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Hey, long story short, or just kind of shortened, I'm starting a Beatles (More specifically a Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band) tribute band, we've gotten hold of an electric sitar (jizz), a L.I.T.S.W.D. organ, and a plethora of other perfect instruments. We're playing through Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, and bits of the White Album for a school banquet (Our Umoyo fund, helping fund a school in Zambia for girls with HIV/AIDS: Works into the 6th band name) , and then continuing, as we loved the idea since we hit highschool. So now we're actually putting it together. Now here's what all this nonsense has to do with YOU, FP. We are torn between a few names.. 1)Lovely Rita's Pocket Ledger 2)Rita Loves Lucy (Logo is a play on the show "I Love Lucy") 3)And This Band Can Sing 4)Tomorrow Found Out 5)A Day In The Life 6)Apple Co(RED) (As the RED fund does a similar service, thought it would be fun) They may be corny, but nonetheless, we need your help. Just thought I'd find out what worked best for people :fuckyou: BTW, you can also vote for RUBBER SUBMARINE, thanks to King_of_Town <3 [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Post Your" - Perfumly))[/highlight]
Rubber Submarine
beatles cover band
[QUOTE=King_of_Town;18894964]Rubber Submarine[/QUOTE] :O Wow. You are fantastic
Beetles :rimshot:
Revolution None
I vote for Rubber Submarine
Rubber Submarine sounds pretty nice too: Gets my vote.
I actually think A Day In The Life is a good one. I love it. :v:
Sgt. Rubber Revolver
Voted. A day in the life is my favourite.
Here Comes the Walrus
[QUOTE=Everybody;426803]Their votes and comments[/QUOTE] Thanks a bunch guys, really digging the other suggestions. Looks like people like A Day In The Life, and various other titles xD A Day In The Life would work as a regular band name, no? Like after the banquet, when we continue, it just sounds like a good band name for any genre! Rock, metal, pop, it's just kinda fun :D Thanks everyone, keep them votes coming! I already have a semi idea for a winner (duhr), but I need more opinions!! ~z~
RUBBER SUBMARINE(Sandwhich yes?)
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