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Ooh, now ask him if he thinks they're part of the experiments too!
Kill them with fire!
So that's what the back of his head looks like
Check for any information on the monitor or around the area, if there's no indicators of what they are, destroy 'em to be safe.
[IMG]http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/1108/sit249.png[/IMG] [editline]14th March 2011[/editline] @Axen: Not until their bodies are exposed. [editline]14th March 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/5461/sit250.png[/IMG] @Rageblood: I've already explained why that won't work on these. (:
Ask "So what do you think will happen if we pull out those two pipe-looking things from the sides of the machine thing?"
Explore the room
Climb on top of one of the tubes to see if there is an opening.
[IMG]http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/9715/sit252.png[/IMG] [editline]14th March 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Rageblood;28592874]Climb on top of one of the tubes to see if there is an opening.[/QUOTE] The top is sealed from the tube, the only way to open is to drain the liquid.
Ask the person "what is going on?"
"Come with us!" Then run back out the door if he says yes.
Ask the new guy who the hell he is to begin with.
Tell everyone to stand back then toss a Sticky Grenade in there
Pull out the Ranger, and sort of make a firing range with the three, holding their position for as long as they can against the zombie things.
@Rapierwolf & Carand: They're dead. :p
Move in front of Steve, and prepare to ventilate some brains. Oh, and, if you get a chance, loot that clothed zombie's shit.
Nevermind, moar zeds.
Assist Steve with your rifle Also why are the zombie's shirts the same color as their head, is it coincidental or are they shirtless?
Hand Steve the Ranger, and request he can tell us what he knows about this place; for example, he's guarding the tubes, right? He probably knows a little more about them than we currently do...
Keep on moving without steve, leave him to die. c:
[IMG]http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/3793/sit256.png[/IMG] [editline]14th March 2011[/editline] @PILLS HERE!: They are those test tube things, they have no shirts. @Carand: That's mean. :c
Tell steve that we have lots of more ammunition and weapons back at Met's gun wall.
[IMG]http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/3631/sit257.png[/IMG] [editline]14th March 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2053/sit258.png[/IMG]
Hand Steve the Ranger and declare, "Then we shall fight on!" pointing forward with the Galstead.
Tell Steve you have a plan for Tiodos, and ask Matei if the crazy bastard would withstand a grenade exploding from inside his stomach.
Ask steve if he knows his way around the lab
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