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Am i the only one that really just doesn't give a hoot about the suppressed Enfield? Like, I get that it's the first suppressed multiplayer weapon but I genuinely can't see it being effective like BF4 suppressors and if you aren't quick on the draw people will see your scope glint anyway. Now, a suppressed Trench Carbine or M1903 Experimental, that would be interesting.
a suppressed autistico could also be funny
Yo does anyone want to play Battlefield 4 at any point, i've got Ariel to play BF1 but no one for 4
The Somme has seriously become my favourite map. It just captures everything about trench warfare I wanted in this game since day 1.
The last good battlefield was bad company 2. Battlefield 3 was the biggest disappointment in the entire series and if I could take the 100 hours I spent playing that rubbish back I would be most gracious.
I'll disagree about Battlefield 3 but BC2 is by far my favorite of the series, I have a ton of good memories of it and honestly it had the best jeeps, wish they'd bring those back and make them worthwhile for more than just C4.
I would've preferred getting a suppressed variant for any of the shorter range rifles. I know sweet spots aren't everything, but it feels a little redundant to have a silencer for a rifle that you'll ideally be using pretty far away from where all the close quarters action will be taking place.
That's not how you spell Battlefield 1. Although I will give you that until BF1, BF3 was my least favorite of the series and a big disappointment. I tolerated it, but there wasn't a lot I liked about it. I was definitely in the minority that liked BF4 from launch, but after launch it eventually grew into everything 3 should have been and more. While I don't necessarily agree, I still think you could make a strong case for BF4 being the best of the series. That said, BC2 was great and I will never forget the classic pre-Frostbite era of Battlefield. Nothing will ever replace BF1942 and BF2 for me. They were games from, and for, a different time.
battlefield pirates was the best
easy on the bold there, friend
BC2 was great before BF3 came out. BF4 was great after it got patched. BF1 has been pretty great the past half year, but ugh DICE please fix movement system. You control like a tank since TUTI strafe and slide nerf. Also who the heck came up with the C93 patrol carbine? It looks great vsually but why put a scope on a weapon that is outclassed by everything beyond 12 meters lol. And uh, technically the suppresed sniper isn't the first, pilot and tanker has some crap suppressed carbine. I don't really know how anyone even benefits from this sniper, like you don't show up on the minimap anymore wothout suppressors. Maybe it will work better when you are long range sniping and you don't wanna alert enemies snoopin around near you?
I still think BF3 had some of the best maps.
Agreed, still don't quite get why DICE didn't put more of them into BF4.
At this point supressed weapons in BF1 are just for the cool factor really.
Must have missed something big if we talk about suppressed guns in BF1 Multi. Did they really add that?
Just a single one.
Posting this here too as I thought it would be interesting to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZsSx6kAi6Y
If they could do something about the shitty FPS I'm having with the game lately it would be swell. I usually can run it normally at 60 but now even with everything turned off I can't get past 20
Wow that looked obnoxious. I'm still not used to Newpunch yet and didn't even notice that my post was bolded.
I bet you think the star wars prequels were the best movies in the entire saga too.
BF3's maps felt like they were scaled down to fit on consoles of the era(360/PS3)
I don't know, Caspian Border feels a lot like St. Quentin's Scar in terms of size. I never played End Game but supposedly it had even bigger maps.
What is Autobalancing? https://imgur.com/nY21ofu Also happened the next game.
Don't know if this has been brought up or not. Do you guys think there's a chance that a BF1 gamemode or some of the changes in BF1 could trickle down to BF4? Personally i'd love to see sliding, and no tacos appearing on the mini map when shooting.
no, way too late now, i mean you can forego the spot the dorito minigame when playing hardcore which is how you should be playing bf4 anyways
Id play 4 more if the bullet velocity was higher than a fastball pitch.
I wish 1 had come before 4 (wow what a sentence) Would have meant probably a better launch
Battlefield games have never, and will never fucking be balanced for hardcore. Even less so in BF1.
Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEjyuddPBPQ
Its gonna be called Battlefield 2.
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