• [Interactive] Zerg Quest
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If you have played an interactive, you should understand the universal rules that apply to all interactive's: Request the next move. If people like your request for what the character does next, they'll vote a tick. If not, a cross. You are the brood mother Te'Jee. created by the Queen of Blades to help develop the swarm. Now she is de-infested and the brood mothers have scattered. You took your brood abroad the stars on a wounded Leviathan to the wasteland known as Besilus. But as you landed in the planets widest canyon the Leviathan died. Now the hive cluster has started, with but a single Hatchery and an Extractor set up, and Drones scurry to and from it and a cluster of minerals. On the other side of the planet was a settlement with a light garrison of Dominion troops. You watch the Larvae hatch from their eggs, with two quickly cocooning themselves, one will become a Drone for a spawning pool, while the other will become an Overlord to allow for the rest of your brood. What will the Te'Jee brood do next? [NOTE: Dominion garrison does not known of your prescience, nor do you know of theirs.] Picture for basic layout of your hive (minus buildings, drones, etc. It's a flavour map for the mere purpose of this thread.) [IMG]http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/1350/zerg1v.png[/IMG]
Make a spawning pool and continue to expand the creep with creep colonies.
[Note: My brother, who owns the 'Wolfius' account, is currently at school. I will be holding the interactive down until 3 PM when he finishes.] The drone hatches shortly before the Overlord, and within moments, has begun the process of becoming a spawning pool not too far from the hatchery. The larvae, which has replenished itself to a total of four, immediately begin turning into zerglings as the spawning pool finishes it's construction. Te'Jee goes to the edge of the creep and deposits a tumour at each end, allowing the hive more space with which to expand. Shortly after this the zerglings hatch. The planet may have indigenous lifeforms that have adapted to the heat, perhaps sending some zerglings to scout out both ends of the canyon might yield possible DNA samples? [IMG]http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7815/zerg2.png[/IMG]
Thanks bro. So yeah, I'll be getting back to learning now.
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