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My hate has plenty of reason and the reason is because you say stupider shit than me and continue to spout your unneeded blatantly retarded shit and flame people and get aggressive for no reason. You're also completely unfunny. [editline]23rd December 2010[/editline] and your come backs suck ELEPHANT DICK
Oh look. I'm not commenting on that. Let's get back on topic, fellas. Kekekekekek.
[QUOTE=Jenkem;26920499]Oh look. I'm not commenting on that. Let's get back on topic, fellas. Kekekekekek.[/QUOTE] You are the topic.
oh teh ir0ny Anyways, I was on the Facepunch Airsoft forums when I see some dude trying to troll / trolling the forums, I think his name was like Jonesy, or Junky or something.
I think it was Jenkins.
What was all that about shutting up over this?
[QUOTE=Sweetie;26920544]You are the topic.[/QUOTE] diota
Do you guys hear something?
I think it's just the wind.
Naw, just the snowman's nipples
Great going. You tell me to leave it alone, which I did, and then you start doing this again.
jenkem do u have any stories 2 contribute 2 this thrade
who's jenkem
Already contributed. Unless you've got Alzheimers, I won't repeat myself...it's only a page or two back. Haven't played since (would've, but one game got rained out with all these clouds peeing on our fields and the next is on New Years day).
im offended
You've insulted me for how long, and you can't take a joke in return? Brb, getting salt and a switchblade.
what are you gonna go slice and season meat?
Jenkem, W00t was being sarcastic right there, in case you somehow were not able to realize. Which it seems you arent. Wait a second. You cant recognize emotions. Thats a prevailing occurence in your altercations here. You have aspergers. lol.
m3@t [editline]23rd December 2010[/editline] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zNs7J4L0AI[/media] ...booty meat? DAAYMM
[QUOTE=Fish Muffin;26921242]Words[/QUOTE] Hey look, a pigeon!
hey look, an aspie.
hey look booty meat [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zNs7J4L0AI[/url]
[QUOTE=Fish Muffin;26921427]Words[/QUOTE] Anyone else hear that wind?
Until you stop attacking me, I'm going to pretend you don't exist, FYI.
lol no [editline]lawl[/editline] aw man, that guy that we are all trying to ignore is ignoring me what will I do
Hey, I heard this thread was about idiot stories - where are they? All I hear is the wind.
GUYS DO YOU FUCKING HERE THAT I THINK ITS A GHOST Also, I was playing a game a few years ago back when I had / used my bolt action. The kid I was shooting at thought it would be a good idea to take his goggles off. Almost took his eye out. I laughed at him.
And you still shot him when his eye protection was off? In the head? How close were you? Why would you even shoot if his eyes weren't covered?
How bout you get da fuck out, im tired of your shit!
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