• Got $300. Help Me Out.
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Though this is more relating to video work, I figure Photography would be the best place to post this. Anyway, I've been using a Samsung MiniDV camera for the last 4 years to shoot movies, and it's outdated. It doesn't shoot HD, doesn't shoot in 16:9, and its quality is pure shit. I work on independent movies with friends, and I've been looking to replace this camera for a while. Being as I just hit a deer with my car, my budget has been decreased significantly, but I've got a project coming up for a local fire hall, and I need something of better quality. I've got $300 to work with, I'll throw in $25 as an extra "padding" for tax. I'm looking for a video camera that: -Shoots at LEAST 720p. -Preferably with an external mic jack. -Must NOT use any kind of tape media. -Must NOT be portable form factor (FlipHD-style.) Basically the best quality camera for $300-$325. I figure I'd ask here because I don't have much time to ever look around on my own, and I want to hear from people who may have actually used them before. Any help greatly appreciated.
Why would you want a camera with a harddrive? Those suck. SD cards, man
I heard the opposite. I know I do NOT want another tape camera, that shit is in the past. See, I've got very little experience with "modern" cameras. What would you suggest?
Blah, the best video camera you're going to buy is actually going to be a DSLR like a Canon T2i. They're shit for stuff like home movies or anything that isn't like, something where you have a lot of time to set up shots and stuff. But really, if you're going for the independent filmmaker thing, the best thing you could get for that is a T2i. edit: ...which will run you at least $600, used :\ If you're serious about this though, it's DEFINITELY worth ponying up for.
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