• My "not so emergency appendectomy".
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[QUOTE=endofworld96;21324109]They use cameras, its called a laparoscopy. I would think that one hole is for the camera, another one is used for the tool that holds the appendix and the last hole is used for the tool that cuts off the appendix. I looked up a video of it, and those where the three tools they where using.[/QUOTE] Must be some newfangled stuff then. I only have one scar from my appendectomy.
[QUOTE=dutchah;21324177]Must be some newfangled stuff then. I only have one scar from my appendectomy.[/QUOTE] Yeah so does my mother, she just showed me hers actually.
[QUOTE=Archy;21320354]I filled my appendix with toy cars and they still haven't gone away and i was 5 :saddowns:[/QUOTE] You put toy cars in your Colon? Real men put dead babies.
Bump? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Bump with nothing to add" - SteveUK))[/highlight]
[QUOTE=firo99;24494323]Bump?[/QUOTE] The fuck. Why did you bump it. Oh, he is 10. Never mind.
Why did I misread not for hot. My "Hot so emergency appendectomy" [editline]07:53PM[/editline] Wow fuck you whoever bumped it
Somehow you made a story about a ruptured appendix entertaining. For just being 13 that's pretty impressive. Hope you feel better soon! :h: It takes only a few minutes to read, suck it up babies. [b]Edit[/b] Oh fuck, old thread. Ah well, hope you got over it!!!! :h: :h: :h:
Ya I had an appendectomy as well. Too bad I had to wake up half way fucking through the thing. I liked the ice cream, though.
My appendix is still there, waiting to burst.
[QUOTE=firo99;24494323]Bump?[/QUOTE] Douche, I thought this was a new thread. I want new stuff in GD.
School nurses never help when it comes to actual pain.
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