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Well then. Engage in diplomacy with the Seleucids to solicit map information from them in order to get a feel for your surroundings further than the current.
[B]The seleucids are eager to offer you map information in exchange of an alliance.[/B]
Hell yeah.
[B]You gain regional map info. When you wish to proceed with any actions at the Peninsula, both regions will be shown.[/B] [IMG]http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/8192/interactivemaptheorient.png[/IMG]
Take a boat near that little island near your settlement. Claim it all and build a city there. Also create an army.
(The hollow square near your island denotes a ship. Ships will appear throughout the game. Like this one, they will be colored appropriately to their Faction.) [B]You sail over to the island, and establish a settlement, there being not much any other people there. Your colonial army exits your settlement.[/B] (You want to build an additional army? Remember that you have that colonial army.) Treasury Summary: Funds: 10,000 Trade income: 2000 Internal income: 2000 Income from flowing economy: 1000 Expenditure: 1000 (Army Upkeep) [IMG]http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/8192/interactivemaptheorient.png[/IMG]
Send spies to capture resources from the PURPLE GUYS. Make sure that they don't spill the beans about who hired them. If they get captured that is.
Those are your allies. You sure?
[QUOTE=Milkdairy;35896193]Those are your allies. You sure?[/QUOTE] As long as the spies don't tell them who they work for, we should be fine. If they do, we can just say that it was a rebel group trying to get supplys for themselves. But that's just if they get caught.
[B][QUOTE]Assets Acquired![/QUOTE][/B] [IMG]http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/1498/interactiveeventpicture.png[/IMG] [B]The foolishness of your enemies' treasurers has led well in your spy's method. You have acquired various assets and have pocketed a fraction of your ally's funds too.[/B] Treasury Summary: Funds: 15,050 Current Trade income: 3000 Current Internal income: 2000 Current Income from flowing economy: 1500 Current Expenditure: 1000 (Army Upkeep), 500 (Corruption) Assets: 1. [B]Insiders[/B] [Seleucid Empire] (Provides graphic information on holding faction.) 2. [B]Friends in far places[/B] [Seleucid Empire] (Increases your merchants' income in target faction territory, also makes it safer for agents and armies to march across target faction's land) 3. [B]Life Line[/B] [Seleucid Empire] (Allows you to borrow money from corrupt leaders in target country when you are in financial trouble)
Research technology. Try to level up all of your armies.
[QUOTE=TheSporeGA;35896559]Research technology. Try to level up all of your armies.[/QUOTE] (All armies are automatically upgraded when stuff is researched, I.E. when you finished Professional Army development.) [B]Your researchers are prepared. What will you research?[/B]
[B]Your researchers, confused on your exact ambition on these strange devices decides to engineer a giant slingshot, capable of flinging projectiles at high speeds, and even capable of busting through smaller stone walls.[/B] (Gunpowder not invented yet)
Use the slingshot to take down a Greek army. ENGAGE IN BATTLE
research hax
Ugh. I want to join in. Is it possible, OP, that a small little country just starts up, just a bit north of the seluecenids? I would like to control them. (i'm aware we are controlling one country. Just wondering if I could start a different one) And, get the spy out of the Selus. I don't like that spy. Next, are our sailors scared of sea monsters? I say get our great atheist country to think for a second on the likely-hood of a sea monster.
Don't get any spy out of anywhere. Send more spies to Greece. Steal everything you can find. Mostly find how to build the tech they have. We should steal their weapons and make them our own.
Spore, if that spy is found, we are going to be in deep ****. They will find out that some gold is missing. If I know anything, treasurers may not protect the gold, but they sure are able to count it. And Greece? They had Greek Fire. The first napalm. So I say get all cosy with their generals, and get the information out of them over a glass of prime Daniel Jackson's Special Whiskey.
No, spies for the win. The Greeks are hostile, we need spies to do this. Plus, they will never know that WE stole the gold. They will think that it was just criminals. If they catch us we can just kill off like 20 civilians that we will call rebels. The rebels are trying to turn them against us. Simple. Also steal their Greek Fire. That would be real damn useful in our slingshots.
Fair enough. But their Greek Fire is probably their biggest secret, and Greeks are going to be a lot more careful than the S guys (forgot their name) and Greek Fire is the best technology anywhere. You are going to have to probably climb into bed with a general to get it. I mean it. Do it. Get a spy who doesn't mind having a round on duty, and send him to greece as a diplomat.
That all is true... Hmm, new plan. Get spies to just figure out WHERE the blueprints to this Greek Fire is. Then get your army to surround the area, then as you all guessed it attack. Use the slingshots to tear down the walls too. Also, if the OP doesn't want to continue this I could.
Ah, but the greeks have more experience with the Fire. I say get someone to sleep with general, and get an alliance (for now). Get greeks to come conquer the rest of the Hellicans, and when they're done, get the Greek guys really drunk and talk the secrets out of them. Agreed, spore?
I like stomping the shit out of our enemys through. :'C
Ah, but will we actually be able to? I say short term diplomacy, and once we have fire, you can burn anything you want, Spore.
Fine. Run a vote for the sexist girl in the country. Send her to a straight Greek general.
I lol'd. I'll fill out the update in a bit.
Why a girl? Did I say that? Oh well. EDIT: Why is it taking so long...
[B][QUOTE]General Seduced![/QUOTE][/B] [IMG]http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/1498/interactiveeventpicture.png[/IMG] Your seductress has successfully seduced a Greek general and acquired plans for Greek fire! (Which you should be lucky to have since I barely decided to allow it due to it being invented in the 10th century :C)
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