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Played this game a [B]long[/B] time ago. I remember it not being 24/7 and opening at 4pm my time.
Any Screenshots or what not?
Holy shit a bump. Holy shit I posted in this thread! [img]http://images.wikia.com/habbo/en/images/0/0f/CokeStudios.png[/img]
Holy shit, I haven't played this since early Highschool
holy shit it looks exactly like habbo, but with better style/looks the fact that it doesn't take "credits" to get furniture would be an instant play for me if it were still open.
i remember creating many many new emails so i could make accounts, then i bought shit with the starter money and my friend helped me transfer the items to my main account. good times
I use to play the shit out of this. My teenage years....I miss those.
This was so fun. I remember playing it more than habbo (I started Habbo when they still only had the original .co.uk suffix; 2002-2003?) mostly because it was free. Remember dem minigames?
I played this as a teen, as well, it was the fucking shit I remember getting paid a lot by joining random populated rooms and playing the same fucking CD my entire Cokelife (my song made it to the top 50 charts one month) Then I made my own maze rooms, I think I had around 20 interconnected rooms before I stopped Man, I fucking loved doing mazes in that game, I'd love to build mazes again
Holy shit this game takes me back..
used to love this game, so many hours wasted but i guess it built character or something
Wonder why this shut down.. the servers were always full.
Is anyone working on a private server? i spent years playing this game it was the best!
[QUOTE=Overloaded;35241697]Is anyone working on a private server? i spent years playing this game it was the best![/QUOTE] Posted on the first page, this is the farthest pservers have gone. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEvq4rlg228[/url]
[QUOTE=ddsn;20787426]Wasnt Coke Music like Habbo Hotel? [editline]08:01PM[/editline] i think i played it[/QUOTE] Coke Music ran off of an edited Habbo Hotel engine. I used to have a Pinball Machine, tons of gongs, decently rich. Pins used to be the most valuable rare if I remember correctly. I'm searching for the image, it's a Coke Music person on a non edited room floor, essentially the basic habbo floor. It's green iirc. I'll find it eventually. Also, the Coke Music furniture were all .cct files, which is what Habbo uses. If you had a private Habbo client, you could upload the Coke Music .ccts and be able to place them in your room.
I remember this.. I was much younger back then, and this game was the bomb.
[url]http://cokephase.com/[/url] Playable Coke Music / Coke Studios game client. Redevelopment of the game MyCoke can be tracked on the website.
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