• Vehicles??
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What will we get for vehicles? Will we get car from rust? Will we get some custom ones? Or same as gmod?
They've already tested a deathmatch game mode and they seem to be a creative team so I wouldn't surprised if they demoed a vehicle module. Even if they do not decide to create a vehicle example pallet for players to demo and customize it's bound to be created by the community anyways.
Damn, I didn't think about that, trains would be awesome.
There should be a death race gamemode
hell any vehicle race gamemode would be great, gmod racing died for some reason
Probably because of Source handling. Hopefully it can start to come back thanks to the invention of simfphys
pleas do mad max death races
great opportunity to do vehicles right from the start. Source vehicles have always been bit dodgy.
hehe, you might just be in luck tbh
Will destruction of vehicles like in BeamNG be possible I know it was possible in source I think.
to a degree yes. there is a video on youtube with next car game/wreckfest like crash physics. (and like alot of the really cool gmod demonstration videos its now lost in time) but realtime physics is probably too much so thats about as much
If you want to code it, it's possible.
Could this be it?
Will we finally be able to define more than four wheels for vehicles?
The game probably doesn't even have vehicles yet haha
Yet. I wonder is constraints lag as much as they did in source, if at all?
Nah. Source has not been updated in forever unless you count new games like CSGO and Dota. It was meant to run on the potatoes you pull out the ground, which it does well. But that means less complex calculations. That's where Unreal will differ for S&box. Astronomically more modern code. Things are going to run buttery smooth unless a Facepunch developer fucks something up which is unlikely because they are experienced.
How many faces need to be punched before one gains enough experience to not fuck something up?
Fuckups always gonna happen. Just less frequent and of less severity.
How is it that trains in almost every AAA game are indestructible in every way (given a few exceptions)?
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