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LURK 1.2 confirmed gang you heard it here first on facepunch.
so is there a way to make special edition work with arsenal overhaul?
According to every single English post I found out there, combining two weapon packs is pretty much impossible. But I actually managed to do it. This is the MP443 Grach from STCOP running alongside OWR, working 100%. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/180967/c0439149-826a-4b3e-abc0-0ab905a0cd6e/xrEngine 2018-03-27 04-07-04-62.bmp Big shoutout to my Russian meme gurus whos forum posts I google translated to give me a good lead as to what to do. Turns out I had to hex edit the OMF animation files to not overwrite eachother, and then copy the new weapon's existing animations onto an already existing bone set. Really fucking confusing, I still don't entirely know why it works but it does.
You killed famous gorilla Harambe :(
https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/924801598784853423/E4766794A5E17C6073949629559CC0A2AEE12F65/ what sick joke is nthis
I will forever remember that bitch of a stash. I had to shoot some of it out from under that grate.
Or be a smart stalker and use a grenade to get a lot of grenades. That is how it works in the zone.
I remember merging two weapon packs years ago, though that was for COP. Don't see why it would be impossible though.
What weapon packs? I'm mostly talking about the three major ones, though. STCOP, AO, and OWR. They have massive conflictions in animations, model names, and section usage. It's really hard to get anything from one of these packs to work with another. You pretty much have to track down very small, convoluted errors that crash the game immediately. It's why you dont see itemsoups have any combination of the weapon packs.
I doubt if people will like any new mutants, besides they won't add unfinished models to the game, any new stuff should be optional imo. If you're interested in new mutants, i made a mod a while ago for this, complete models and sounds effects: http://www.moddb.com/mods/call-of-chernobyl/addons/trx-a-life-revamp , i used the meshes from this mod: Remake mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. You should check this one out, it has alot of new models. i only used what i consider "lore-friendly enough"
Wish I could remember, as said this was years ago and I haven't kept any trace of my work, can probably only find mentions of it in previous stalker threads. I believe one was for SGM, not sure about the other. I wouldn't be surprised if the mods weren't as complex as these other mods you mention.
That totally-not-a-snork thing is from Valley of Whispers. It has been in the CoC files for some reason since the leaks iirc.
Oh shit you're TRX? Your mods have been a huge help in learning how to make stuff of my own, so thanks for all the stuff you've released. I'm hoping to start releasing some stuff of my own soon. Were they individual weapons you were putting together? That wouldn't be horrible as long as you didn't have overwriting files. Weapon packs are an entirely different beast as they act as more of a "base" for all the weapons within the pack and therefore have a lot more shit that conflicts with other addons. ESPECIALLY other weapon addons. Odd. It'd be one thing if it was just the model, but its strange how theres scripting for it, and while most of it is just copy pasted from the snork AI, there is unique alife scripting for it. Wonder if its planned for anything, and wonder if theres any other models in CoC's files that aren't attached to a scipt.
As for those weird findings. My friend long time ago had idea to get one of first stalker leak, put there some weird looking textures ad scripts, modify dates to be old as that leak, and silently release it in some russian forum instead of original leak. Imagine all those X-files-like theories and comments about why authors had those files, for what they where made, doest its mean that there was some new version of some part of game... I know that its ass-move(he didnt make it after all), but just imagine if after many years someone would find it and not realize that it was putted there just for joke...
still a better joke than komas 6gb dolphin porn coc installer
Yo what's the story here about my man koma
Can we let this rest?
Some guy's made some rather nice high-quality detector and artifact model CAD files on Etsy. They're not cheap, though. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237708/85fe0fb3-d162-433d-9f65-242c4035dccc/il_570xN.1392548065_jlni.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237708/378e135a-7999-4ae8-8936-ec1fa7d658a0/il_570xN.1382671718_ijou.jpg
I love that echo one.
its a joke asking 40 euro for it. Im fully supporting paying for any asset. I personally for long time trying to get any money from my work, but putting such price is just joke. Not only because model is self is not that complex(+generic inside elements) and texturing is really flat, tho there is no reason for 40Euro price tag, also because pure marketing strategy its just bad decision to put such price: Its better to sell it cheaper to get more buyers that setting price from space and waiting for 5-6 downloads per year. Taking in to the account quality of it I would put 10-15 Euro price tag, and I can bet my dog that I would sell more of them in less than waiting for some baked guy who is willing to spend 40 buck on it.
