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Yeah my CQB field stocks them in .2g and .25g, so I get my fill. Bubbles in bb's can be a big performance issue, but I figure that for his first gun he doesn't need to go off the chain for super quality stuff. He's just woodsofting as it is, none of his friends will probably be able to compete with his combat machine to begin with.
I remember when you was called notrabites, some humor there.
For field use: TM 1911 or used WA Pro Killer?
[QUOTE=TacticalHijack;34598911]For field use: TM 1911 or used WA Pro Killer?[/QUOTE] From what I've heard WA>TM but both are good.
I've been hell bent on getting the new TM MKIV Series 70, but some guy on ASF just posted a WA Pro Killer with serpa for $140.
[QUOTE=TacticalHijack;34598911]For field use: TM 1911 or used WA Pro Killer?[/QUOTE] Well the WA Pro Killer is a fantastic and quality piece, but finding parts is going to be a pain in the ass and mags are becoming excessively difficult to find. The TM has shittons of aftermarket support still available, mags are cheap and they're workhorse guns. If you could tell me which system the WA has it would be very helpful as I could then elaborate my recommendation [editline]7th February 2012[/editline] oh fuck! For $140 just fucking buy the pro killer you'll never see a deal like that again! [editline]7th February 2012[/editline] link?
[url]http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/WTS-GUNS-t239094.html[/url] [url]http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=51_57&products_id=893[/url] I've owned a couple TMs and they've shot beautifully, but I've never had any experience with WAs.
Buy the WA. It's like a TM HiCapa except much better
Oh God the WA is so cheap and apparently amazing, but magazines are expensive but the TM MKIV Series 70 isn't released yet but the TM Series 70 looks far better. Oh God I don't know what to do.
Buy this now since its the only shot you'll ever have. Mags will only continue to get rarer.
Oh God I think I might. Does anyone know the approx. release date of the TM Series 70?
Think about this: That WA will never be in stock at any retailer ever again. When they were still in production WA Pro Killers were among the most sought after pistols on the market. Plus iirc the Pro Killers run on the old Magna system which is one of the most reliable and hard hitting GBB systems ever devised. The TM will be around forever.
OK I think I will. PM'ed the guy. You should have just told me this. "Do you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret waiting to die alone."
I.. Don't understand this thread's title. What is it a reference to?
[QUOTE=venom;34599920]I.. Don't understand this thread's title. What is it a reference to?[/QUOTE] Jenkem worst title maker all time
I think it's reference to new people coming in and 9 out of 10 of us telling them to buy AKs lol.
[QUOTE=Mbbird;34600230]I think it's reference to new people coming in and 9 out of 10 of us telling them to buy AKs lol.[/QUOTE] i am a new people
[QUOTE=Crash15;34600546]i am a new people[/QUOTE] I am just a people.
[QUOTE=Crash15;34600546]i am a new people[/QUOTE] let me tell you about what gun you should buy. [sub][sub][sub]you should buy a G3[/sub][/sub][/sub]
OKay I realligned all the gears, cleaned out the gearbox, why the fuck is the motor pulling the gears but not releasing them and making this horrible screeching noise. I'm so fucking done with this bullshit, how do I fix this.
not releasing them? What? Also that screeching is because you didnt shim correctly or adjust the motor height correctly.
Like the gears turn then stop at a certain point and don't release the piston. The tappet plate was like being bent by the gear that pulls it back. SO i understand the bad shimming but how do I adjust the motor height, I have no clue how to do that on my gun.
If it's an AK then it should have a screw on the bottom of the motor cage in the grip, try twisting the screw so it's not forcing the motor in so hard?
The screw at the bottom just attaches the grip to the motor, it's not long enough to force the motor up
I've honestly never seen a V3 gearbox in person since all my guns and my brothers guns have been ARs with V2 gearboxes, but i would've thought there would be something in the base of the grip/motor cage to adjust the height of the motor. Going out on a limb, you aren't using a long shaft motor or something when you should be using a short one?
Nope, motor that came with the gun
Huh, not sure, then. All i know is that there should be a screw to adjust motor height, are you sure there's nothing in there? If you take the motor out and look into the base of the motor cage (if i'm assuming it's a V3 gearbox and it's not then correct me here, i thought all AKs use V3 boxes), can you see any way of adjusting anything?
There's the threading for where the grip screw goes in and on the sides there are screws to take apart the motor cage
On the bottom of the motor cage there's a hole. You put an alan key in and turn
Thank you. Is that all I need to do to fix this damn gun, pls say yes
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