• Watching the 2010 Academy Awards in Europe/Asia/Oceania
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So it's the Oscars tonight, although it doesn't start until 0100 GMT here in the UK and won't end sometime until the early morning which, considering I have college tomorrow, is a problem for me. I'm guessing it must be a problem for others too who don't reside in the US or Canada, so what do you do? Previously, I would have watched the BBC highlights show that they have the next day but, for whatever reason, that isn't being aired this year so I'm having to digitally record the whole thing to watch tomorrow evening. The biggest problem in all this is having to completely avoid the news tomorrow and be very careful about what I click on the internet.
pff not living in america. who does that anymore
Free from school tomorrow because of the Oscars. My teacher is kind of a film fanatic and I thought of asking him if I could be free from school because I wanted to stay up late and watch it, chances were good because I was allowed last year, so. Anyway, he's not coming to school either anyway because he is also watching it.
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