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Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm a science fiction/fantasy writer from Australia who also plays quite a lot of games. Just for starters I'm going to post a snippet of something I'm working on. It's a fantasy set in an alternate Renaissance Rome, with fantasy elements within. If you enjoy this, please comment and tell me you did. The wind that rustled through the olive trees around the death site of so many men was deceptively calming. There was but one man one those gallows on that particular day, but an air of expectance surrounded him, like he hoped to be rescued. Unlikely. The Romans had no qualms killing off a rebel when the Elves and the Scots were fighting over their very city walls. The noose was tightened, and the man held in it sighed. He was bulky and barrel-chested, used to shockingly powerful warbows that took some of the strongest men in Italia to pull. Alas, this skill was useless now. The executioner donned his mask and gave the ‘ok’ sign. Walking over to the lever, he brought his hands around it, tensing his arms to pull it back. The guards, chatting among themselves about the rebel archer attacks, were rightfully surprised when they turned around and found the executioner missing. The man who was to be hanged stood there, innocent as a lamb yet trying not to crack a smile. The Roman general was furious, and taking up his spear he roared and stormed towards the condemned archer, ready to run him through. Suddenly, a thin blast of flame illuminated the night, momentarily blinding the general. The man riding the swift and silent dragon needed no more time to bury an arrow shaft halfway into his back. “Dear God!” yelled one of the guards. “They have dragons?” Seconds later, black talons grabbed him around the waist and pulled him high into the air. The dragon’s wings made no sound, like an owl. The last thing he saw was one of the rebels as he leaned over the circling dragon, and waved. His head was shrouded in shadow and yet he was wearing strange black glasses, and a warbow and arrows were strapped to his back. He spoke quietly. “May your death be swift.” And, with a jab of the rider’s knee into the dragon’s side, the guard was dropped to his death.
Elves in the Renaissance Your concept/setting is all kinds of fucked already The writing itself is entirely stale, uninspired and frequently awkward. The dialogue and formatting are very poor. Read books
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