• CYMA CM048 AK74 Review
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Hokae. I saw some people ask for a review of this gun in another thread, and theres also absolutely zero good reviews anywhere else online, so here it goes. So Here's the gun (obviously yours will be shiny and new with cheap orangy-red chinese wood stain, but its easy to restain wood so nbd) [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/IMG_31021.JPG[/img] [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/IMG_31031.JPG[/img] Its a VFC/Real Steel style take down, so all you need to take it apart is a phillips screw driver, a hammer, and a metal punch of some sort Its all steel and real wood. The only pot metal part that I know of is the rear sight block. You have to be careful with the sight block. Mine broke, so my rear sight is JB Welded on [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/IMG_31041.JPG[/img] The area circle in green is the part that likes to break [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/IMG_31051.JPG[/img] The hop up is actually really good. Its a full metal hop up and there should be no need to replace it or any part of it besides a new bucking after a while. [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/IMG_3106.JPG[/img] I'm too lazy to open up the gearbox and take pictures, but its just the standard black CYMA gearbox On the plus side its got: a metal ball bearing spring guide the piston seems sound and durable nice steel gears and the motor is actually quite good On the down side: the stock spring is WAY too heavy. Replace immediately the piston head works fine, but it's nothing to get exited about - probly replace with a ported one with bearings the cylinder head isnt the greatest but it works for now its got a cheap clear plastic air nozzle that you might want to replace Cheap brass cylinder. but it works fine All in all it actually gets good compression I'm not going to bother you with pointless grouping shots. What counts is that it has an effective range of around 180 ft. and its quite possible to hit a man sized target at 200 ft. Overall, the build quality is excellent, theres no wobbles or creaks its completely solid. It had great accuracy and range. Out of the box all it needs is to have the spring replaced with something lower powered (an M100 or M110 would probably be best) Also the 8.4v battery it comes with is a little underpowered, so I recommend a 9.6v. Crane stock or nun-chuck type batteries work best If I left anything out feel free to ask. post criticism, comments, questions, whatever
Your AK is fucking SEXY.
this makse gay 4 me and u
@deathmog Thank you. Its my baby. I looked at a shitton of Russian military photos to get ideas of how to make it. @W0w00t Umm...thanks?
I normally hate ak74's with a passion But all i can say is [MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iZOmjLrFMs[/MEDIA]
You did a fantastic job on the weathering. Looks good bro. [editline]7th July 2011[/editline] oh yeah nice review too :v:
my penis is hard for dat wood
Danke for all the compliments
Awesome job. :dance: I considered that gun, but the FPS was too high, and I have never opened a gun so I didn't want to open it up right after buying it. In my opinion, it has the best wood on any AK I've seen in the Airsoft world.
For the record, I keep coming back in here to drool over it.
Haha well thank you. Yours too will someday look like this
Sexy. I really want a wood AK now.
I can only hope. Just without wood.
Kman you can get a wood kit for it down the line.
That's true. But I wanted the Black one as it seemed more modern.
you can make yours have OD furniture and dirty it up :D
Oh, and was it Dark or Fenris that wanted me to do a review?
I dont remember. You should just do it anyways
So long as I find my camera charger. With it I can take great pics.
It was me. Since I might be buying one of the new CYMA AKs.
Oh, ok. Yeah, once I get it I'll review it. Then I'll follow up after I put a couple hundred rounds through it.
looks real
I worked very hard to make it that way
God I really want your gun but I'm set on getting it with the folding skeleton stock. I'll probably end up getting this one if the RK-03's that GI has isn't the steel version.
Sexy as fuck
wait, you weathered this yourself? Do tell, also how did you restain the wood so nicely? Being real wood the stock is usually too skinny to sand or else it may crack into the battery well.
You people sure love wood.
Nothing beat the feeling of a morning wood. Oh wait..
I hate getting morning wood and waking up on my stomach. It fucking HURTS LIKE FUCK.
Very nice. The rear sight block is crap. I know that feeling
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