• Gas-Operated Semi-Auto SPAS-12 Project
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I am also gonna try and make it there, if nothing else than for a shotgun meetup.
[QUOTE=catbarf;37123611] Kath, you should definitely try to make it out to HC4. It goes from morning to pretty late at night so you definitely get your money's worth, and while the day portion is a fairly standard op (except for the presence of CDC Science Team Alpha, which is us guys), the zombie portion at night is extremely atmospheric (spooky woods, tiki torches providing light, zombies getting in character) and definitely a fun time.[/QUOTE] I'll see. I live out in Schenectady so it's kind of hard to get a ride as I can't drive yet. (Lazy)
[QUOTE=notrabies;37124534]I am also gonna try and make it there, if nothing else than for a shotgun meetup.[/QUOTE] you can be a science team security officer with catgut and protect me while I do [I]SCIENCE[/I]
It was posted in another thread but just to keep everything in the same place: [img]http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l296/catbarf/Airsoft/100_0219.jpg[/img] Just a few more things left to do, and lots of tests and adjustment to make sure it works properly every time.
i am infinite jelly
Why the hell doesn't any manufacturers giving making a decent SPAS-12 a go? For me its one of the most famous and most attractive shotguns ever and its a shame I've only seen a decent one that is produced by Tokyo Marui. I give your SPAS 12 a 10/10 Would fuck.
where's the video demonstration? we need you to... SHOOOOOOOOT HAAAAH! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HAAAAAAH!
I'm gonna try to get a video tomorrow, my stepbrother makes FreddieW-esque videos using airsoft guns and should be able to help out, the only concern is the weather is supposed to be terrible. In any case, I'll see what I can do. While the action works smoothly, the power seems to be a little weak in my admittedly limited tests, so doing some outdoor testing before recording should give me a good idea of whether it needs to be altered.
Video video video!
[QUOTE=jomt1234;37251237]Video video video![/QUOTE] Hes on vacation for a week
Oh.. Video video video! :dance:
I too can't wait. I was deciding on the tm spas or m110, but if this works great I can have both in a way.
Since I'm back, I'm going to do what I can to make a video tomorrow before I leave for [i]another[/i] week Monday.
Make sure you shoot a velociraptor.
It is done. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_atCQWgSao&feature=plcp[/media]
Can't rate enough winner.
ur my hero
Have my babies.
man that would be fun to skirmish with
[QUOTE=YCheez;37314289]man that would be fun to skirmish with[/QUOTE] Well, probably not too much fun if it's getting stuck every other shot and the shells are getting lost everywhere. But I'm working on it, and the bulk of the task is done, it's just down to tweaking and replacing worn parts.
Oh my God. Gun is fucking amazing 10/10 Would Fuck
No Jurassic Park reference 0/10 would not fuck. just joshin fuck that thing is sexy.
[QUOTE=Wulfram;37315769]No Jurassic Park reference 0/10 would not fuck.[/QUOTE] last line of the description
[QUOTE=catbarf;37315940]last line of the description[/QUOTE] I only watched the embedded version. You're good to fuck now.
I would make alts just to rate you winner more.
Its worth watching again just to see the captions youtube came up with.
later today I am going to every orphanage in a 100 mile radius to adopt every kid and make then create an account just to rate that "Winner"
[QUOTE=notrabies;37323792]Its worth watching again just to see the captions youtube came up with.[/QUOTE] I agree. [img]http://gyazo.com/8926594eeb047afbc347028da69997bb.png?1345479219[/img]
The jamming issue has been solved through a strip of electrical tape and few drops of superglue. Put four full mag tubes through it with just one stoppage, due to the shell doors being worn down as I mentioned in the video. I'm ordering a replacement for those through UNCompany and will soon have the project completed. I would post a firing video, but I'm currently in the airport about to embark on another trip. Expect to be hearing that lovely ka-chunk ka-chunk again Saturday or thereabouts.
Please present the whole thing to an airsoft manufacturer. PLEEEEEAAAASSE
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