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Okay so my friend showed me this blog after her and some other person found it and cried in laughter, this is probably one of the most fucked up tumblr blogs I've seen and I thought like sharing it. The stories in question [QUOTE]“Babe, why are you so mad?” He walked after me through the front door, and slammed it behind us. “Because Louis. You lied to me.” I turned my face towards him, and looked him straight in the eyes. Me and Louis just got home from an award show. Through out the whole show there were some tension between Louis and I. I was mad at him. I overheard Harry and him talk quietly, while we sat at the table. He said that he would break up with some girl, so he could be with the right girl… or something. Through the past week, i’ve suspected him for cheating on me. He’d come home late at night, and been very quite around me. Now, i’d brong this up, whether he liked it or not. “Lied to you about what?” He said with anger in his voice. Looking me in the eyes too. Not looking down one single time. “You said that you didn’t have anyone else on the side, when I asked you last week. Then i overheard you and Harry talk. You said that you wanted to break up with me, so you could be with the right girl.” I yelled. “What? I never said that. You must’ve heard wrong!” “How can I? That’s what you said. I remember it clearly.” “(Y/N), why would i break up with you?” He walked closer to me, and wrapped his hands around my waist. “Because. You have someone else. You’ve been quite all the time, and you come home late almost everyday. I am starting to get worried. I thought you didn’t want to be with me!” I started to cry. I borried my face in Louis’ chest. “Babe, listen.” He said lifting my chin up, and looking me straight in the eyes. “That wasn’t what you heard, and that wasn’t what me and Harry talked about. You heard what you wanted to hear.” I kept looking at him, confused. “Me and Harry was talking about you. You are ‘the right girl’ i was talking about. You got that part right. I don’t how you got that to the whole break up thing. All the nights where i’ve come home late, is because Harry and I was planning something. This isn’t going right after the plan.. I know this isn’t the right time, but i’m just going to do it anyway.” Louis kneeled infront of me. He took a tiffany box out of his pocket, and opened it. Inside there were this beautiful golden ring, with a blue diamond on it. I smiled. How can I suspect him for cheating on me? He was right there, proposing to me. He was obviously the perfect guy. How can a fight go to a proposal? It was just me who was stupid. “(Y/N), the past two years have been the best years of my life. Only because of you. I asked Harry if you would be the right girl for me. He said yes, and i started to wonder how our life’s would be together. It would be absolutely perfect. My life wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for you. So babe, will you marry me?” I was blushing. He took the ring out of the box, and put it on my ring finger. “Omg, Louis! Yes. A hundred times yes!” I jumped into Louis’ arms, and he grabed me by the bum. He held me tight span me around the appartement. “So you’re not mad at me?” He said, and sat me down on the ground again. “After that proposal? Absolutely not!” I said kissing him passionately. “And you thought i cheated!” He laughed and kissing me on the nose. Suddenly the other lads came through the door. Niall had his guitar in his hand. They started to hum quietly. Louis took my hand, and lead me to the garden. Around us there were a thousand lights lit. Niall started to play on his guitar. Zayn began singing a quiet version of Joe Jonas - Just In Love. Liam and Harry began to sing with Zayn. It sounded so beautiful. Louis leaded me to the middel of the garden, and started to dance with me. “I’m just in love with you.” Louis sang with them. Our foreheads was touching eachother. I kissed him on the mouth more passionate than ever. He smiled under the kiss. He took his right arm around my waist. He layed his head in my hair, as i layed my head on his shoulder. We slowly began to rock our hips to the sound of the lads’ voices. The music began to get lower, and Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall left the garden quietly. Now it was just Louis and I. “I’m so happy right now, Louis. This is the best day of my life.” “Me too, (Y/N). I guess it was