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Ruin, previously names Moss is a medieval sword & sorcery fantasy game, built using the systems we developed for Rust.
I'll be blunt, it seems very similar to Skyrim. Will Ruin have any features or elements to set it apart from what's already been done?
<h2>Awaiting the playable alpha </h2>
This looks amazing, I have been waiting for the next Rust and here it is.
Better be good coz im hype!!!!
Looking forward to this.
Wow, it looks amazing! Can't wait for it!
i just love how they removed the auroras from rust but added them here. /s
cool and good ,also please add tameable catgirls
i support this notion. fingers crossed. I love Rust don't get me wrong but i, as well as many others would love to have a little variety especially if its core game mechanics were that of Rust. So many possibilities. magic would be cool too. again fingers crossed.
The #hype is real i wanna be a vampire and eat nakeds ;)
Oh, cant wait to test this game now! I hope soon to be on close beta for us !
a question I have for the devs: will the game have combat similar to the one in mordhau/chivalry or more like skyrim ?
I think this game wouldn't be more medieval if we didn't have mermaids swimming in the ocean, you could possibly make them hostile or tame them? If you kill them you could get the pearls and what mermaids carry.
I would love to see dragons become more than just some emotionless drone that attacks from above like the Rust helicopter; it should have more fighting abilities than just the traditional fire, like biting, clawing, and maybe if you get too close you enter a minigame where you are eaten, and you have to cut your way out. I haven't seen any game company implement a system like that before, and I would love to see it happen!
We need some of them Tre-Bu-Shaes and Castle Doraleous as a City
What about like an water wheel to produce some kind of energy so we could make stuff in the game like crush the ore so we could make armor or melees weapons
Well, when are we going to get a Ruin Discord? Should I make one?
I'm so excited about that game I hope it will be better than rust.
how do we get chosen to test the game? I think this game could be great but relying on Rust mechanics might not be best if you want Ruin to be enjoyable.
Thanks guys for the confirmation and choosing a nice name after all ! Short and to the point. Love it Cant wait to try it out
You might need to take more into consideration about solo players because if not it will be so one sided just like rust and be over run by clans. And its so cancer to get started i also hope there isnt things like blue prints because that system is aids to it makes games so grindy and you need to play hours upon end to even get a good start. but having things like jobs and stuff for solos so they are having fun to. the game could get boring very quickly......
Would love to have some Mount & Blade style combat, but am honestly excited for whatever this ends up becoming! Good luck team, and thanks for the screenshots
i just hope it turns out to be half as good as we hope
Looking forward to seeing more of this.
Dew it
could you pin this post? Lots of people asking for more info about the game on new threads ): thanks!
Pumped for this game! Love Rust and the medieval theme so those mixed would be great! Hopefully FP can succeed where Reign of Kings crashed and burned!
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