Souls since it basically gives you a invincibilty mode with increased damage. Magic and Ki is only really essential when you want to fight Oni´s and bosses and even then you have charms and other gear that gives you the upper hand against these types of enemies. Also ranged weapons are WAY more powerful in this game than Dark Souls. Since not only it makes little to no difference when it comes to weight but you don't really need to upgrade it constantly like you would in Dark Souls to take care of tougher enemies. I say that Nioh is a lot easier to pick up and play than any of the Souls games.
I got it for free, hated the controls right off the bat, hated how slow everything felt, hated the bullshit 180-degree tracking on the first boss, and uninstalled it immediately. I'm the type of dude who goes into games with "bad" reputations without expectations, because then they generally end up a worthwhile purchase, but that one was just an immediate no thanks.
I can't stand using the fallen knight set after reading the trouser's description. Thankfully, defense isn't a big deal in these games.
I got tired of using the Fallen Knight set after sticking to it for 75% of my first playtrough. I like the Silver Knight and Dragon Blood set better. Too bad they weight you down harder than being in open sea with rock shoes.
I'm quite fond of the Desert Pyromancer set myself Though I'll admit, I have 2 big reasons why https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/227153/28785ab4-41ae-49a4-973f-f3b3946d8936/374320_20170407202205_1.png
ah of course, good curse and element resistance
Yeah Nioh takes some time getting used to, but when you do, it's a treat. It's a phenomenal game that suffers from the level system
Whoa I didn't realize that had a unique description; that's hilarious! Normally I don't read the descriptions of the glove or pants part of armor sets since it's usually the same description as the chest and headpiece. How many other armor sets are there with altered descriptions unique to specific pieces?
Can someone hmu with a hex build for DS2 SOTFS, I'd prefer one that was flexible with armor for maximum fashion.
I finally got around to starting another playthrough of Bloodborne yesterday and this time I think I'm going to try out a skill build though I'm not sure if I'll invest heavily into Bloodtinge too. I used Ludwig's for 90% of my first playthrough so I want to change things up a bit. Is the Reiterpallasch worth a try? I want to eventually use the Rakuyo, but I'm not planning on rushing back to the DLC so I figured I'd go for the Reiterpallasch or the Rifle Spear. Right now I'm just sticking to the Threaded Cane and Saw Spear and both have treated me well.
The saif is probably the best skill weapon and you can get it without having to kill any of the bosses in the dlc. The reiterpallasch is good if you're going hard into bloodtinge.
Wouldn't the Chikage technically be considered the best Skill/ Bloodtinge weapon (pre-DLC, that is)? Then again the weapon is only really useful if you invest more heavily in Bloodtinge than anything else otherwise the transformed state is effectively useless.
It probably is for damage, but ya you have to invest so much to make it great. I actually prefer the bloodletter for a bloodtinge weapon.
Don't count out the Bowblade, that makes more than a few bosses completely trivial.
So I've been playing DS2:SotFS for the past week. I haven't beat it yet. Some things I like: The use of Human Effigies allowing me to use my humanity at a boss gate and search desperately for a summon sign. You can aim crossbows The dex stat for crossbows is lower (This and above was the only way for me to get through Shrine of Amana) Some things I dislike: Max Health decreasing every time you die Lack of spectacular views (except for that DLC stuff) Separating Load Capacity to its own leveling stat The playstyle-altering Shrine of Amana. Maldron the Assassin and the people that programmed him into a coward The fact that drop-down attacks don't even stagger possessed armor Anything involving homing spells Too many shield-wielding enemies
Maldron the Assassin is the best how dare you insult him.
