• S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series Megathread: Maybe someday mods releasing edition
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I try and then I remember why I like playing with mods
I love playing vanilla stalker.
I had that in mind but right now I decided to wait for Radiophobia. I played original games so many times that its not fun anymore, and mods like Radiophobia, even if buggy, keep original story and gameplay just adding some new graphic and features here and there to make game more entertaining.
If I have to investigate those fucking helicopters one more goddamn time I'd probably lose it.
Tried vanilla Clear Sky. Couldn't stand the vanilla weapon accuracy. I like all of vanilla except for that, so I just installed arsenal overhaul and the game is really refreshing to play
Those poor stalkers
Whoa what happened here? Lost my old account even. I play //sort of// vanilla. I used to shill that mod a lot in here. Its fun at times. The thing about all of the story mods is that in the bigger picture, most of em are riddled with fetch quests or "go to point A, then B, then C and repeat". Clear Sky vanilla was a lot like this where doing such tasks felt tedious. Im glad efforts are still mads making even better tasks to do. Feels more rewarding. I'd love to see SOME sort of Far Cry rward system where doing thinks without anyone noticing would reward you even more than just going in guns blazing. Or have assasination missions with faction relations at stake. Imagine being a merc and talking to an enemy who didnt shoot you and they ask you to get rid of a certain faction member. Maybe go as far as having quests try and find out who's a traitor amongst the ranks. All ideas, but im sure the work behind them would mean thousands lines of code at least. Anyway, good to see this thread still alive
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I've done something similar to this. A few different things, actually. 1: One of those "follow" quests where you have to trail a guy without getting too close. Turns out the stalker AI/scripting system is pretty good for this, so if you get within their sight range or make too much noise you'll alert them and fail that task, forcing you to do something else (right now you have to pay a fee) to get past that part. 2: While looking for a spy, you have to sit far back in the dark(otherwise youll get spotted) and use a scope/binoculars to spy on a bunch of people and look for the spy who will only begin to do his espionage when no stalkers are looking. You then have to trail him back and kill him without making a scene. Going to test how this stuff works with silencers, not sure if I want to make silencers required for these parts. Right now they're not
Does anyone have that repository with all the leaked alpha builds of STALKER? I was wanting to get them again to mess around with and a few people on FB were asking me if I knew where to get them but I haven't been able to find them on my own.
if you haven't found them by tonight I think I still have a torrent I can toss ya that has pretty much all of them (I hope that doesn't count as warez?)
Made small addon that remake all detail textures for stalker. I though I include them in my Stalker Two mod, but it dont really need it, so it will be as separate addon compatible with any stalker version and mod, even old SoC. Its first release, you can encounter some bugs like too visible repetition or darker textures, because Stalker use detail mask in really weird way, they are made in similar way as bump# textures(alpha levels) and it use it as main source of details for most of textures, not only to show it in close range... Two versions in zip: default 512px and better 1024px that dont really hit performances, so dont be afraid to use it first. Link with screenshots: [WIP] Poor Man Details addon
This one? MEGA Have fun with the new download limits.
Thanks, man! That's exactly what I was looking for.
Oh, neat. Didn't know anyone mirrored these to MEGA.
Why is the LR-300 the worst feeling weapon in all of STALKER
Because its was not made by great Soviet Union. Its was made by evil capitalistic Americans!
Because it's kind of out of place.
All the non-slavbloc weapons are really boring to me and feel like unusually potent airsoft.
I've kind of forgotten vanilla weapons. I don't remember the last time I played without Arsenal Overhaul.
I've always wondered about that. It's like they wanted an AR rifle but didn't actually want to put an M4 or M16 in the game. I wonder if it had to do with licensing stuff.
I think it feels alright in Clear Sky onwards, but that's just me
I must be the only one who likes the lr300
I would enjoy it more if the vanilla versions gave it better audio and better sights. Last time I used a modded version was probably in LURK and I like that version more.
I remember seeing this and thinking "wow this is next level"
Was that really 8 years ago? Fuuuuuuck
I need to admit that I was always fan of L85A1(IL 86) probably one of worst 5.56 bun in Stalker and gun that eve in real life is not so popular -_- Mostly because I aways balance damages in a way: "bullet is a bullet, it will kill you", so I didnt had to play with looking for gun that do more damages, like it was some quake game, and my choose of weapon was always based on caliber, look, optic, speed. In that order.
A big part of it is weapon sounds, I reckon. Pretty much all the guns sound much "meatier" in Shadow of Chernobyl than in CS / CoP The ShoC L85
Stalker Two-K v4 ready for download! https://i.imgur.com/fzWe6iI.jpg More info : 4v launched! news Links: "Stalker Two" Stalker Two"Tiny Little" version (for slower computer and heavy modded games) PS. I hate that post editing in this new forum, how do you now center text, edit links and put thumbs images?
I'm really surprised to see after all this time that the modding scene for STALKER has actually grown instead of shrunk after all this time. I think it's been over 5 years since I've ever looked at it. I guess the source being leaked was a major breakthrough for the modding community. Really excited to get back into the game.
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