I think the reason it's untextured is that it's designed to be 3D printed rather than used in a game or animation. I take your point, though - ~€35 is a lot of money for the design, and then you've got material and 3D printer costs.
Super cool but yeah, overpriced
Reinstalled CoC about a week ago and decided to be a bandit. Went from using a Dragunov with a silenced G3 to toting a Vintorez, AS Val, and a SEVA suit in just two in-game days, all fully upgraded. Yantar and Rostok are now piled with the bodies of dead Dutiers and Ecologists (I wasn't even going out of my way to kill them, but they just kept coming). While the cheeki breeki lifestyle is fun, is mercenary better for a contract killer playstyle, or is Bandit the best?
Mercs in my opinion are better. Bandinds are like monolith but just lauder: No one like them so whole point of playing them is just killing everything that move. But I would change Merc's a bit: give some important npcs in other maps, maybe even "informers" that would inform you abut people who look for assassins and they pay well or stalkers/stashes that have goods. I also would add more and harder killing missions, because most of what is now is just go->snipe or do it in rambo style->go get reward. Some sort of "dont get detected" or "kill just that one person." Or even missions where you need to talk to guy, even ask him to join you and then get to some empty place and kill him without anyone seeing this.
I have reached the point where I have experienced pretty much all there is to see as a bandit, save for achievements and the like. Oddly enough, I still very much want to keep playing.
warfare is good addon that help you keep playing when you do everything is possible. I said it many times that even if CoC was not made to be fabular mode, I would rather spend time implementing any simple story for each faction, putting more important NPCs with bigger roles and function in games(eg, mentioned informers only talking with mercs) or implementing warfare as official part of CoC than even fix bugs or adding small features(eg. controller attacking NPC)... And Im not kidding. CoC as it is now dont really have any major problems beside being empty. Seriously right now all it need is a reason to play and its hard to find it after 3-5 time you play it. Probably 90% of CoC players tried every addon for it for past years and Im afraid that it will never get love from Russian modders that are most active community that create fabular mods for Stalker(they still prefer porting stuff to SoC... idtiotic...). Because western mods for 99% focus only on graphic and addons, not proper longer story mods, and those small missions and tweaks they put inside dont really matter because they dont have any story, just one-time jobs that dont have any meaning in overall game. I know that lots of people dont get it, but look at it from a longer perspective. If CoC would have ready-made structure for fabular missions or system like warfare with more strategy in it. It would encourage others to modify it and expand it. Rather than wait for addons that have lots of compatibility problems or dont work properly without changing other parts of games that can break other addons. Its hard topic to discuss because there is lots of hard-headed fans and people who dont get that in some point game need to evolve to keep player base and get new one in some time, but It would be nice if others would realize that too: CoC need something that keep players play it and keep making addons for it. If not, people would just dump it because how many times you can do exact same fetch/kill missions on empty maps?
Nearing the end of ShoC playthrough #2. What are some mods I should check out? Call of Chernobyl is on my list already
http://www.moddb.com/mods/reborn-another-way-253-eng must play mod for clear sky, alternatively DOPPELGANGER
Misery (but only v1.2 cause sequel is massive bloatware and mess), you might check their CoCh versions - Call of Misery/Last Day/Echo of Misery Narodnaya Solyanka 2016 (don't touch any other Soups/Solyankas) Wind of Time Golden Ball AMK 1.4/1.4.1 Autumn Edition Lost World - Troops of Doom Road to Pripyat Secret Path
Thanks for the list. Think I'll give NS 2016 a try.
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