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Really bad ass youtube channel, check him out. His videos are all about Urban Exploration. [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/TheUnknownCameraman[/url]
Looks like a new one just got uploaded a few hours ago too...
Doesn't this guy have a Facepunch account? I recall this link being posted before. :v:
[QUOTE=Lost_n_found;34363754]Just watched a few videos, absolutely sick stuff! Mostly Jersey but good locations I never seen before. Looks like a new one just got uploaded a few hours ago too.[/QUOTE] C'mon don't be shy, it's awesome
<--- = UC . couldn't get into my old account. thanks, glad you think so.
Btw, if anyone is looking get involved or even help build up a more organized urbex forum that is also only visible to registered users, feel free to sign up and start posting at [url]http://PointOfEntry.org/[/url] If your state, region, or country is not listed yet, I will make it, and make mod whoever posts the first set in a new state/country. I am open to suggestions for different groups and categories and overall layout so just let me know. But hey, you should still post stuff on facepunch :wink:
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