• What Hardware is Needed for Pro Tools!?
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I know you'll say I should check the website but I've seriously looked on it forever and they fail to spell out why my pro tools keeps telling me it can't find digidesign hardware and then just closes. I've heard tons of different responses like I need an M-box or an m-audio midi. If anybody knows what's actually required, please help, thanks.
If you don't know what this means you probably ripped pro tools. To use pro tools you need an M audio phantom powered fast track so you can record without latency. They made this because people need to play without lag so they are on time and also to get money off of people who rip the program. The cheapest I know of is around $100 and I suggest one cause they also work with any other recording program.
I did rip it but now I'm asking for it for Christmas as I deleted it. Also do you know if a midi made by another company works? Or do they only let you use an m-audio one.
No they made their own brand so they actually make money cause so many people download it. Right now I'm trying to figure out if This works with Cubase which is a much better program because it has more and better VST's for drums and is compatable with other programs like fruity loops but I don't know if it does because Cubase might have their own thing.
Actually yeah I'm gonna try to get Cubase I really need some better drums. I actually ripped Cubase and couldn't get it to work, so I'm praying that buying the actual program will work.
yeah I guess the m audio does work so I suggest picking one up. It doesn't really matter because the cheap ones are the same, just less imputs and some don't pick up bass well.
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