• Early Access and Progress.
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Will there be early access? Do I have to pay for access? And how many percent fulfilled ?
It's a prototype
Are you serious? 800 euros is about 52 thousand rubles
That's not euro that's a pound. £800 = €906 Also yeah, it's a price that you know youtubers can afford but normal people can't, if you search for videos you can see this super rich guy called "Layla" also known as Michael Johnson that makes these parody videos using S&box.
I'd rather wait for the release, if it's sterling, then it's 83 thousand rubles.I will either renew this PC with this money or just live on it
It's not actually 800 pounds, that's just a joke one of the devs made. I don't think it's up for sale for any price at this point, it's still in very early development.
Iphone x is cheaper than S&box in pounds
Joke managed to go way over your head. I can't even see it anymore.
It's over here look WOOSH too slow, maybe next time.
I meant if you buy it in America from England I think it is
Stop being so damn impatient. Wait a few years.
i want my gmod 2 and i want it now!
Luckly for you, Gmod 13 has been out for 5 years! Why settle with Gmod 2 when you can have 11 more?!
woah nice thanks
Let's collect the money download it and let somebody crack it.
or we can make a kickstarter so a youtuber can play it! this way everyone can enjoy it /s
I am garry's mod, a large server operator in Korea. I'm excited about your garry's mod sequel and I'd like to play the sequel faster than anyone else. I will wait for your email. leejgnfyol@naver.com
I know this is English Community but I need to tell him something in Korean. 좀 쪽팔리게;; 영어 좀 읽고 쓰지?
pleasure to meet you Mr. Garry's mod.
For server owners you need to purchase the server license, of course it won't be free and to obtain it at the current state of development you will have to pay roughly £800 which is about ₩1,170,000. 서버 라이센스를 구매해야하는 서버 소유자는 물론 무료가 아니며 현재 개발 단계에서이를 얻으려면 £ 800 또는 약 1,170,000 원 정도를 지불해야합니다.
*Just downloading the game is 800 euros not playing or developing
Ubre, the joke master of the Facepunch Forums
I think for this kind of game an early access would be hard. Because people download the game, completely disregard that its in early access then spam messages to the the devs saying shit is broken instead of submitting a bug report. And with a game where physics and stuff is so fundamental there is bound to be some issues. I think if there were to be an Early access it would most likely just be a standalone build posted on the forum in a zip file level 3 and up so that the majority of people testing it would be part of the forum and interested in providing feedback. I happen to think we have quite a nice community here. Especially in the discord.
I'm doubting the early access will be that open for "kids" to join in. And they are also useful at reporting glitches and bugs, because who else is going to spend 12 hours posing ragdolls so they have sex with each other then weld the bed on top of a badly made robot to fight zombies? That's how you discover bugs and glitches.
I get what you are saying. But what I mean is they generally don't get its Early Alpha and complain about the game being shitty and poorly optimized. And usually they just bitch and whine, leave bad reviews etc instead of submitting reports. And then they go and start spam emailing the devs.
I guess you don't have a lot of experience with Facepunch developers and moderators, make a complain post and you get banned, send them an email and you get banished to the shadow dimension .
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