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What the fuck is wrong with people? I get it if you don't like MvCI, but telling Max (or anyone for that matter) to kill himself over something as ridiculous as a video game is extremely idiotic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gdtShNVYIA This is the video he's referring to. Incase there was any doubt that the death threats are unwarranted.
It's sad because everything he says in the video is 100% true. The game was a letdown in basically every area from marketing to graphics, to their big hyped up story mode. But the one thing that had made it even worse is the game play itself is so fun. It has honestly been (and max says this too in the video) one of the best playing Capcom fighters in a long while, and making it even more of a disappointment because there is some big potential in this game. The fact he's receiving death threats over this is absurd, and pretty childish too, when he's just presenting his opinion on the game as it stands now months after release, and just saying the truth of what happened to it before and after it came out.
If you ask me, the worst thing about MvC:I was the whole mess around X-Men, Fantastic 4 and Deadpool characters. Since a few months after the game came out, Disney bought Fox anyway, making the entire thing totally pointless. A damn shame this will probably kill the whole damn franchise for now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW2qQxVvUjA more waifu fighters
I would gladly swap Blue Mary for Shermie in KoF XIV. I think SNK made a mistake.
The roster is pretty bad, but I wouldn't call it the worst part. I still think the marketing/interviews, the demo they released for the story no one cared about when a versus demo would have been better, the story in general, and general lack of any sort of hype killed it. Personally, I think the roster has some really good stuff, and if the season 1 characters were in the launch roster, it would have been a pretty good roster. The four new Capcom characters Sigma, X, Jedah & Monster Hunter are all really fantastic and the new Marvel characters are well done too. The lack of x-men, F4 does hurt it yeah, but as the roster stands right now it's pretty okay. Would have gone better without the "Functions" interview too, as that only upset F4/X-Men fans even more.
Blue Mary and Shermie? good week for SNK
The meaning of this image still eludes me and people keep posting it, help https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109775/f81158ec-4696-42af-916f-4f625198bc07/wHbDpay.jpg
Bottom left have the ability to eat your entire bar off one mistake and jerkfaces in canon, bottom right are bros that can help a combo or trap but don't do much on their own and also will totally go for super size with extra cheese, top middle are fuddy duddies with flowchart combos and continually tell you how fake wrestling is while Goldberg is benchpressing Undertaker and Andre the Giant to a completely jobbed crowd while you stare at them in increasingly narrow eyed silence.
we need an ed edd n eddy fighting game rolf op
anything to say, ed-boy? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/216/4cb2ac63-33df-46ed-9d1d-a0d81bad4a28/rolf_venom.png
snk heroines tag team frenzy looks wack as fuck but god damn do I love shermie.
I think that's the main goal of the game. It's supposed to be silly and fun which i don't mind.
kevin would be a rushdown character
Plank would be top tier
i'm excited for snk heroines , it looks like a fun game to mess around with. and snk is making more fighting games is a good thing.
Would Double D be a keepaway character since he might be able to create traps for his opponents to fall into?
Double D is the Testament we deserve.
Eddy's Big Brother for the Final Boss.
https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/984117627294433281 Dub trailer for BBCTB. I'm excited to hear english Tager and Azrael again, but I'm going to have to suffer through the RWBY girls.
I understand Ruby's voice but I genuinely don't see any issues with Weiss. She sounds fine.
Great! It's what we wanted! Now let's see if they make VA options togglable for each character.
the VAs sound cheesy haha, but in a good way.
All the voices are at least average, but goodness Ruby is insufferable
They all don't sound as a energetic compared to the original. Even the japanese voice feels weak, of course it's probably the years taking effect. Still i love Linne's english voice
Blew my mind when I put it together that it's Jinx's voiceactor from League of Legends.
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