Another thing. My play style is to just sit there with my shield up until the enemy is done attacking, give him one wallop, and bring my shield back up. However I'm having trouble with Fume Knight. I have one more chance to reset my stats, and I think my current stats are a bit mixed up: SL 100 Warrior Vigor: 39 Endurance: 35 Vitality: 8 Attunement: 5 Strength: 45 Dexterity: 11 Adaptability: 5 Intelligence: 5 Faith: 5 LH1: Gyrm Greatshield LH2:  Bare Fists LH3: Great Club RH1:  Bare Fists RH2: Heavy Crossbow RH3:  Bare Fists Ring 1: Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Ring 2: Strength Ring Ring 3: Flame Quartz Ring Ring 4: Ring of Binding Do any of you have any recommendations for fixing this?
Maldron fooled me like three times and I felt so stupid. Its a shame they never bothered doing something similar in three.
Is there a way to make early game not buttcheeks for Bloodtinge boys?
Another thing. My play style is to just sit there with my shield up until the enemy is done attacking, give him one wallop, and bring my shield back up. However I'm having trouble with Fume Knight. I have one more chance to reset my stats, and I think my current stats are a bit mixed up: @Kuru So it's a bit counter-intuitive as Demon Souls and Dark Souls kinda teach you to do exactly what you're doing. But DS2 really works well if you focus more on evasion rather than trying to tank damage or block it. Rolling feels fucking weird in DS2, and you need to pump the relevant stats for your build to make it less awful (anything that pumps AGL), and learn to use the fiddly quick roll to get yourself out of a follow up attack. For a shield focused build I can't really say what you've got looks unwinnable, if you're being staggered a lot from attacks when not blocking, you should raise your Adaptability considerably. Poise is bound to the lowest stat of END/ ADP, soft capping at 30 in either of them. Otherwise, grab the shield with the highest resistances you can, but try and find the highest stability you can at the same time. Especially for fights like Fume Knight where having your shield up for extended periods of time puts you at risk of getting fucked to high hell by the ludicrous sweeps he does and some of his faster follow up attacks. That extra stability should help with the stamina drain, or the extra poise should stop you getting stunlocked so hard if you get caught with your shield down. Shields do have merit and there's nothing really stopping you from beating any boss with that play style. It just isn't super optimal against a lot of the faster ones I've found. After a few hours of poking at things from my shield in DS2 I switched to evasion first tactics and never really looked back. Only pulling up a shield to block attacks I know I fucked up avoiding. Unlocked combat with most things in DS2 is also quite reasonable, especially GS and UGS class swords as you can just about aim them after starting the attack if I recall (and the light attacks are 180 degree sweeps anyway so lmao fuck aiming) Though I'm sure there's a more seasoned veteran here who can fix your stats proper...
Yeah agreed. Maldron was a beautifully scummy fuck, well executed in invasions. DS3 needed some Invaders that replicate scummy or tricky player behavior.
Real talk, Maldron's AI was pretty fucking cheeky and I loved that about him. Even fucking taunts on your corpse if he kills you. Too bad he's so easy to counter in the Iron King DLC, though. Just pop a giant seed after he runs down the spiral tower and just watch him get eaten alive lol
I'm okay with that, what I hate is agility. So glad it never appeared in Bloodborne/DkS3. I feel like there are more enemies that can shield and attack at the same time as well that makes early fights more annoying than they should be.
Real talk fuck Agility. Rolls based on equip load made sense, rolls that get arbitrarily more invulnerable because you pumped an otherwise useless stat are aggravating.
My friends and I continued this stuff again, figured I may as well post another episode. I like the way invaders behave when they come across us. That and we went into Dark Firelink together and screwed around there, which is neato and all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbC4DEpAK8g&lc=z224j5nweteejlm3uacdp433kd0ygc2bezkiefstxahw03c010c
I think that's how it was supposed to be countered which is a clever way to punish him. There's really no shame on seeds for this case. Really dissapointed there wasn't some Maldron like character talking with Patches. Would have been a fun experience.
Finally went back and trudged my way through Frigid Outskirts and beat Lud and Zallen. So now I never have to go there again, and can say I've beaten every boss in DS2.. Thank god.
NPC invaders smacking the shit out of me and taunting on my body really upsets me (looking at you, Tsorig).
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