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"Yuri. There's a reason they call me Yuri." the ex-Spetsnaz operative wrote into his diary. "I'm into sick shit, my life's dream is vore a briton. I wish it'd happen." he continued, before shutting the diary and locking it with a small gold-plated key that is engraved with "fur4ever". Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Yuri shouted in a passive manner. "It's me, sweetie~" replied a familiar male voice. Yuri opened the door to find out John Price was standing in no clothes other than his underwear, which had a curiously placed hole at the back. "I'm back early from work, hun. How was your day~" John said in a soft, sweet voice. It sounded as if he was on top of the world. "Oh you know, same old. Still being prank called by Makarov constantly." Yuri replies with a slightly depressed tone. "That meanie, don't worry hunnie, I'll make everything better~" "What do you mean?" Yuri replied questioningly. Without warning, John closed the door behind him as he began caressing Yuri's right thigh with his hand. "I told you, I'll make everything better~" John said in a seductive voice. John stood up in front of Yuri and pushed him down on to the sofa they were standing by. He began to remove his underwear while singing the theme tune of titanic, which Yuri was a big fan of. "Oh, you know I love that song." Yuri said, sounding as if he is getting into the mood. "And now we're going to sink another kind of boat~" John said with a twinkle in his eye. Yuri laid out on his stomach across the huge sofa and John got on top of him. He knew Yuri enjoyed this very much. "The steamship is docking!" said John, his penis slowly entering Yuri. "Oh! it appears you hit an iceberg captain." Yuri said, with a painful look in his eye. "Don't worry, this ship is indestructable!" John said, continuing. The ride lasted for a good 5 minutes before John climaxed all over Yuri, which yuri proceeded to wipe all over his face. Another one of his fetishes. "You know I love an icing glaze." said John, who was approaching Yuri's face in an attempt to kiss him. "You know what I'd like the most, hunnie.." Yuri said in a very strong russian accent. "What is that dearie?" John replied. "You to be inside me." Suddenly, Yuri opened his mouth wider than was ever thought possible by humans before and with a quick gulp, John was gone. This pleased Yuri so much, he climaxed all over the sofa, just leaving it there for his landlord to deal with later. --------- THE NEXT DAY ---------- KNOCK KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK (this means someone is knocking on the door) "Huh... yeah?" Yuri said as he opened the door, just fell out of bed. "I'd like to see capta- HOLY MOTHER WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT" Soap Mactavish screamed at the top of his lungs. It appeared that during Yuri's voyage last night, he forgot to swallow John's foot, and has had his foot sticking out of his mouth since the night before. "Oops!" Yuri said, quickly reeling the foot in and swallowing it. "Mother always said to chew my food." he continued. Soap turned around, but before he could get away, Yuri snatched him up and brought him inside the house. "What do you think you're do-" CLUNK! Yuri had hit soap over the head with a bottle branded "Bear Gryll's Favourite". Soap was out cold. "Never drop the soap." said Yuri, with the biggest shit eating grin possible. -------- TO BE CONTINUED ----------
moved me
Where is the sex
that was amazing 10/10
What in the holiest of fucks did I just read.
At least it's as good as the actual game.
such a cliffhanger, can't wait for the next part
I don't want to live anymore
That was [B]Price[/B]less.
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