the right thing to do. You’re the one i wanna spend the rest of my life with.” We kissed again. But this time it led to a steamy make out session. After a while we ended on the ground, me on top of him. He grabed my bum hard, as i try to grab after his bulge. He made a quick maneuver, so he was on top. He slowly took my top of, and threw it away. I did the same with his sweater. He took my bra of slowly. He bite his lip at the sight of my boobs. He smirked up at me. He kissed and massaged my boobs. Afterwards he kissed my stomach all the way down to my jeans. He got up to me again and kissed me on the mouth. “Are you sure you wanna do this? Your first time?” “Of course. I’m with you. Do me, Tomlinson.” I smiled cheekily at him, as he was on his way down. He kissed down to my jeans again, and took them of. He kissed my inner thighs, and took my lacy panties of. He kissed my clit, and slowly started to lick my vag. I ran my fingers through his hair, as i moaned loudly. “Lou, i-i-” He interrupted me with a kiss. He took his boxers of and i could see his rising erection. I gasped at his size. How could that fit in me? I took my hands up to his dick, when he suddenly grabbed them. “Tonight is all about pleasing you, love.” He took a condom from his pocket on his dick. He had his in front of my entrance. “Are you ready for this?” “As ready as i can be.” As i said that, he took his dick into my vag. The pain was unbelievable. As i was beginning to get used to his size, the pleasure took over. He began thrusting. I moaned loudly. This was incredible. “Faster Louis! Ohhhhh.” I moaned. Louis’ thrusting was harder, faster and deeper. He also began to moan loud as me. His hands wandered to my vag, and began messaging it. I arched my back from the huge pleasure. “I’m gonna cum babe.” “No, you’re not. We haven’t had the final yet.” I said. He looked at me surprised. I rolled us around, so i was on top and in charge. I began to ride him fast. He grabed my boobs, and my nipples got hard. I grabed my hair, as i arched my back. I put my hands on his chest, and rode him deeper. He smiled cheekily. I moaned his name so loud, that all the neighbours could hear me. “I’m close Lou, i’m close.” “Me too.” As he said that, i could feel his liquids fill me. I fell on top of him, breathing hard. “That was fucking amazing, (Y/N). How could you be a virgin?” He kissed me on the firehead. Our backs was covered in grass. “I lived myself into it, i guess.” “Sure.” He took his arm around me. He hugged me tightly, so we were close to eachother. “I love you, Lou.” “I love you too, love.” [/QUOTE] [QUOTE]My eyes adjusted to the morning sun as I woke up, I tiredly reached my arms out beside me, expecting to wrap my arms around my gorgeous boyfriend, Louis. Instead I hit an unmade, cold side of the bed. I lifted my head up in confusion, and then heard the sweet, mellow music flood through my ears. I got out of bed, wearing just Louis’ t shirt and a pair of black pajama shorts and made my way into my penthouse living room. Louis was sitting on the black piano stool, truly concentrated on the piano in front of him, his fingers swiftly hitting the keys as his head nodded along to the sweet music. He was dressed in just tracksuit bottoms, his bedhead hair all over the place but still managing to be as beautiful as ever. I made my way over to him and wrapped my arms around him, kissing his neck, he didn’t stop playing as he kissed me, pulling me onto the spare bit of the stool and looking into my eyes with his blue, misty orbs. ‘Good sleep, babe?’ He asked, finally stopping his music and wrapping one arm around my waist whilst the other played with my hair. ‘Perfect. Why are you up so early?’ I questioned, nestling into his neck as I took in his scent, his cologne from yesterday still clinging to his body. ‘I couldn’t get back to sleep and I didn’t want to wake you, so I just came out here. I didn’t wake you did I, love?’ Louis asked, biting his lip. ‘No you didn’t, even if you did it would have been the perfect noise to wake up too.’ I smiled, grazing the piano keys with my fingers. ‘You’re amazing, y’know.’ ‘Not as amazing as you.’ He whispered, kissing my forehead. I giggled at his cheesiness, but somehow it still made my heart flutter. ‘Lou, could you teach me how to play this?’ I asked, looking into his eyes and pouting, he didn’t normally like anyone touching his piano as it was one of his most prized possessions. ‘Of course babe,’ He said, putting me on his lap as he moved my hands onto the piano, pushing down on them so my fingers touched the correct keys. ‘So babe, this here is A,’ He said, pushing my finger onto it. ‘This is C, for the first part of this you click A and then C, then B and then G. Got it?’ He said, rubbing my waist. I played what he told me to and looked back at him for approval, he was smiling and nodded his head at me. ‘You got it! Well done, babe.’ He said, his eyes twinkling as they stared into me. I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him hard, nearly making him fall off the stool in the process as he pushed me back against the piano and returned the kiss. I pulled away, a mischevious grin hitting my lips as an idea sprang to my mind. ‘I think I deserve a reward for that.’ I said, rubbing my fingers down his toned torso, my hands getting lower until I reached down to his crotch. He bucked his hips into my hand unintentionally and bit his lip, a cheeky grin on his face. ‘Oh, you most definitely do, babe.’ He growled, his husky morning voice turning me on even more as he pushed me on top of the piano, before sitting on top of me and pinning my arms to the smooth surface. ‘How do you want to be rewarded, Y/N?’ Louis asked, grinding his already aroused crotch into me, making me whimper slightly. ‘F-fuck me.’ I said eagerly, Louis’ licked his lips and kissed my neck passionately, his bulge rubbing against my crotch, making me shiver with pleasure. He continued to trace kisses down my neck until he reached my collarbone, as he got further down he removed everything in his way, throwing my discarded, unneeded clothes onto the wooden floors. As he got to my breasts, he licked and sucked on my nipples, making them harden more with each touch as I moaned softly, holding on to the corners of the piano for stability. He got further down to my crotch and ripped off my shorts and underwear before winking up at me as his tongue grazed my clit, I bucked my hips and moaned as his licks got deeper and rougher, his hands massaging my breasts as he licked me. ‘L-louis’ I spoke through moans, ‘Please.’ He looked up at me as his hands went from my breasts down to my crotch, and then he suddenly plunged two fingers into my hole making me gasp for air and have a tighter grip on the piano, still standing strong. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of me as his other hand rubbed my clit with such force I thought I was going to orgasm then and there. ‘Do you like this babe, do you like it when I finger you?’ He growled, pumping harder as he spoke. My pleasure was too intense to talk, riding out my climax and enjoying his fingers too much. ‘Answer me babe, do you like it when I finger you?’ He repeated, his hold on me becoming firmer as he pressured me for an answer he already knew. ‘Yes, but I’d prefer your cock, baby.’ I said, looking up at his blue orbs as he grinned proudly, removing his fingers from me and sucking them dry. I whimpered at his actions, and he winked at me as he pulled down his tracksuit bottoms revealing his hard, long cock. He picked me up and laid down on my place on the piano as he put my mouth to his huge manhood, stroking my hair as he awaited for the pleasure I was about to give him. I kissed his tip teasingly, he gasped and moaned as he also clung to the piano also, and holding a tighter grip on my hair as I didn’t give him the pleasure he so needed. ‘Suck it, Y/N. Don’t tease me.’ He hissed as he pulled me down on his cock to get me started before leaving me to do the rest as I sucked on his shaft hard and fast, pumping my mouth up and down as I sucked in air when I got every bit of his huge cock into my mouth, something I’d never been able to do before. He noticed what I’d done and let out a big raspy moan as he enjoyed the moment. I nuzzled into his pubic hair as I continued to suck hard. His groans were loud and husky, his hands knotted into my hair. ‘Fuck baby you’re so good at that.’ He groaned as I made my way up his body, being face to face with him again as I kissed his lips once, he pouted as I didn’t go in for another kiss and whimpered under me as I chuckled. ‘Fuck me or no kisses, baby.’ I laughed, as he roughly spun me round onto the piano as he got on top of me and rested his tip at my entrance, making me moan at his sudden touch. He pushed himself into me slowly, making me frustrated as he refused to thrust. ‘Fuck you’re so tight, babe.’ He said breathlessly as the thrustings began, he hit my g-spot on every thrust, I couldn’t contain my moans as I tightened around him, verging closer to my release. He brought his thumb to my clit, rubbing firmly across it. ‘B-baby, I’m gonna c-cum.’ I stammered, ‘Not until you say my name.’ He spoke up, the sweat from his forehead a clear sign of how hard he was relentlessly thrusting into me. ‘Say it so fucking loud the neighbour’s know it.’ ‘L-louis’ I whispered, unable to speak louder in my state of euphoria. ‘LOUDER!’ He shouted, thrusting into me harder then before. ‘LOUIS!’ I cried, my screaming intensified as his thrusts brought me to my orgasm, it surged through my body and made my back arch and toes curl. Not long after Louis spilled his hot liquid inside of me, before pulling out and laying next to me on the now sticky piano. We both lay there for a few minutes, no exchange of words, breathing heavily as our afterglow took its toll. ‘That was amazing.’ Louis said, breaking the silence as he wrapped an arm around me. ‘I know.’ I breathed, looking up at him and rubbing my hand along his clammy bicep. ‘We should do it on the piano again some time.’ Louis teased, jumping off and holding a hand out for me as he helped me down, he picked me up into his arms and put me carefully on the sofa next to him before wrapping a blanket around us both and landing a kiss on my neck. And with that, we fell to sleep softly to nothing but the gentle beating of each others hearts. [/QUOTE] Yeah go check it out yourself I'm gonna go puke [URL]http://1dsexuallfrustrations.tumblr.com/[/URL]
He puts a Condom on and she still feels his liquid filling her? Hm.
[QUOTE=cyclocius;34975584]He puts a Condom on and she still feels his liquid filling her? Hm.[/QUOTE] Rich literature and the highest quality of grammar along with English is in this.
TL;DR. Edited: You know, they invented porn for the reason of visually explaining what I just read.
uhhh it's just erotic literature I was expecting something funny or fucked up but it's just normal. not even horribly written or anything you're dumb fruxodaily don't make any more threads please btw mips this exists for the same reason books exist... it's not like movies and books can't exist side-by-side this entire thread is stupid
[QUOTE=Kalibos;34975687] you're dumb fruxodaily don't make any more threads please [/QUOTE] I'll continue to make threads just for you <3
People having normal sex is fucked up for you? And you wanna puke? What are you 6?
Wasn't there this HUUUUGE Justin Bieber erotica blog too?
My now ex-gf said that one direction guys are sexy. As is bieber. Fml i thought. I think it's dumb that girls fantasize about them. Just look at them- they sing shitty songs, and one direction 90% of their videos just shit around.
[quote]His hands wandered to my vag, and began messaging it[/quote] I lost it here
[QUOTE=Dav0r;34976540]I lost it here[/QUOTE] her vag has a phone number?
[QUOTE=Dav0r;34976540]I lost it here[/QUOTE] Good think he wasn't calling her vag :v:
[QUOTE=Adelle Zhu;34976709]her vag has a phone number?[/QUOTE] The phone is now set on "silent mode" enjoy your vibrator :pwn:
[QUOTE=A Noobcake;34976235]Wasn't there this HUUUUGE Justin Bieber erotica blog too?[/QUOTE] Aye, the owner shut it down though I think. The Bieber one wasn't even erotica for the most part though. It was like a confessional.
What the fuck did I just read?
[QUOTE=A Noobcake;34976235]Wasn't there this HUUUUGE Justin Bieber erotica blog too?[/QUOTE] [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1122758[/url] Yep, I remember being disturbed by it and finding it very funny at the same time.
[QUOTE=Da_Maniac_;34987239]What the fuck did I just read?[/QUOTE] you have read sex
Is One Direction the replacement for Justin Bieber now?
no its like justin bieber from europe
All the girls at my school does nothing other than having strange dreams about them, all day every day. Mostly about this hand movement one of them does in a dance. [editline]edit[/editline] Also one of the girls have this gif background on her Mac. It's like 1000 gifs of One Direction melted together. Her laptop runs at a constant 5 FPS due to it, but she doesn't care because "<3 1D".
terrible thread
All i could think about while reading the second one: [IMG]http://www.sidequester.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Louis-Loves-Pills.jpg[/IMG]
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