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With everyone else hopping on the region chat bandwagon, I noticed there wasn't one for New England. So I made one. [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3d/New_England_USA_closeup.svg/400px-New_England_USA_closeup.svg.png[/IMG] [B][U]Some background stuff:[/U][/B] New England is composed of these six states all squished together in the northeastern-most corner of the USA. Plymouth county, which is that little hook on the eastern half of Massachusetts we call Cape Cod, was one of the first English settlements in the entire country, alongside the Virginia Colony in present-day Jamestown, VA. The states of New England have been very prominent throughout the history of America, and remains one of the biggest sources of history and culture this country has to offer. [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/FranconiaRidgeTrail.jpg[/IMG][B][U] Geography:[/U][/B] New England's geography varies a bit from state to state, but consists mostly of long, rolling hills, tall mountains and quite the jagged coastline. New Hampshire is home to the tallest mountain in the Northeast, Mount Washington. Weather patterns can be pretty erratic (Like last year, when we got three feet of snow in October and then one or two light flurries throughout all of Winter), but usually consist of mild/warm Summers and cold Winters. [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/20/VMSMA1.JPG/460px-VMSMA1.JPG[/IMG] [B][U]Economy:[/U][/B] Many of New England's exports are industrial in nature, such as specialized machinery and weapons. Computer technology and electronics, and even granite makes up a good portion of what is produced in the region, but its food exports are also very popular. Fish, lobster, cranberries, potatoes (Mostly from Maine), and maple syrup can always be found here. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1c/Deval_2.jpg/220px-Deval_2.jpg[/img] [B][U]Politics:[/U][/B] New England is one of the most liberal regions in the entire country. New Hampshire (Leaning Republican) and Maine ("Competitive") are the only two states that tip the balance, even if just slightly. Rhode Island and Maine are the only two states that still don't allow same-sex marriage, and New Hampshire, while having not executed anyone since 1939, is the only state that still has the death penalty. Also, that guy above is Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, and a damn good one at that. [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/21/Fenway_Park.jpg/800px-Fenway_Park.jpg[/IMG] [B][U]Sports:[/U][/B] Basketball and volleyball were both invented in Massachusetts, which is also home to the oldest ballpark in the USA, Fenway Park. New England is home to many famous sports teams of all kinds, such as the Boston Red Sox (Baseball), the New England Patriots (American Football), the Boston Celtics (Basketball), the Boston Bruins (Hockey), the New England Revolution (Soccer/Football in other countries), and the Boston Cannons (Lacrosse). So, whether you're from Massachusetts (Like me), Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine, come on in and chat! If you don't live in the region, but you want to know more about it, feel free to ask some questions!
Reporting in from New Hampshire, although I'll be a Bostonian come September: Boston University Class of 2016 :3
Western MAer here, and on the border with NH, so I get the benefits of legal gay marriage and decriminalized cannabis, but with the no sales tax, low liquor tax, and fireworks of NH.
Was born in Boston, lived in Brooklyn until I was about 13, live in Pennsylvania now. Sucks man.
New Hampshire, best Hampshire, no doubt.
Just call me Mr. Boscawen New Hampshire
From Southern Maine yessuh
Went to Boston, good city. Way too many Donkin' Donuts.
Western Mass resident reporting in. Right next to UMASS and Amherst College.
Southern(ish) Maine here. No good ISPs. Only trees.
wow more new hampshire people here than i thought. i live in nashua though so for nh it's a big city and it's also on the border with massachusetts, always funny when they come up here to shop (NO SALES TAX BITCHES). have a picture of the mall at the south end of town that has half it's parking lot in another state (north of the red line is new hampshire south of it is massachusetts). [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11517902/mall.png[/img]
Maine has more Stephen King monsters per square foot than anyplace else.
[QUOTE=Teh Zip File;36011465]Southern(ish) Maine here. No good ISPs. Only trees.[/QUOTE] And mosquitoes.
Cape Cod represent! My new favorite thread. [editline].[/editline] Next time anyone is near Boston, be sure to stop by Kelly's. [img]http://www.kellysroastbeef.com/images/MElogo.png[/img] My favorite burgers of all time.
Awww yeeee Boston
I love New England. I wish I lived there. I envy y'all.
Taunton, Massachusetts here. Nothing much to speak of except for a mall..... some historic things here and there. Oh and we're most likely going to get a resort-style casino built in town! yay? [img]http://www.wbur.org/files/2012/04/0426_taunton-mashpee.jpg[/img]
i'm moving to Massachusetts next year
[QUOTE=FKop_Dragon;36011804]And mosquitoes.[/QUOTE] And ticks. Lots of ticks. Pretty much every time my dog even gets [I]close[/I] to the woods she gets at least one tick.
Amherst New Hampshire here, And I just turned down Fenway tickets Also New England is better than old England etc
Don't forget to grab your daily cup of Dunkins, fellow New Englanders! Have a good day.
I'm heading up to Leomenster this morning to help my Mom sell some stuff at a psychic faire. You guys ever seen those commercials with that guy talking about his car dealership "In the little town of Mendon!"? Well, my Dad met him once, and he told the guy that he's from "The little town of Hopedale!".
[QUOTE=jaredop;36012653]Amherst New Hampshire here, And I just turned down Fenway tickets Also New England is better than old England etc[/QUOTE] Oh, you are from the other Amherst. Good to see you here :dance:
[QUOTE=Grasp;36016138]Oh, you are from the other Amherst. Good to see you here :dance:[/QUOTE] And just like there's a Newton Mass., there [I]is[/I] another Newton. I've had plenty of trouble with administrative people confusing the two.
Well, we didn't really sell anything, but we still had a good time. Also, I edited my previous post, turns out we went to Leomenster instead. So, you guys enjoying the heat? Because I'm not. I want it to start raining and getting cold again!
North-central Connecticut, here. Love New England. Can't imagine ever living anywhere else.
Ugh that's why I've been so down lately, it's been warm. God I hate the warm, hopefully it'll snow tomorrow, knowing New Hampshire.
[QUOTE=Lordgeorge16;36019674] So, you guys enjoying the heat? Because I'm not. I want it to start raining and getting cold again![/QUOTE] I love the heat until it gets mid-summer, then I've had enough sweating and want to lay in the snow. Then mid-winter, I'll want it to be warm again. But before that, Fall comes and I'll have the bike trails almost all to myself and other locals, and we won't have to deal with getting hot and the temptation of stopping by the ice cream shop linked to the trail.
Went to Rockport yesterday (it's a family tradition; every Memorial Day weekend we go up with my grandmother to plant flowers at our great-grandparents' graves, then walk around in the touristy parts of Rockport). Holy shit, I thought Route 24 was the worst highway in Massachusetts...... once Interstate 95 splits from Route 128 north of Boston, the remainder of Route 128 is terrible. I've never seen on-ramps with stop signs before.
i drive on 128 every day its pretty terrible yeah
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