• Battlefield Franchise Megathread V3 - 'Skip to deploy' Edition
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pls move dreadnaught!!!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9RGUomjep4&feature=youtu.be Confirmed.
They Shall Not Pass DLC is free on all platforms for the next two weeks
http://sebastiangr.us/bf/bf1_003.mp4 Nerf cavalry pls
I know it technically was a weapon during the war (Technically), but I feel like the Annihilator being added is a massive hint towards BF5
I want to get back into playing the game more often but all the gamemodes I like never have any servers up, the server browser is 90% conquest (which i don't like because it's too clusterfucky) 5% operations (which is also too clusterfucky, and 40 player ones are non-existent), and 2 or 3 random domination or team deathmatch servers which are always +4 queue
40-man operations were straight-up removed
We are getting it back in the form of Shock Ops though. Because the BAR A2 and mosin M38 being in the files weren't a huge hint already? :v Or that one dice devs artstation pic of a fully textured PPSH.
sorry WW2 i'm on the BC3 train now
You know, those weapons would kinda make sense for vietnam actually.. Oh god, maybe we got baited, oh no.
i hope it's not vietnam because rising storm 2 does a better job at it than battlefield ever did.
The Annihilator doesn't even have its codex entry laaame
Never Be the Same This is it boys, we're getting a trailer in 13 days. All credits go to the BFEE discord server, they were the ones who discovered this.
Bleh, seems like the class balance is gonna be the same as BF4 according to leaks. So once again, Medic class is gonna be the superior choice 90% of the time.
Don't believe the leaks, the leaker is an attention-whore manchild who was scammed by AlmightyDaq, hell it's confirmed that BF2018 will be live-service yet that guy says it's keeping the Premium.
nothing is more infuriating than an operations match where the entire enemy team is basically a swarm of medics that constantly rez each other to capture/hold points. youd have K/D of 100-13 but still lose because you cant put them down fast enough.
I haven't played since the first half of turning tides but holy shit is zeebruge the dumbest fucking map if you're attacking. Like what's the point of giving them a destroyer if it just gets annihilated the second it spawns
Heck the torpedo boats are even worse lol. Coastal guns one shot them. If I'm on attack, I just swim all the way to A and cap it.
man, i want to like them all but everytime i play Caporetto its a shitfest
Turning Tides is great, but the fact that destroyers fear the fuck out of torp boats instead of the other way around is objectively retarded.
I normally only see people using melee weapons on horseback, but I found out that using your rifle and functioning as a dragoon is also pretty effective.
the amount of times i've been sniped across the map from a rider sitting on the horse is unbelievable
yeah honestly since IRL before the class became Destroyers they were known as Torpedo Boat Destroyers. The whole design philosophy was to destroy torpedo boats
Not being ironic here, but DDs should seriously one-shot torp boats while also having torpedoes have their ranges nerfed to 100m or less. Add an initial spawn reload too to remove that cancerous spawn torp spam on Heligoland Bight. You should be shitting yourself if you saw a big ass bote while being in a small ass bote, not make the big bote 180 the fuck away from your small bote as if you're fucking Yamato lol
I just think there's too many torpedo boats, since they're the main water transport it makes being a destroyer in open waters like playing a bullet-hell game.
Anybody know how to fix the bug where the game won't launch?
Are there any fixes for this shitload of CPU use i am getting for the game. Last time i tried the demo it wasn't this bad.
Battlefield 1 was like 60% off so I got it. Having a lot of fun! Nowhere near Bad Company 1 or 2, but still great. Wish there was an active Standard Issue Rifles server. Maybe cause the only other shooter I play is Rising Storm 2 but that's what I'm really looking for
Haven't been able to run this game at more than 15 FPS for a while now. I just quit playing because of it
huh, didn't know they added new bombers for the Brits and Ottomans/Austro-Hungarians
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