• Battlefield Franchise Megathread V3 - 'Skip to deploy' Edition
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Honestly the Sci-Fi shooter genre is incredibly tiring at this moment and honestly i'm really glad we're not getting one.
Is it though? The only relatively recent sci-fi shooters I can think of are almost all Call of Duty games. The only non-Call of Duty ones I can remember were Planetside 2 and Arma 3 (and I'd say Arma 3 is closer to a modern setting than straight sci-fi since it's near-future and mostly keeps the sci-fi elements subdued). I feel like I'm either having a massive brain fart and forgetting a bunch, or people are overstating how many there really were that weren't Call of Duty instalments.
I really hope it's a full-blown Vietnam Battlefield game, that would be too dope
Titanfall 2, Doom, arguably Wolfenstein, Overwatch, BF1
Well I guess that's where I differed. I was only counting games of a similar style to Battlefield. I don't think it's fair to say "Sci-fi shooters are overplayed, we have Doom/Wolfenstein/Overwatch so a Battlefield 2142 sequel would just be tiring" because they're not really comparable outside of being first person shooters.
Get ready for WW2, boys. https://youtu.be/_dxQKnzAvWY
fuck yes
If that's the takedown animation, I hope it varies. It'll lose its novelty if it does the same thing over and over.
the last time we had a right proper battlefield game set in WW2 was BF1942 it's about damn time
Please have Subs
Please have MG42s that aren't just static emplacements Please have the respective faction service rifles as an all-class weapon Please have good tank mechanics and a bunch of tanks to pick from, there's way too much cool WW2 armor to just get by with the standard mass production ones Please have a bunch of cool experimental and limited production infantry weapons I've barely/never heard of, everybody already knows what the MP-40 does anyway Please have the P-47 Thunderbolt and let it have the 8 M2 .50 cal machineguns, it's way too cool to miss out on Please have AT guns like the 7.5cm Pak 40 and the 8.8cm Flak 36 and have 'em be good Please have a War Story in Finland
Was leaving the HUD on an intentional thing? Kinda funny that there's this guy in your face with SQUAD SPAWN ON YOU +20 right there as well
plot twist, hes a russian whos choking you out for taking one step back
That's actually the guy spawning on you
Health in the middle? I know it's not who invented it but all the battle royale games have it like that nowadays so I won't be surprised if they announce a battle royale mode, too. Also, everyone seems to be excited about WW2 but just like with COD WW2 I got tired of this era years ago. Still, I prefer the gameplay of BF to COD so maybe if it looks good I might get it later.
I liked 1's brutal as hell takedowns. Kicking someone on their back and smashing their skull with a club was horrific shit.
Dice hasn't done a good WW2 Battlefield game since the original Battlefield 1942 It's loooooooong overdue and I am so excited. I just hope to god that the B17 Flying Fortress, Katyusha, and huge variety of tanks are in-game. I'd imagine they probably will be if BF1 is any indicator. You could buy different 'kits' for tank types that changed their playstyle I wouldn't be surprised if they had 'types' like Tank Destroyers, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, and Heavy Tanks and then when you spawn you can choose from a selection of unlocked faction specific tanks of that type. God please have the KV-2 with the 152mm cannon
future/modern is a boring and overdone setting in this day and age. glad to see that BF is sticking with history for a while longer.
Hope they do more city maps. Amiens and Prise de Tahure are arguably the two best maps in BF1 imo.
I hope DICE cover the pacific side of WW2. The last good WW2 game that focus on the USMC/Japanese Empire that i remember was COD WAW.
Stalingrad 1942 best map
My hype level just increased tenfold. It feels like there hasn't been a proper large scale ww2 game since Red Orchestra 2 and that was seven friggin' years ago. I'm hoping for a lot more smaller villages where every window is a possible MG/sniper nest. Cities tend to feel like facades when you know what buildings can and can't be entered.
Make every building enter-able, problem solved.
Boy, you should do yourself a favour and get Rising Storm.
Hello Vietnam dude here just popping in to say I'm glad its WW2 and not something like pre-ww1 that would be shit also saying god i hope theres actual swastikas
War Stories are already confirmed to be returning.
Intense cancer
Please have portable MG42's that don't shoot at 650 RPM like a certain other recent WW2 title.
I'm gonna stay at a reasonable distance of BF5, if I see the slightest sign of lootboxes I fucking bail.
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