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Hello, i beleive that many people here cannot own a snowmobile because they dont live in an adapted area or simply because they are in the middle of a city and dont own a trailer, but i was curious about who loves snowmobile like i do. What kind of snowmobile are you driving? Spit it up if you own these machine. :smile: I own a Formula MX 92 with a Formula Plus 582cc 2-stroke Rotax engine, used to be a 470cc stock its actually new since it blew up 2 years ago because i was stuck on area with no deep snow, so it overheated and the cylinder took a hard hit, it costed me 800$ to repair it with 2 new piston. My snowmobile is heavy, about 400 lbs, so it can be hard to lift up the snowmobile with its stock in deep snow, but it remain a quick and solid sled. Anyway, ive just completed the maintenance, and here is a video of the first start since last years. Ready to go. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YsL8IPvOMY&feature=channel_video_title[/media] Contribution is appreciated. Im curious.
2005 A/C T660 Turbo. [IMG]http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee46/MaImpala/IMG_5753.jpg[/IMG] 93 Polaris Indy 500 [IMG]http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee46/MaImpala/IMG_3767.jpg[/IMG] Also have a 97 A/C Pantera 600 Long track. (Not my Picture) [img]http://www.bosscatlegacy.com/acproto/production2/97pantera580efi_001.jpg[/img]
Nice, i got a friend who owned a T660, great machine.
its really nice, The power when the turbo spools is just insane. but it sucks trying to rip around the trails. a 660 Four stroke + a Turbo makes The bitch super front heavy. Rides like your on rails, but turns like a bus. The 600 Long track keeps up fairly well till u hit 90MPH, which isnt often when your on forest trails here, so its by far my favourite. Less back strain too when the trails get really beat up. But it needs a new clutch, Not completely sure wats wrong but getting Major slippage, and the clutch rattles like a bitch when your cruisin between 35-50mph.
I wish i could get a better track, i spend most of my time off road, since i have to pay 180$ per years to acess snwomobile trail, 320$ for newer model, here in quebec, except the trail network is HUGE, it cover the whole region. I still get on trail illegaly but i cannot pass tru cops campement.
It's $125 for the "Snoman" (Snowmobile Manitoba) Pass here. But its also legal to Ditchbang for the most part here too.
125$ for any model and anywhere? I now hate quebec even more, fuck those atrocious tax and corrupted goverment. No chance i can escape a cops with their racing sled.
Yup. $125 gets you on the trails period, no matter the sled. and in 3 years I've yet to even come accross a Cop on the trails, so they aren't patrolled too well either. Though I do have a Club membership For The Whiteshell provincial park's Snowmobile Club as it helps fund The Grooming equipment for that area but it only costs 20$.
They wont really patrol here, but there is a bunch of cops camp with a gate, if they spot you using the trail, then turn back to go away, they will likely run after you. Yet still waiting to snow to fall so i can finnaly use my sled and go alpine skiing.
I used to have a 08 arctic cat 900 till I got into an accident and broke 2 vertebrete. Now I just ride my 99 ski doo 500 every now and again.
Snow storm happened yesterday, could finaly test my sled, works great.
Hows the snowmobiling out in Quebec ALX? Just got out for the first time today - lakes still have open water due to the high temps, and there's not all THAT much snow on the trails here. Sucked bad compared to the last 3 years but I've seen worse.
I don't own one yet, sadly there's so much goddamn snow where I live, probably going to buy one next year. But then again, next winter I may end up being a Police officer on snow mobile trails, so driving around with tax payers money :v:
I'm Currently eyeing up a MINT 07' A/C F1000 SnoPro for 5500 but I'm wondering how she'd ride on these rough trails being a Performance sled. As it is the T660 is a Touring machine - and long rides hurt my back. But the 1000 is like 50 lbs lighter and 30 more HP....
[QUOTE=FoxDonuT;34202080]Hows the snowmobiling out in Quebec ALX? Just got out for the first time today - lakes still have open water due to the high temps, and there's not all THAT much snow on the trails here. Sucked bad compared to the last 3 years but I've seen worse.[/QUOTE] The trail are pretty crappy this years for now, its very windy this years, so the powder get pushed away and the frozen mud is hard to the suspension, at least in open area. But theres mountain everywhere, they have plenty of snow since october, but down here, snow appeared in december, i could reach the montain if i had a trailer. But its acceptable, for now im having fun speeding and jumping in the golf course, sometime i will illegaly use the trail and avoid cops camp. Yet it was also much better the last 5 years. Is it pretty windy on your area?
Not so much the wind - the flat out lack of snowfall this year. hell until last week I could still see the grass on my lawn (which We would normal have like 3 feet of snow this time of year)
I got like 1 meter on my lawn. I dare you to race with that sled. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_2F_WWGkBc[/media]
Last winter i went to a snowmobile hill climb in upstate newyork, jesus some of those sleds are fast as fuck.
That sled is retarded. holy crap!
I live in Minnesota and I have yet to own one of these.. Man do i want one.
I'm sure if my state had any snow then I would probally invest in a snowmobile. Damn Mississippi :( Dirtbikes are always fun though.
Bit the bullet and put a Deposit on some sleds. Me and my buddy buying a set of 06' T660 ST Turbos. Got em both for 10,500 but they both have some accessories and what not on em. Guy selling bought em to ride with his wife, but he was diagnosed w/ Cancer so they have bout 600 Miles (1000KM) on the odometer.. [img]http://imgc.classistatic.com/cps/kjc/120206/749r1/7215ieg_20.jpeg[/img]
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