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[img]http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/6061/200pxtheinformant2009mp.jpg[/img] This movie was filmed within 10-15 miles of me a bit ago, so I thought I may as well make a thread about the movie. The Story: [quote]The Informant! is about Ivy League Ph.D. Mark Whitacre (Damon), a rising star at Decatur, Illinois based Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in the early 1990s who wound up blowing the whistle on the company’s price-fixing tactics. One night in early November 1992, the high-ranking ADM executive confessed to FBI agent Brian Shepard (Bakula) that ADM executives — including Whitacre himself — had routinely met with competitors to fix the price of lysine, a food additive. As the highest-ranked executive to ever turn whistleblower in US history, Whitacre secretly gathered hundreds of hours of video and audio over several years to present to the FBI. He assisted in gathering evidence by clandestinely taping the cartel’s activity in business meetings at various locations around the globe such as Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City, and Hong Kong. During Whitacre's undercover work that spanned almost three years, the FBI collected hundreds of hours of video and audio tapes that documented crimes committed by high-level executives from around the world fixing the prices of food additives in the largest price-fixing case in history at the time. In the upcoming film — a dark comedy/thriller in director Steven Soderbergh’s hands — Whitacre’s good deed dovetails with his own major infractions and struggle with bipolar disorder. The film focuses on Whitacre's meltdown and bizarre behavior resulting from the pressures of wearing a wire for three years. In a stunning turn of events immediately following the covert portion of the case, headlines around the world reported that the whistleblower defrauded $9 million from his own company at the same period of time he was secretly working for the FBI and taping his co-workers. Because of this major infraction and Whitacre’s bizarre behavior that was laced with bipolar disorder, he was sentenced to prison three times longer than the white-collar criminals he helped to nab. However, ten years later (2008), the former FBI supervisor of the price fixing case, Dean Paisley (played by Allan Havey), with backing from the two other FBI agents and a former prosecutor, went public with praise about Whitacre. "Had it not been for the fraud conviction, he would be a national hero", Paisley stated. "Well, he is a national hero", he further stated.[/quote] taken from [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Informant[/url]! Production info: [quote] In 2002, after completing Ocean's Eleven, Soderbergh announced his intent to adapt the book The Informant by Kurt Eichenwald, a former journalist for the New York Times. Scott Z. Burns wrote the script based on the book. Production began in May 2008 in Decatur, Illinois. Filming was also done at the former Whitacre mansion in Moweaqua, Illinois, a small town about 25 miles from Decatur. Some exterior shots were done in Mesa, Arizona in November 2008. The film will be released on September 18, 2009. [/quote] also taken from that Wiki. Cast:[quote] * Matt Damon portrays a top Archer Daniels Midland executive, Mark Whitacre, who works as an informant for the FBI. Damon joined the Green Zone in January, 2008 with the assurance that production would conclude by April 14, 2008 so he could start working on the Steven Soderbergh film, The Informant, on April 15, amidst the scheduling difficulties caused by 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Damon gained 20-30 pounds for the role in order to look like the doughy Whitacre. * Scott Bakula portrays FBI agent Brian Shepard. * Joel McHale portrays FBI agent Robert Herndon. * Melanie Lynskey portrays Mark Whitacre's wife, Ginger. * Thomas F. Wilson portrays Mark Cheviron. * Allan Havey portrays FBI Supervisor Dean Paisley. * Jimmy Pardo and Paul F. Tompkins announced on episode 309 of the Never Not Funny comedy podcast that they both have unannounced parts in the film. * Scott Adsit portrays Sid Hulse. * Eddie Jemison portrays Kirk Schmidt. * Clancy Brown in an undefined role. * Tony Hale in an undefined role.[/quote] And a trailer for you guys as well: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPLNTTYM7Ng[/media]
Sir I was very hungry but that pasta filled me right up.
I keep seeing awesome in that image.
Matt Damon is the best at playing random disguise-ish roles :D [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Useless bump" - Craptasket))[/highlight]
This movie wasn't that funny tbh
that movie was pretty bad actually...
was dumb in all honesty
How came you here brother? Did I not tell you to seek the Film and Television? Mend your ways before it is too late. [editline]21st April 2011[/editline] Wait a minute why the heck was this thread bumped.
[QUOTE=Mr.Dounut;29329029]was dumb in all honesty[/QUOTE] so wads your mother.
this should be in film and television, just to let you know... oh, and i found this movie pretty meh.
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