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Awesome. Send assassins to redo the leader assassination. Win this time.
I use a random chance generator thing, with different success percentages. You don't just win. ;) But I'll update soon.
[B]Assassination Successful![/B] The Greek leader has been successfully killed, and your Assassin got away, too!
Victory! Launch an attack with Greek fire!
[B]Attack failed![/B] As your raiding party sets fire to Greek villages with Greek fire, they easily douse it with a special vinegar. Your raiding party is captured, and the Greeks demand 1000 denarii to have them back.
Attacking Greeks with Greek fire. Genious. It's THEIR invention after all. Didn't think they'd have some countermeasure? Pay the ransom. Make ceramic pots of greek fire for the catapults and slingshots. Research communication technology as well. Research some more warfare tech too. EDIT: Oh yea, and find out what this special vinegar is all about.
Have spies steal the special vinegar from city supplies.
[B]Theft unsuccessful[/B] You spies are easily able to infiltrate one of the Major Greek cities, but vinegar is not exactly something in sparse supply. There's so much, your spies don't even know which one too steal! They leave the city empty-handed.
Pay the ransom. Make ceramic pots of greek fire for the catapults and slingshots. Research communication technology, new weapons and find out how to make that vinegar.(as in, research it. NO SPIES)
[QUOTE=KingdomBanned;36755742]SEND YOUR ARMY INTO A CITY TO PUNCH THE DICKS OF MALE CIVILIANS.[/QUOTE] Seriously? That's yer command cap'n? This is SPARTA! Uh, I mean this is a strategy game. So be a bit more tactical.
[QUOTE=KingdomBanned;36755742]SEND YOUR ARMY INTO A CITY TO PUNCH THE DICKS OF MALE CIVILIANS.[/QUOTE] [B]Success![/B] Your army successfully raids a Greek city, capturing at least 1000 men, and later cut their phalluses off for some reason. [editline]17th July 2012[/editline] The ransom is on its way to the Greek high royalty. It will be deducted from the treasury as soon as it arrives
GENIUS But you should get a mod to move this, because it doesn't have much to do with MS Paint anymore.
It will soon.
Take the prisoners and ship them overseas to form a new colony were they have to work and they will ship 70% of their goods back to the country. Make sure to send an army over with them so they don't try to run off into the desert. We also need a new map for this page!
Overseas where? To the East or West?
To the east.
[IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/XudRQ1.png[/IMG] You send a fleet of ships overseas, east of the Greek Peninsula, and discover the Seleucid Empire! You set up your colony, and your reconnaissance sees a new Greek colony set between the meeting points of the two continents. [QUOTE][B]Cartographic Revolution![/B][/QUOTE] A scholar from the University of Alexandria in Egypt has returned home, having mapped the entire known world! Your foreign merchants have bought a copy of one of these maps, and has brought it back it you. So far, you only know the extent of the Gauls' land, and newly, the extent of the Seleucid Empire. (You might also notice some settlements look like an X. That denotes they are a major settlement, typically Capital cities.)
Dawh. Nobody wants to play anymore? :< (I do have another interactive I've been preparing for, but I'm psyched to have this one go all the way.)
research burnable powder
How cheap to use an actual world map. I WANT TO SEE A CUSTOM WORLD
also begin research deadly gasses and powders (poisoness gasses and powders)
[QUOTE=TheSporeGA;37115280]How cheap to use an actual world map. I WANT TO SEE A CUSTOM WORLD[/QUOTE] The real world thing was kind of the point. Except the world is an alternate history. BUT, I may try something like this with its own lore and custom shit. [editline]7th August 2012[/editline] Going to update soon.
We should land at sardinia and colonise it.
[QUOTE=thelurker1234;37369544]We should land at sardinia and colonise it.[/QUOTE] [B]Some colonists, a ship fleet, and some accompanying troops have been rallied. They are ready to head for a distant island off the eastern coast of the peninsula.[/B]
Joining the cq after my first sight at this. Colonise (or at least attempt to colonise) Malta and raid the coastal Greek settlements.
[IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/fwrXXv.png[/IMG] [I]Another fleet is rallied, and they set sail toward Malta at sun down.[/I] [IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/VdVwY5.png[/IMG] [B]Economy:[/B] Funds: 20,050 Current Trade income: 3500 Current Internal income: 2000 Current Income from flowing economy: 1600 Current Expenditure: 1000 (Army Upkeep), 1000 (Corruption), 3000 (Public service upkeep) Calculated income: 2000 [B]Informant news:[/B] An influx citizens has been reported in the Capital city. There have been reports of a natural disaster along the peninsula. [B]Issues requiring attention:[/B] The capital, nowadays only referred to as "The city of ascending fortune" has had no name for years. Its name was lost in documents a long time ago, and the senate wishes you as the emperor to assist in the location and recovery of the document. (Basically, give the capital city a name.)
Could you quote the map to reduce its size? thx <3. Also we should have a key. To list who is who. Also we should build free living quarters for these brand new citizens and expand the navy. Ask to seleucid empire if they have map information of what's to the east of them and what they want for it. When we reach sardinia set up a town and offer free land+citizenship to people willing to farm it.
Working on the update.
>Attempt to join territories with your neighboring green people. (I completely forgot who the green country is) anyways, try to join together and rule as one.
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