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This is an interactive Cag, so no. JUST FUCKEN SETTLE IN ASIA ALREADY. Get your soldiers to FORCE people to settle there.
I actually was going to possibly integrate a select view to play certain factions, but that's just a concept right now. Pictureles update: [B]You promise your soldiers of exotic lands and plentiful treasures. They are eager, although still frightened by the sea. They set out on an adventure for Asia. Who knows when they'll get there, but when they do, the homeland will get word of it. In the mean time, you should concentrate of attacking the Hellens...[/B] [QUOTE][B]VOYAGE EMBARKED: ASIA You have sent a select army of men to go forth to this exotic land, and explore it all you can. This second force you send is the army you had just finished making.[/B][/QUOTE]
Get your soldiers to explore nearby Asia. Not straying too far from the coast. Send your army, and your ally's on another attack.
I am making it so it takes a little time to get to Asia (As it is ass-far.) Your army has created a siege engine for the siege assault. The Gauls will march over to assist you. You can bombard the town and advance later. You may also: Sling diseased bodies into the town.
Do both.
[B]You catapult walls into the primitive wooden walls of the town, right after slinging diseased bodies inside so that everyone becomes sick, setting the town in massive poverty. The Gauls approach soon.[/B]
Surround the city to cut off their supplys.
[QUOTE=TheSporeGA;35711147]Surround the city to cut off their supplys.[/QUOTE] Your men spread out, and create a perimeter around the town (Which is a town, not a city so you get a good feel of its size)
Wait for the towns people to starve and continue bombarding, maybe using explosives?
[B]You continue bombarding the town, and then wait after you run out of ammunition.[/B] P.S., Gunpowder not invented yet.
Well, we did everything we could. Wait for the Gauls.
[B]Just as all is going good, and the town is about to surrender... Your soldiers sound the goat horn. You've been ambushed. But.. Not by The Gauls, or Hellens. Scouts report these ambushing forces are Greeks. Real Greeks. The Hellenic motherland has finally awoken to rise against you and assist the Hellens. The Greeks are organised, employing a killer phalanx formation, along with 25 foot long sarissa spears.[/B] Your army numbers: 1. Militia (Spears, x80) 2. Militia (Spears, x97) 3. Militia (Spears, x72) 4. Militia Archers (x60, 30 arrows per-man) 5. Free-rider cavalry (Spears, x60) 6. General (Sword, x1, Attached to [Unit 5]) 7. Saber branch archer cavalry (x30, 50 arrows per man) ________ [IMG]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/7774/interactivefactionlist.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/7830/interactivea.png[/IMG]
-SNIP- Nevermind.
Use the archers to fire, while Getting Half of your Spearmen to form a Semi-Circle
Have the archers and mounted archers fire, then send your soldiers in a line formation. Have them make plenty of noise with their shields and weapons to reduce the enemy's morale.
Your archers march forward with your infantry, and begin barraging the phalanx. Although the arrows do next to nothing to the shielded pikemen, the flank guard regiments are taking punishment. Their own arrows sail into the air, bombarding your militia, whom are taunting the enemy with yelling and spear pounding. [IMG]http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/6206/interactive.png[/IMG]
Have the free-riding cavalry unit move down the west of the Greeks to try to ambush them whilst they are distracted by the eastern snipers, and charge forward with the spearmen militia in the line formation to try and break up the enemy.
You charge your horses into one of the flank guard formations, easily tearing into them, however you militia are not so lucky. The strong, well trained Greek hoplites tear up your troops as easily as Alexander the Great did to Persians but some 50-70 years ago. [IMG]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/4855/interactivef.png[/IMG]
Pull back your mililtia and move the archers a little bit closer to get a better shot, and try to split up the formation using your horses.
You pull back your injured unit, and your horses come in full power, splitting the flank guard's ranks, and hitting the side of the Greek phalanx hard, though they are very well trained soldiers. They bring decent opposition to your cavalry. Your arches march up and take shots directly at the phalanx. It will take a little more shooting before any arrows fly past the huge shields that they are bouncing off, and hit a soldier. [IMG]http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/6206/interactive.png[/IMG]
I say retreat and train up your army. One loss isn't gonna hurt us.
You withdraw your forces from the enemy region, and the Gauls begin withdrawing as well when they hear the news. (I made a typo there by coloring the Greek Cities Army as a Hellenic Colonist army. That'll be fixed next update. [IMG]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/469/interactive1.png[/IMG]
Well, like I said train your army.
[B]You begin re-drawing troops to replenish your army, as well as finish Professional Army development.[/B] [QUOTE][B]Professional Army class 4:[/B] Your army has learned: Standardized armor and tactics! You're only one class away from completing a full professional army![/QUOTE]
THEN TRAIN AGAIN Also make a new army
[B]You begin training a new army. It will take a while.[/B] Meanwhile, word is getting back that your colonist soldiers may have arrived at Asia already..
[B]Your soldiers arrive on land, and build a small settlement, establishing a small region of control in Asia... Or is it Asia?[/B] [IMG]http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/7774/interactivefactionlist.png[/IMG] Word gets back to the Peninsula that the soldiers have not reaches Asia, but the Middle East. [IMG]http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/9339/interactivemapitalianpe.png[/IMG] (Note, hollow square denotes a non-combat agent such as a spy, diplomat, or assassin.) [B]It would likely be a good idea to go engage in diplomacy with the Seleucids to solicit map information from them in order to get a feel for your surroundings further than the current.[/B] [IMG]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/8192/interactivemaptheorient.png[/IMG]
Get spies in put fake commands in Greece's military. It orders them to attack Hellenic.
[B][QUOTE]Spy Caught and Killed![/QUOTE][/B] Your assassin, in attempts to sabotage the alliance between the Greek cities and the Hellenic Colonists failed to tie up loose ends in his sabotage evidence. He was caught attempting to pit these allies against each other, put down in a violent manner. [TIP]: It's a good idea to create a reasonable story, and relay that to your spy so he has a better chance of sabotaging an alliance. [IMG]http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/1498/interactiveeventpicture.png[/IMG]
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